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Can You Put Heat On Shingles

What Is The Outcome For Someone Who Has Shingles

New treatment for the pain of shingles

Most people get shingles once, but its possible to get it again.

If you have a healthy immune system, the blisters tend to clear in 7 to 10 days. The rash tends to go away completely within 2 to 4 weeks. The pain may last longer, but usually stops in 1 or 2 months.

For some people, the pain will last longer than the rash. When it does, its called postherpetic neuralgia , which can come and go or be constant. PHN can last for months, years, or the rest of your life. Treatment can help reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you continue to have pain. Treatment can help you feel more comfortable.

For anyone who has a shingles rash, the right self-care can help ease your discomfort. Youll find out what dermatologists recommend at, Shingles: Self-care.

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Shingles: Cardiology Practice Interrupted

I awoke on that fateful Wednesday morning with a vaguely familiar discomfort, an annoying pinching pain in my left flank that originated from somewhere deep in my lower lumbar spine. It radiated down to my left groin onto the medial aspect of my left thigh. The pain pushed forward into my left lower quadrant, persistent and annoying. I was neither nauseated nor febrile. I had no bowel complaints. Ignoring the long-held notion that the physician who treats or tries to diagnose herself is a fool, I stretched out on the bed for a selfexam: “Hmm . . . nontender abdomen, certainly no rebound pain, no bloating bowel sounds are normal, yet my flank is killing me. What the heck?”

For three days, I held the pain at bay with a heating pad and rarely a Tylenol. Oddly, naproxen sodium did absolutely nothing for the discomfort.

Between patients, I phoned the urologist on call, thinking I might have a kidney stone, but my urine was clear.

Saturday at 6 AM is a great time to go to the ER. The Friday-night drunks, rebel rousers, and drug seekers are already upstairs, in jail, or home prepping for Saturday night. No one in their right mind who isn’t sick, injured, or in pain is going to show up at an emergency department early on a Saturday morning. We were taken back immediately.

A Diagnosis at Last

CDC Vaccine Advice

The CDC website is an excellent resource. Please pass along the following information to your friends, family members and patients:

So Sell Me Why Start From Scratch And Add A New Layer Of Shingles To My Roof

1. Decking

Without tearing off the existing shingles, roofing companies are not able to see the decking. A quality roofing company inspects your homes decking to replace any rotten wood so that your roof is protected.

2. Warranty

We all care about warranties! Roof-overs may affect the warranty of your roof. Shingle manufacturers have strict guidelines and a good roofing company will install roofs to protect you and your warranty.

3.) Extra Weight on Roof

Roofing decks are built to support more than one layer of shingles. Installing another layer of shingles effectively doubles the weight of your roof. This could compromise the integrity of the roof structure. This is why building codes often limit to 2 layers of shingles. The extra weight can cause the decking to sag.

4.) Underlayment

No matter how many shingles, water can still find a way to get underneath. Ripping off existing shingles allows the roofing company to replace the underlayment when it gets old/deteriorated. This also gives your roofing company the ability to install ice and water shield in any valleys or water prone areas. This protects shingle warranty and effectively makes your roof waterproof.

5.) Building Codes

Some local building codes do not allow for roof-overs. Most codes max out at two layers. Either way, the fact that there is a limit gives insight into whether or not a homeowner should do it.

6.) Flat Surfaces

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Check If You Have Shingles

The first signs of shingles can be:

  • a tingling or painful feeling in an area of skin
  • a headache or feeling generally unwell

A rash will appear a few days later.

Usually you get the shingles rash on your chest and tummy, but it can appear anywhere on your body including on your face, eyes and genitals.

The rash appears as blotches on your skin, on 1 side of your body only. A rash on both the left and right of your body is unlikely to be shingles.

Prevent Shingles Or Another Shingles Outbreak:

Energy Star Shingles Installed Near Hartford, Newport, New Britain ...
  • A vaccine may be given to help prevent shingles. You can get the vaccine even if you already had shingles. The vaccine comes in 2 forms. A 2-dose vaccine is usually given to adults 50 years or older. A 1-dose vaccine may be given to adults 60 years or older.
  • The vaccine can help prevent a future outbreak. If you do get shingles again, the vaccine can keep it from becoming severe. Ask your healthcare provider about other vaccines you may need.

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What Do Shingles Scabs Look Like

Shingles scabs develop when your blisters dry up. The blisters that form on the rash usually start to scab within 7 to 10 days. These scabs are usually dry and flat and can be red, brown, or yellowish in color.

Since shingles blisters affect just one side of the body, the scabs will only appear on one side as well. This is different from most other skin conditions, which typically affect both sides of the body.

Other common skin disorders might cause peeling or white patches . Shingles scabs usually dont have these characteristics.

The following images show what shingles scabs look like:

Prevent The Spread Of Germs:

  • Wash your hands often. Wash your hands several times each day. Wash after you use the bathroom, change a childs diaper, and before you prepare or eat food. Use soap and water every time. Rub your soapy hands together, lacing your fingers. Wash the front and back of your hands, and in between your fingers. Use the fingers of one hand to scrub under the fingernails of the other hand. Wash for at least 20 seconds. Rinse with warm, running water for several seconds. Then dry your hands with a clean towel or paper towel. Use hand sanitizer that contains alcohol if soap and water are not available. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands first.
  • Cover a sneeze or cough. Use a tissue that covers your mouth and nose. Throw the tissue away in a trash can right away. Use the bend of your arm if a tissue is not available. Wash your hands well with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer.
  • Stay away from others while you are sick. Avoid crowds as much as possible.
  • Ask about vaccines you may need. Talk to your healthcare provider about your vaccine history. He or she will tell you which vaccines you need, and when to get them.

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How Is Postherpetic Neuralgia Treated

Treatments include lotions or creams and/or other medications not specifically used for pain, such as antidepressants or drugs for epilepsy. Regular pain relievers are not usually effective for this type of pain.

If pain doesnt lessen, other treatments such as nerve blocks or steroid injections near the area where the nerves exit the spine can be tried. Implantable nerve stimulator devices are an option for severe, ongoing pain that has not responded to other treatments.

How Do Dermatologists Diagnose Shingles

How to treat shingles

A dermatologist can often diagnose shingles by looking at the rash on your skin.

If there is any question about whether you have shingles, your dermatologist will scrape a bit of fluid from a blister. This will be sent to a lab where a doctor will look at the fluid under a high-powered microscope.

When you have shingles, the fluid contains the virus that causes shingles. Seeing the virus confirms that you have shingles.

Your dermatologist will also ask about your symptoms. Shingles tends to be painful.

When the shingles rash spreads to an eye, it can affect your eyesight

You can reduce this risk by seeing an ophthalmologist immediately.

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Home Remedies For Shingles

Anyone who had chickenpox as a kid remembers the red, painfully itchy blister-like rash, and perhaps the fever and fatigue that came along with it. But even though its true youre now inoculated against chickenpox for life, theres one pox-related complication you may not have considered: Shingles. Shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus , and causes a painful, itchy rash in one place on the body. Shingles is most common in adults over 50 years of age in fact, about half of people over age 80 may experience it.

Shingles often begins as pain and itching in the skin before a red rash appears one to two days later, with small, water-filled blisters. These blisters soon rupture and scar over, healing and fading over the course of a few weeks. This process can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, making even the littlest actions difficult. There is a vaccine available to prevent shingles, and it is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for healthy adults over age 50. For those who are over age 65 and eligible for Medicare, your Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part D plan may cover this vaccine. Luckily, there are also home remedies for shingles that can make you feel better while you heal. Watch this video to learn how to soothe pain and discomfort at home.

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Carroll County Daily Headlines

I wondered why it is called shingles. I couldnt find an answer to that, but my guess is that it is because the pain is so bad that you want to jump off a roof.

Someone who has not received the chicken pox vaccine who has not had chicken pox can get chicken pox from someone with shingles. They are only contagious to those who come in direct contact with the rash itself before it scabs over.

Then, I read an article on the website for National Vaccine Information Center that alarmed me greatly. It told how Gary Goldman, one of the first researchers to publish an analysis of the mass use of chicken pox vaccine by children in the U.S., concluded that, by limiting the circulation of wild type Varicella Zoster virus in the population through mass vaccination, there would be limited asymptomatic boosting of the natural chicken pox immunity among adults who had recovered from chicken pox as children. This would, in turn, cause an epidemic of shingles!

Just after I read this article, I heard from a friend who told me she has had shingles three times! Every time she reaches the six months you must wait after an outbreak to get the vaccine, she gets it back again. Finally, she is now symptom-free after seven months, but the vaccine is not available. It turns out, we are right now in the middle of a shortage of the shingles vaccine! Maybe it is because there are so many shingles outbreaks, as predicted by Goldman in 2005.

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Are There Natural Ways To Boost The Immune System To Help Lessen The Chances Of Developing Shingles

Stress is a risk factor for developing shingles. So limiting your stress can be helpful. Try meditation, yoga or other relaxation methods. Eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, get seven to nine hours of sleep each night, dont smoke these are all good living tips, not just for reducing your chance of getting shingles, but also many other diseases and health conditions too.


I am 69 female, live in the uk and began with the usual flu like symptoms followed by incredible pain in my left shoulder and a feeling as though I had been badly scalded. The pain was unbelievable, all over the weekend. The only comfort was from my heat pad which, as it would with ear or tooth ache, just took the edge of things. I was given anti viral medication following a telephone consultation. At this stage I had inkling it may be shingles from reading the threads She said yes probably the case as i had been under a great deal of stress and feeling run down for some months A few blisters began to appear on side of back below the painful area on the shoulder blade. . I am very nervous about presciption painkillers as most cause constipation which I did not want on top of all the rest. The pain spread as the blisters spread and ended up with what felt like terrible mastitis in my left breast oh the pain and again heat was

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  • Posted 5 years ago

    I feel what you are saying I felt felt worse and I am glad you are feeling better

How To Choose An Ideal Roof Color

Attic Prep Part 6

Before you paint asphalt roof shingles, you need to decide on a color. Not all roof colors play nicely with the appearance of your home or business. There are several factors to consider so your property will benefit aesthetically from the work and paint color you choose. Since asphalt roof shingles are the most common roofing material, we’ll cover what to consider for them:

  • The architectural style of the building in question .
  • Your climate since shingle color can affect indoor temperatures particularly in the attic by 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Since typical high roof temperatures are warmer than your homes temperature, you also want quality roof paint that won’t discolor.
  • What paint brands and colors are available in your area, and whether the paint swatch samples look good in person. As a recommendation, Behr roof paint is quite a popular option. Behr manufactures paint that is designed to help combat mildew and algae, which is great if you live in rainy areas.

Picking the perfect color means you shouldnt solely rely on how an image looks online. You should see it in real-world lighting to get a better sense of whether it would clash or get along with your property. Warmer-colored siding will look better with an earth tone shingle color such as brown or even green, while cooler building colors look great with dark, neutral tones such as greys and blacks.

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Herpes Zoster Differs From Other Types Of Herpes

Hearing the word herpes can be confusing. Herpes zoster is not a sexually transmitted infection . It cannot cause genital herpes. Herpes zoster also doesnt cause cold sores. Both genital herpes and cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus.

The virus that causes shingles and chickenpox is called the varicella-zoster virus. Its common.

How Is Shingles Treated

Specific treatment for shingles will be determined by your healthcare provider based on:

  • Your age, overall health, and medical history
  • How long the shingles have been present
  • Extent of the condition
  • Your tolerance for specific medicines, procedures, or therapies
  • Expectations for the course of the condition
  • Your opinion or preference

There is no cure for shingles. It simply has to run its course. Treatment focuses on pain relief. Painkillers may help relieve some of the pain. Antiviral drugs may help lessen some of the symptoms and reduce nerve damage. Other treatments may include:

  • Creams or lotions to help relieve itching
  • Cool compresses applied to affected skin areas
  • Antiviral medicines
  • Anticonvulsants

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How To Cure Shingles In 3 Days: Relieve Pain & Get Rid Of Rash Fast

Shingles is a rash that usually appears on the back, chest, or face and sometimes around the eyes. The condition in many cases is very painful, and if proper care is not taken, it can cause a secondary infection or have adverse long-term side-effects.

In this article, learn how to relieve pain and get rid of the shingle rash fast in 3 days.

Antiviral Medications For Shingles

Mayo Clinic Minute: Don’t suffer with shingles

Antiviral medications are prescription drugs that can reduce the length and severity of your outbreak if they are given early enough. Examples of these drugs include acyclovir , valacyclovir , and famciclovir . It has been shown that antiviral medications can help prevent the development of postherpetic neuralgia and reduce its duration if it does occur.

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Can You Install Metal Roofing Over A Shingle Roof

In almost every case, the answer is yes, you can lay down a new metal roof over an existing shingle roof. This is one of the many reasons metal roofs keep growing in popularity their installation doesnt require completely tearing off the existing roof, which is a time-consuming and expensive job.

Metal, although super-strong, is very light, weighing less than a pound per square foot compared with as much as four pounds per square foot for asphalt shingles. Adding a metal roof over existing shingles doesnt significantly increase the overall load for the home structure to bear.

Along with saving the cost of completely removing the existing roof, installing a new metal roof over a current roof also brings the benefit of additional insulation above your home to prevent heat and cool from escaping.

And since we mentioned insulation, we should also mention that metal roofs are heat-blockers they reflect heat away from their surfaces rather than absorb it. This means the extra insulation from your shingle roof will not act as a heat trap for heat emanating through your metal roof.

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