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Best Way To Shingle Over Shingles

You Are Planning To Sell Your Home

How To Remove Shingles

While reroofing may seem cost-effective in the moment, it can become more costly in the long run. Some home inspectors will frown upon this method as they know that the roof may not last and may be a higher cost for the new homeowners down the road. This will not add value when trying to sell your home.

Why Choose The Shingle Over Method

If you choose to cover your existing shingles with new ones, there are a couple reasons why this is a positive solution.

  • Cost savings: How much you can save really depends on the pitch of your roof. On average, its about 15% of the total cost. To think about it in dollars, youd save about $1/square foot of roof.
  • Less hassle: Tearing off the existing shingles takes about up about 30% of the job site time, not including clean up. Skipping the tear off and disposal step allows the roofing crew to get started on installing your new shingles right away.

The main reasons homeowners choose to double roof their house is because it makes the roofing process less expensive and takes less time. You dont have to pay for tear off and disposal, nor does the crew spend time initially taking off your current shingles. Additionally, between removing and installing new shingles, precipitation wont undermine the project since there is a layer of shingles already there.

What You Need To Know Before Requesting Your Quote

If youre a homeowner that has shingles, you may have considered dumping them in favor of the benefits a metal roofing can provide. What many homeowners dont know is that installing metal roofing over shingles is a viable option for your next roofing project.

Metal roofing installed directly over your existing shingles is an eco-friendly option that can provide your home with an extra layer of protection and a better structure to the roof. Plus, it cuts down on the costs normally associated with metal roofing and a new roofing installation because there is no teardown of the previous roof required. Its a win-win.


Before even starting the process of installing metal roofing over shingles, you need to contact local building officials to ensure it can be done. The majority of areas allow for a re-roof over one layer of shingles, while some do allow for a re-roof over two layers of shingles.

Youll want to get this sorted out immediately before you invest in researching a new roofer or worse yet, investing money into a roof you cant have installed on your home.

Running New Underlayment Over the Existing Shingle Roof

If you are dealing with a decent number of cracked or damaged shingles, you will need an underlayment installed over the shingles. This can be identified and implemented via your roofing contractor during the roofing installation process.

Do You Need Underlayment for Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

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How To Roof Over Existing Shingles

Owner at Cannon’s Rescue Roofer

If conditions are right, new shingles laid over old shingles can be just as attractive and durable as shingles laid on bare sheathing.

Installation is easier than for a tear-off job because you can use the existing shingles as guides for laying the new ones. But you must take care to install the shingles correctly so they lie flat. And a good job involves installing new flashings rather than relying on the existing ones.

Reroof jobs are sometimes done without replacing flashings. However installing new flashingsincluding special drip-edge flashings made for reroofingwill ensure a tight seal and a long life. Some roofers install a layer of waterproof shingle underlayment over the existing shingles at the eave end, as would be done for a roof laid on bare sheathing. This provides added protection against ice dams.

Asphalt shingles can be laid over cedar shakes or shingles, a job best left to pros. Beveled wood pieces called “horsefeathers” must be laid along the thick edges of the shakes to make a fairly flat surface.

Stick To Loose Cotton Clothes

Make Over Your Roof with Our Guide to Installing 3

While your skin heals, it can feel extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Loose cotton clothing may help ease that discomfort.

To fight itch, wear loose-fitting clothes with soft natural fibers such as cotton or linen, said Dr. Strowd. These will be more comfortable than tight synthetic fabrics or wool clothing garments.

In addition, covering with cotton clothing will help you avoid infecting others, who could get chickenpox and later shingles. You are contagious until the shingles rash clears. Thats why dermatologists often recommend that you cover your rash to help prevent spreading the virus.

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Terrasil Shingles Treatment Cream

Terrasil shingles cream may provide relief from itchy and painful shingles rashes.

It contains all-natural ingredients that may appeal to people looking to avoid putting synthetic chemicals on their skin. In addition to cottonseed oil and beeswax, it contains activated minerals.

There are claims the minerals can help clear the skin, but there is no evidence of this. Of nearly 1,700 users on , the product earns a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, with many users indicating that the product works well for them.

What Is The Best Medication For Shingles

Your healthcare provider will determine the best medication for your case of shingles based on your symptoms, medical history, and response to shingles treatment. Heres an overview of the popular shingles medications that your doctor may prescribe.

Best medication for shingles
One 0.65 ml injection in the upper arm Irritation of the injection site or chickenpox-like rash near the injection site or headache

Dosage is determined by your healthcare provider based on your medical condition, response to treatment, age, and weight.

Other possible side effects exist. This is not a complete list.

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Discuss Your Options With A Roofing Expert

At Liberty Roofing Restoration, our professionals will explore your options with you. If you are considering a replacement or just a repair, we offer expert advice and a range of services to meet your needs.

We know that a healthy roof protects you, your home, and your family from the elements, making the condition of your roof important.

Get a free inspection with Liberty today to ensure you make the right decision.

Have you figured out whether you should or should not shingle over shingles, but are considering changing up the style of your roof? Check out How to Choose the Right Roofing Materials For Your Home

What Brings On An Attack Of Shingles

How To Shingle – Step Flashing

Its difficult to predict when a shingles episode might happen again. However, there are some risk factors you should consider.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Acute on chronic stress

The first risk factor is age. If you are above the age of 50, ask your doctor about the shingles vaccine. In addition to being an effective shingles treatment, this vaccine is used to prevent shingles.

The second risk factor of shingles is immunity. If your immune system is weakened by illness or medication, you are at risk for contracting shingles or experiencing another shingles episode. Fortunately, you can naturally strengthen your immune system with the right diet and vitamins.

Citrus fruits, green vegetables, organic meat, eggs, whole grains, and dairy products are all part of a healthy diet. You should avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, and arginine-rich foods, like nuts and seeds.

Additionally, take a multivitamin that includes vitamin A, B-12, C, and E. The amino acid lysine is also protective against infection. Many people over the age of 60 are deficient in zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. You may need to incorporate these supplements into your daily routine as well. Ask your healthcare provider for recommendations as to which vitamins and supplements you need.

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Why Are Multiple Layers Of Shingles Bad

Multiple layers of shingles are bad because it makes the roof prone to cracks and breaks and leads to more renovation costs.During the reroofing process, the roofers will attach the ladder to the roofs edge, as they carry the heavy shingles one at a time and place them on the rooftop for easy access when they start roofing.

As this process goes on, it may put untold stains on the layers of the existing shingle, and something may crack or break somewhere, leading to more damage and uncertainty.

Let us agree that reroofing is taking the shorter but most uncertain route to a place. As much as your roof will have to be replaced, you will eventually incur a heightened renovation cost.

Faster And Less Labor

One of the main reasons why most homeowners would rather re-roof or overlay over existing shingles is that it can help expedite the reroofing process. Normally, a roof replacement will take a week on average to be done. Skipping the whole roof tearing process can save time, energy, and money that would have towards a labor-intensive process.

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How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling.Founding farther of Legacy Service.Written by LegacyUSA Team

Get Estimates From Roofing Pros

So, you need a new roof. You may have shingles now, but are shingles your best choice for the years to come?

Maybe, but have you considered your other options? Metal roofing is one of the best types out there for any building, including all kinds of homes. Not only are they visually appealing, but theyre also much more durable than shingles. If youre considering getting a metal roof, you may be wondering if you can install it over shingles. Were going to answer that question in this blog, so keep reading or give our Legacy Service team a call at 215-798-9790 if youre considering a metal roof replacement.

How Do Dermatologists Treat Shingles


An antiviral medication can:

  • Reduce the amount of time that you have a shingles rash

  • Lower your risk of developing long-lasting nerve pain and other health problems

One of three antiviral medications is usually prescribedacyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir.

To treat your symptoms, dermatologists typically recommend the following:

Pain: Medication that you can buy without a prescription can help, such as:

If you have severe pain, your dermatologist may prescribe a medication that reduces inflammation, such as a corticosteroid.

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Installation Of Metal Roofing Over Shingles

If you choose to install metal roofing over shingles, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Were going to break them down, so you know what to look out for. But first, here are a few precautions about the underlying material:

  • Address any existing roof leaks and replace rotten rafters or sheeting.
  • Look out for any signs of the previous roof weighing too much. Signs may include buckling tresses or sagging decking.

Also, make sure you acknowledge:

How Much Do Architectural Shingles Cost

To buy architectural shingles you might be looking at around $25 per square foot. This is clearly more expensive than standard shingles, but you get what you pay for. They should last much longer and even save on energy costs by providing better insulation. When you also consider how much they could increase the value of your home, they might be much more affordable than you might think.

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Metal Roof Over Shingles Condensation

Metal roofs must be laid flat on a vapor barrier because steel will condensate if theres any air space underneath it. It doesnt matter if the air space is a half-inch or six inches because the condensation factor will remain the same. Put the steel down directly on a vapor barrier. You can either leave the shingles on or put down felt paper during new construction.

Where Does Shingles Come From

How to treat shingles

When you have chickenpox as a child, your body fights off the varicella-zoster virus and the physical signs of chickenpox fade away, but the virus always remains in your body. In adulthood, sometimes the virus becomes active again. This time, the varicella-zoster virus makes its second appearance in the form of shingles.

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Shingles Are Designed For Flat Surfaces

Shingles are not meant to bridge over gaps, humps, or dips. This includes the stepped texture that is created by overlapping shingles. While some experienced roofers have tricks for laying new roofing shingles over the old, there is still a chance that they are curled, cupped, or misshapen.

These defects will then telegraph throughout the new layer. If you decide that you absolutely have to re-layer your roof, use laminated or dimensional shingles since they are thicker and offer, have staggered edge profiles that help to hide any high spots or dips that might be in the old roofing.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shingles

The initial symptoms of shingles include:

  • a burning, tingling or itching sensation
  • a stabbing sensation
  • numbness in the affected area of the body
  • sensitivity to light
  • fever and/or headache

Two to 3 days after these symptoms appear, a painful rash will appear on the sensitive area of skin, usually on one side of the body in the area of one skin nerve .

At first this rash consists of painful red bumps that quickly develop into fluid-filled blisters, which will eventually have a crusty surface. The rash can last for 10 to 15 days.

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Benefits Of Sturdy Metal Roofs

When you install your new metal roof over an existing shingle roof, you immediately save money that normally would be spent to have the old roof torn off. But this is just one of many benefits of a metal roof. Here are four more:

1. Long life: A properly installed metal roof should last for 40 or 50 years or more before a replacement is needed.

2. Virtually impervious to damage: Metal roofs hold up in the most intense weather events from pounding hail and ice storms to gale-force winds and searing summer heat.

3. Very low maintenance: Because of their strength, metal roofs wont require regular, expensive repair jobs. Year after year, decade after decade, they retain their soundness.

4. Lowered cooling bills: As noted above, special coatings on metal roofs allow them to reflect and block heat rather than absorb it. This results in cooler interior temperatures in the summer and less need to use your AC system.

If youd like to know more about metal roof installation or metal roofing in general, contact the experts, Advanced Aluminum of Lakeland, FL. We manufacture top-grade metal roofing products used by leading contractors across the Lakeland region. Reach us with questions at 648-5787.

If Your Roof Is In Overall Good Condition

Make Over Your Roof with Our Guide to Installing 3

Even if your roof is quite aged, if the underlying structures and sheathing are in good condition, you can reroof over old shingles. This is especially true if there are no leaks and there are no curling or missing shingles. An amateur may overlook structural damage or leaks, so always have a professional check for you.

Laying new shingles over old ones could get you a new roof with a shorter timeline than a full replacement.

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When Can You Install A Layover

Layovers as a repair technique are the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a bandaid. It doesnt look right and it just makes things worse. Even the ideal conditions for a layover arent ideal. Your roof would have to be lacking any of the signifies that repair is necessary, which would mean that youd basically have to have a new roof. But a layover is bad for your new roof!

A second layer of shingles will decrease the integrity of your new roof and lower its lifespan. Thats because shingles arent designed to have a second layer of shingles on top of them! Plus, all that extra moisture and heat being applied to the first layer of shingles will make that first layer age faster.

Natural Remedies For Shingles

Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash. The varicella zoster virus causes this viral infection. Its the same virus that causes chickenpox.

If you had chickenpox as a child, the shingles virus lies dormant in your body. The virus can reactivate later in life and cause a shingles rash. The rash can occur on any part of your body but typically only affects small sections.

Pain is usually the first symptom of shingles. The rash and fluid-filled blisters form within a couple of days after the onset of pain. Some people with shingles also have a fever, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , about 1 in 3 people in the United States will develop shingles at some point in their lifetime.

The shingles virus can last between two and six weeks. Shingles isnt life-threatening, but some people experience postherpetic neuralgia. This is when nerve fibers become damaged, causing shingles pain that lasts for weeks or months after the rash clears.

Theres no cure for shingles, but your doctor can prescribe antiviral medication to help shorten the duration of the virus and reduce symptoms.

Although an antiviral is an effective treatment for shingles, its not the only option. Several natural remedies may also reduce pain and discomfort.

Dry your body completely and then wash your towel to avoid spreading the virus to others.

  • orange and yellow fruits

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When You Can And Cannot Reroof Over Existing Shingles

Your existing layer of roof shingles is deteriorating and you need to get a new roof installed. One question you might have is Can I reroof over existing shingles? The answer is, It depends. State regulations and the condition of your roof both play a role in determining if you need a roof replacement-tear off vs cover over.

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