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Christmas Light Clips For Shingles

Christmas Holiday Light Installation Service

Christmas Tree Lighting Preparation At The Distillery District, Toronto

The Lite Gardener will supply and install everything you need:

  • we will work with you to design the lighting
  • purchase the lights and timers,
  • install lights and remove them at the end of the season.

Installing Christmas lights in the cold of winter is not an easy task and it can involve dangerous activities if you are not used to them such as climbing ladders and walking on slippery roofs. Let the professionals at The Lite Gardener do it for you. Sit back and enjoy the season.

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Lights On Stratford Winter Festival Of Lights

New in 2020, the Lights On Stratford Winter Festival of Lights brought light and hope during a trying time. Now its touted as one of the best Ontario winter light festivals! While theres a wealth of incredible things to do in Stratford throughout the year, dont forget to visit this fabulous city during the winter! With Christmas markets, a fun Christmas Trail, and so much more, youll find Christmas in Stratford a must addition to your list of winter getaways!

If youre looking for awesome free light displays in Ontario to check out this year then head to Stratford. The Winter Festival of Lights brings a host of amazing art installations and light displays throughout Stratford. The 2021 theme is Journey and explores the idea of travelling from one place to another. All the more reason to travel to Stratford this winter! The biggest draw in 2021 is the massive Sky Castle that covers 400 square metres and will be located in Market Square. The Sky Castle has 20 huge inflatable arches that play music and change colour.

There are a bunch of different light displays in Stratford for the Lights On Stratford Winter Festival of Lights. In the Shakespearean Gardens, youll find a thousand lights. On Tom Patterson Island youll find more dazzling lights, as well as on many of the businesses and other buildings throughout town. Be sure to check out their website here for a handy map of all the locations.

+15 More Ontario Christmas Light Displays To Check Out

There are so many holiday light displays across Ontario and new ones popping up every year! Check out the following list for one near you!

Magic of Lights at Longwoods Road Conservation Area in London, Ontario running November 19, 2021 January 2, 2022

Santafest at Santas Village in Bracebridge running weekends from November 20 to December 19, 2021

Light up the Holidays in Ontarios Highlands running through December 2021

Bingemans Gift of Lights in Kitchener running November 13, 2021 January 9, 2022

Eclipse Walk with Light at the Muskoka Heritage Place in Huntsville running November 5, 2021 May 1, 2022

Rural Lights & Winter Nights in Clearview Township running November 30, 2021 February 28, 2022

Winter Wonders: Discover the Magic of Nature and Light at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington running November 24, 2021 January 9, 2022

Bright Lights Windsor at Jackson Park in Windsor running December 2 January 9, 2022

Winter Lights Festival in downtown Brampton running November 19, 2021 November 21, 2021

Winter Nights, City Lights: A Walk-Through Experience at The Esplanade Park in Pickering running November 19, 2021 November 21, 2021

Whitby Lights the Night in Whitby is running November 26, 2021 January 5, 2022

Winter Wonderland Newmarket at Riverwalk Commons is running from December 1, 2021 December 31, 2021

WILD Winter Festival of Lights at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville is running from December 10, 2021 December 19, 2021

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Observe Ladder Best Practices

Just as you examine the lights that you bring out of storage, inspect your ladder. Look for missing rungs, bent rungs or slippery spots. If you see dirt or leaves on the ladder, clean it before you get started.

Plan out where you are going to be working. Ideally, your ladder should reach above that area. Never work on a height that is above the highest point of the ladder to ensure you maintain your balance. If you cant reach where you want to hang your lights, you might want to get a new ladder, change your design or hire a professional holiday lighting company who can handle the hard work for you.

Your ladder should also be at a specific angle from your home. For every four feet, you should bring the ladder one foot away from the house. For example, if you are working 10 feet above the ground, the base of your ladder should be two and a half feet away from your home.

A good way to test your ladders angle is to stand at the base of the ladder with your feet touching the bottom. Extend your arms out in front of you. If you can touch the ladder without bending your elbows or overreaching, your ladder should be safe.

Once you know how far out your ladder is, you should find a smooth, firm area to place the bottom of the ladder. The ladder is more likely to move or slip out from underneath you if the ground below you is soft or slippery. Boards can be used to make the area less slippery, but never use a box or blocks to give your ladder more height.

Uxbridge Optimist Fantasy Of Lights

Pin on Christmas Light Clips

Uxbridge is known as the Trail Capital of Canada as well as the setting for the fictional town in the television show Schitts Creek. This small town is full of fabulous things to do, especially during the holidays! During the festive season, theres a Christmas Market, North Pole Light Up Express Train, and one of the best free drive-thru light displays in Ontario!

For over 10 years Elgin Park in Uxbridge gets reimagined into a festive holiday playland! In previous years the Uxbridge Optimist Fantasy of Lights was a walk-through event. But in 2020 they pivoted to a drive-through event with incredible success!

The Fantasy of Lights is home to over 75 light displays created and developed by local businesses, schools, churches, and community groups. The drive-thru takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Light displays range from classic holiday characters like the Nutcracker and the Abominable Snow Monster to giant pieces like light-covered gingerbread homes. And the grand finale is a large light tunnel!

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Hanging Christmas Lights From A Shingle Roof

The most likely solution is to use plastic clips and there are an array of clip options: hooks, clips that clip on to individual bulbs, clips that clip on to the cord, roof peak, etc.

This is an omni clip it works across shingles and gutters and its a very budget-friendly option. This one fits C5, C6, C7, C9, mini, and icicle lights and comes in either packs of 400 or 100. Just lift the shingle up slightly and slide the flat part underneath. Note that if lights will point in different directions depending on if you attach it to a gutter or a shingle: up if its on a shingle, out if on a gutter.

When theyre attached to the shingle its really easy to uninstall by just pulling them straight out from the roof.

This is another very similar option.

How To Hang Christmas Lights On Gutters

One of the biggest reasons homeowners use gutters to hang their Christmas lights is because it creates a clean line up and down the exterior of a home. Unfortunately, hanging lights from gutters can lead to most of the same problems as hanging them from shingles.

Fortunately, the same solution works for both: use clips specifically designed for this purpose. Often, clips made to hang Christmas lights are built to be used on both shingles and gutters. When you go to the store to purchase clips, youll have different light clip options. You have the option between horizontal clips, vertical clips or both, and this will determine which direction your lights point in. One clip isnt better than the other, it just depends on your personal preference for your lights.

Remember, once you have the right clips, attach them to your lights first before you start to climb up to your roof. Connect multiple strands of lights so you dont run out while youre 20 feet in the air. Then wrap them in a neat coil and carry them over your shoulder.

And, of course, always use proper ladder safety, no matter where you put your lights.

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Alight At Night Festival

If youre looking for awesome Christmas light displays in Eastern Ontario then head to Morrisburg. Located just an hour south of Ottawa at Upper Canada Village youll find the biggest outdoor light festival in Eastern Ontario. Upper Canada Village is one of the largest living history sites in Canada and depicts life in rural Upper Canada during the 1860s.

Upper Canada Villages Alight at Night Festival puts on one of the best holiday light displays in Ontario! With over a million lights covering trees, heritage buildings, strung along fences, and more, Upper Canada Village transforms into a winter wonderland of light! Alight at Night Festival runs from the end of November through to the beginning of January.

How To Hang Christmas Lights

Fraggle Rock’s Night of the Lights Holiday Special: Second Most Thoughtful Gift [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Make Your Plan

After you have a rough idea of which lights youll put where, youll need to measure your roof. That way, youll know exactly how many light strings youll need to buy. If youre not used to working on ladders, you should learn about ladder safety before you start, because youll need to use a ladder to measure the roof. Extension ladders can position you higher if a regular ladder isnt enough. Alternatively you can guesstimate the size of your roof and buy more lights than you need. Extra lights can usually be returned to the store during the season. Also, remember that having too many lights powered by one outlet can be a safety hazard. Take the time now to plan out which lights will use which outlets. If you are not sure how many lights can be safely powered by your outlets, consult an electrician.

Gather Your Tools

Once youve purchased your lights, you should turn them on for an hour or so to be sure theres no damaged or burnt-out bulb. Its much harder to replace bulbs when the lights are already on the roof.

Youll need some additional supplies:

  • Roof light clips.
  • Tape to secure the cords to the ground.

How to Hang the Lights

How to Hang Christmas Lights Without a Ladder

There are a few ways to hang Christmas lights without a ladder. The first is a simple solution, a light- hanging pole.

To use these poles, you attach the clip to the lights then place the clip in the poles grip. Then, you simply extend the arm and hook the clip over the gutter.

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How To Attach Christmas Lights To Shingles And Other Tips

Installing Christmas lights isnt always easy. This is especially true if you want to put lights on your roof and attach them to your shingles. If you dont hang your lights strands properly, you might damage your home or put your family at risk of an electrical fire. So, how should you attach Christmas lights to your shingles safely?

The first thing to know is that there are two main ways that Christmas decorations cause shingle damage. First of all, using nails, staples or screws to install lights can create problems. Also, shingles can take abuse when a well-intentioned homeowner walks across their roof. While both seem like inevitable parts of the Christmas decoration process, there are alternatives.

Rather than installing Christmas lights from the roof, use a ladder. Place the ladder directly in front of the area where you want to start working, and make sure its steady. As you start to attach the clips to the shingles, make sure that they are secure, because loose clips are likely to cause damage during windy weather. Its also best to hang your Christmas lights before the first storm of the season, as youll want to avoid this chore in potentially slippery conditions.

How Can I Install Christmas Lights On Shingles And Gutters

by admin | Nov 22, 2014

We receive the question regularly about installing Christmas lights under both under shingles and on gutters.

Good news, all of the clips in our All-in-One series, multi-application and all-application clips can be used:

  • Along the edges of the shingles
  • On your gutters

Here is a photo of our All in One Clip Plus installed at the shingle edge.

Just snap the clip to the socket then slide it under the shingle edge.


Now see how you can just flip them over and they work perfectly along a common gutter edge.

See our leaf screen gutter clip for that type of application.

Notice that the bottom of the clip is smaller to accommodate the smaller bases of pre-wired LED Christmas light sets with tiny bases and mini lights.

Without a set installed:

With a pre-wired set installed:

Our all application clip at work!

You can see our entire line of All in One clips in our Christmas light clip and hook category.

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Christmas Lights In Toronto

Holiday cheer is bountiful in Toronto! There are so many fun and festive things to do in Toronto during the holiday season. Across the city, youll find a range of Christmas markets, like the famous one in the Distillery District, plenty of window displays, and a sack full of places to see twinkling lights! Ive rounded up the top places to see light displays in Toronto.

Toronto Christmas Market

The most popular Christmas market in Ontario is the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District. In 2020, they changed the name to The Distillery Winter Village, and it is just as fabulous as ever! The historic district is completely decked out for the holidays with a towering Christmas tree, adorable European-like market huts, and lights everywhere you look! Along with a host of local artisans and food huts, there are photo-ops galore and tons of festive lights throughout the Christmas market. One of the best light displays is their iconic countdown to Christmas display.

Snow Magic at Ontario Place

Cavalcade of Lights Festival

Holiday Lights Tour at Casa Loma

Bloor Yorkville Holiday Magic

Polar Winter Festival

Can You Put Christmas Light Clips Under Shingles


Yes, shingles are designed to be able to be pulled up a bit. There are multiple designs and many options of clips. Some clips are hybrid and work on both shingles and gutters while others are only for shingles.

NOTE: Only lift the shingles just enough to wedge the clips in if you pull it up too far you might break the sealant that is attaching the shingle to the roof.

That said, if you CAN attach your lights to gutters or eaves, its probably better to do that instead given the small risk of damage. The less wear you cause on your shingles the better, but really its not much of a worry. Just if you have a choice between gutters and eaves vs shingles, go for gutters/eaves.

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+15 Top Places For Christmas Lights In Ontario

Every big city across Ontario has either a fabulous winter festival, Christmas market, or drive-thru light show during the holiday season. Even a bunch of small towns do too! So, if youre looking for a winter getaway where you can get in the holiday spirit or a fun destination for a winter road trip then add one or all of these top places to enjoy Christmas lights in Ontario.

It Is Better To Light One Candle Than To Curse The Darkness Confucius

On a dark snowy night our spirits are brightened by the Christmas lights penetrating the darkness like the beacon on a lighthouse.

The dictionary adds that a beacon is something that inspires or guides others. Christmas lights we install and the Christmas lights our neighbours install inspire us by adding some colour during an otherwise dark time of the year. Holiday lighting is a gift from neighbours to neighbours.

If you would like to brighten your environment with holiday lighting why not give us a call at -826-8283 or E mail us at for a free quote.

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Hang Christmas Lights Like A Pro With Outdoor Christmas Light Clips

Seasonal installs only happen once a year, so be prepared when that time comes with the right Christmas light clips and hooks.

Whether youre not sure how to hang particular lights, need back-up for elaborate displays, or want to create a more professional, sleek look to your homes Christmas light décor, Reinders holiday lighting accessories have got you covered.

Our generous selection of outdoor Christmas light clips will have you decorating like a professional this season. Take a look at some basics to help get you started:

  • All-in-One Clipmakes long, straight runs of string lights along rooflines, works for C7 & C9 light strings. Clips to shingles or gutters.
  • Original 2 Hole Shingle Tab– securely clips under shingles, makes long, straight runs of string lights along rooflines, mounts C7 & C9 bulbs. Accompany with parapet clip to mount lights to flat surfaces.
  • Omni Clipextremely versatile,suitable for all bulbs and string lights , secures to either gutter or shingles.

Although the above accessories are just standard gutter clips and shingle tabs to get you started, theres a variety of unique and specialty clips and hooks to assist any intricate install, whether for commercial or residential purposes. Use clips and hooks to seamlessly run smooth, straight lines around perimeters, rooftops, window linings, and other flat surfaces.

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