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Christmas Lights Clips For Shingles

Creative Christmas Light Ideas For Your Home

‘Festive Mini’ decorated in thousands of Christmas lights for charity

Your rooftop Christmas lights are a great opportunity to show off your sense of style and to create the kind of Christmas atmosphere you want. Everyone walking through your door during the holidays will be looking at the lights. Will they feel like they are stepping into a traditional, comforting Christmas gathering? A winter wonderland in blue? Or perhaps you want them to feel like theyre stepping into a huge gingerbread house? Whatever your style, here are some Christmas light tips to help you achieve it.

1.Single row

Theres good news for those who dont like to be on very tall laddersyou dont need to add any lights to the second story for your home to look great.

This home proves that you dont need to get up dangerously high, or cover every inch of your roof, to have an impressive Christmas light display. In fact, many homeowners will hang lights or wreaths in their second story windows to tie the look together, instead of putting lights on their roofs peak.

Simplicity is a great choice for your lights style too. Try using only a single kind of light on your roof. All large bulbs in white are the most traditional look.

2. Simple outline

Some choose to make elaborate roof outlines as their only Christmas lights. This captures the silhouette of the roof and makes it look almost like its from a picture-book.

Some choose to do simple outlines in a single color. Adding in a few color elements, or perhaps flashing lights, can add some variety.

3. Focal points

4. Color

Command Outdoor Rope Light Clips With Foam Strips

  • Damage-Free hanging. Color: Clear
  • Specially designed for the outdoors
  • Holds up to 3/8-Inch diameter rope lights

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Command, 12 Count, Clear, Outdoor Rope Light Clips, Hang Your Rope Lights In New Places Outdoors, Holds Rope Lights Or Extension Cords Up To 3/8 Diameter, String Your Lights Around A Door, Under The Deck Railing, Up The Siding, Around A Window, Or Along The Gutter All Without Nails Or Screws, Made To Work Outside & Can Handle Temperature Extremes From -20 To 125 Degrees, Remove Cleanly, Without Holes, Marks, Stains Or Sticky Residue.

Command, Stains Or Sticky Residue.

Reviews From Real Customers

Wouldnt use this junk for anything other than a small calendar or a car key, thats key not keys. Easy install and even easier un-install when they start falling, Ugh. Used 2 Command products, Command Outdoor Rope Light Clips, Command Clear Mini Hooks both had same result.

Attempted to hang a 15 Ft length of indoor rope lighting, according to the instructions each clip/hook when placed 2 Ft apart should hold 0. 5 lbs. Started by cleaning the area with alcohol swabs, let it dry and placed 8-10 clips where I wanted the lights.

The first clip at the beginning of the lights the next clip approximately every 2 Ft. Placed 2 in the corner of the room and continued per instruction 1.

What a disappointment.

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1/2 in

Reviews From Real Customers

Reviews From Real Customers

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Types Of Roof Christmas Lights

1. Incandescent lights for roofs

Incandescent lights are cheaper than LED lights up front, but they use more energy, generate heat and are more of a fire hazard. Their larger energy requirements mean that youll only be able to have three to six light strands per outlet, while youd get many more per outlet if you use LEDs. On the other hand, incandescent lights tend to be brighter on average than LEDs and have a different light quality that feels warmer. Some like the nostalgia of incandescent lights if they grew up when LEDs were not available.

2. LED Christmas lights for roofs

LED lights use less energy, which means youll spend less on your utility bill, and youll be able to power more lights from a single outlet. Few people have more than two outdoor outlets, so LED lights are often your best choice if you want a big Christmas display. Potentially, you could have 25 LED strands on the same outlet, but the specifics will depend on your home and the lights you choose.

Not all white LED lights have the same hue some will look bluer, and others will look more yellow. Therefore, its important to buy your LED light strings all at the same time, including the backup bulbs, in case the manufacturer changes the hue slightly the next year.

3. Battery operated lights for roofs

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Universal Holiday Light Clip 100ct Shingle Or Gutter Gerson 80003

  • For use on Shingles or Gutters
  • Holds Mini Lights LED Lights, Rope Lights
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Features :Includes 1 rectangular tablecover to use for a casino event or party Measures 54 inches by 108 inches Made of plastic Printed with diamonds, spades, clovers and hearts Pre-lit by 10 UL listed clear incandescent lights30-inch green lead wire12-inch light Package Quantity : 100.


Reviews From Real Customers

These clips were not holding the lights I puchased like I thought they would but all in all the clips are definitely needed as the clips originally on the lights break very easily in cold weather and these ones are much stronger.

Price was decent, amount and quality was also okay.

These clips are great if installed in mild weather. Very playable & clip or attach to almost all roof or eaves trough locations & also fit a very large variety of lights. Quite brittle if cold.

I have installed Christmas lights for 4 years now and have done close to 1000 houses and I can tell you these clips are awful. They are the most brittle clips ever. I always get new clients during take down season and anytime I get houses with these clips they disintegrate the minute you touch them.

I would not recommend these clips. They are not worth the price. They are cheap for a reason.

Best Christmas Light Clips For Shingles

Christmas Light Clips Guide

Christmas light clips for shingles are small plastic or metal clips that are used to attach Christmas lights to a shingled roof. They typically have a small hook or loop on one end that goes over the top of the shingle, and a larger hook or loop on the other end that goes around the edge of the shingle.

The clips are used to secure the lights in place so that they dont slip or fall off of the roof.

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Lights On Stratford Winter Festival Of Lights

New in 2020, the Lights On Stratford Winter Festival of Lights brought light and hope during a trying time. Now its touted as one of the best Ontario winter light festivals! While theres a wealth of incredible things to do in Stratford throughout the year, dont forget to visit this fabulous city during the winter! With Christmas markets, a fun Christmas Trail, and so much more, youll find Christmas in Stratford a must addition to your list of winter getaways!

If youre looking for awesome free light displays in Ontario to check out this year then head to Stratford. The Winter Festival of Lights brings a host of amazing art installations and light displays throughout Stratford. The 2021 theme is Journey and explores the idea of travelling from one place to another. All the more reason to travel to Stratford this winter! The biggest draw in 2021 is the massive Sky Castle that covers 400 square metres and will be located in Market Square. The Sky Castle has 20 huge inflatable arches that play music and change colour.

There are a bunch of different light displays in Stratford for the Lights On Stratford Winter Festival of Lights. In the Shakespearean Gardens, youll find a thousand lights. On Tom Patterson Island youll find more dazzling lights, as well as on many of the businesses and other buildings throughout town. Be sure to check out their website here for a handy map of all the locations.

How To Take The Lights Down After The Holidays

While some people like to keep their lights up all year, the sun may actually fade their color. In fact, if one side of your house has more light exposure than the other side, your Christmas lights may even fade unevenly, affecting the overall appearance of your holiday display.

When you take down your lights, you shouldnt just pull on the string. While it saves you time, it may pull downyour gutters and otherwise damage your asphalt shingled roof. Instead, take down your lights the same way you put them up, carefully, safely and one clip at a time.

You should also be conscious about how you wrap the light strings. If they twist, they may kink and look odd next year, especially if you use clips that hook to the line instead of to the bulb.

Christmas roof lights are a special part of the holidays for many of us here at IKO. When we get to show off our roofs and spread holiday cheer, well, thats a win-win! We hope you and your family enjoy your lights and the whole holiday season, safely.

By the way, if you notice a problem with your asphalt shingles while youre installing Christmas lights on your roof, you can use our Contractor Locator to find a roofing professional who can advise you.

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+15 Top Places For Christmas Lights In Ontario

Every big city across Ontario has either a fabulous winter festival, Christmas market, or drive-thru light show during the holiday season. Even a bunch of small towns do too! So, if youre looking for a winter getaway where you can get in the holiday spirit or a fun destination for a winter road trip then add one or all of these top places to enjoy Christmas lights in Ontario.

How Do You Attach String Lights To Gutters

Travis Meyer Counts Down Annual Christmas Lights At Rhema Bible Church

In order to easily hang holiday lights on your gutters in minutes, just follow these steps:

  • Plan where your lights will runnote where you will need gutter clips to hang lights.
  • Gather tools you need, such as a ladder, extension cord, gutter clips, and adequate strands of lights.
  • Ascend your ladder and slide gutter clips into place on the front of your gutter.
  • String lights along the gutter clips, making sure the pronged end of the light strand is closest to the electrical socket.
  • Run a heavy-duty extension cord from the outdoor socket to the light strand.

This process goes very quickly when you use gutter clips with circular loops designed to hold the wire between lights. Clips that grasp individual lights require more work and repositioning. So, we recommend the loop system so you can hang beautiful Christmas lights quickly.

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Novelty Lights Tree Christmas Light Clip Made For Attaching Mini Lights To Tree Branches Green 100 Pack

  • One Simple Twist to Secure Strings to Greenery
  • Works on All Types of Trees, Wreaths, Shrubs, and Garland
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
Lowest Price

Product Details

Make attaching your mini lights to greenery easy using our Green Tree Clips. One twist and this clip tightly secures itself to live and artificial trees, wreaths, shrubs or garland, eliminating the need for wire ties and electrical tape.

Easy to clip on and remove. Sold in packs of 100.

6.26 x 6.1 x 2.01 inches
Light Color Green

Reviews From Real Customers

I ordered clips to give to my daughter and two grandchildren as I have used them for years on my Christmas tree an love them. What I would like to say is your customer service is awesome. It is great to get a real person on the phone not some recorded message.

Thank you.

These clips were a game changer when it came to hanging lights on our urban patio. I was able to complete the job in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Highly recommend!

I had previously bought 100 Green Tree Light Clips and liked them so much that I bought 400 more. They make putting lights on my Christmas tree much easier and the lights stay in place.

Clips For Decorating More Than Just The Roof

If you want to have the best lit house on the block, the roof isn’t the only part of your house that needs lights. Decorating the bushes and weaving the lights through the lower branches of outdoor trees is family bonding at its best. Instead of irritating and wasteful zip ties, use tree and shrub light clips. The horseshoe design is quick to put on and easy to take off best part is they are reusable. The green clips blend well with Christmas trees, holly bushes, Christmas wreaths, and other foliage.

Use brick clips for hanging wreaths, garland, and Christmas lights along the slide of your house. These handy decorating tools support up to 25 pounds each and blend in well against most brick walls. Create custom word art by strategically placing clips along the bricks and having fun with cursive writing. Next door neighbor outdoing you every year? Don’t give up, piggyback on their display with “Ditto” Christmas lights and an arrow using garland with mini lights. These brick clips can get you started.

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Owen Sound Festival Of Northern Lights

On a charming inlet of Georgian Bay, at the base of the Bruce Peninsula, sits the unassuming town of Owen Sound. There are plenty of sound reasons to visit and things to do in Owen Sound, like chasing the many waterfalls in the area! But theres a special annual festival that will have you adding it youre your holiday to do list the Owen Sound Festival of Northern Lights! It is considered one of the best holiday light displays in Ontario!

The Festival of Northern Lights in Owen Sound is one of the top events in the area and has been going strong for over 30 years. This year theyre celebrating the 34th year and are celebrating with opening ceremonies in downtown Owen Sound by the Farmers Market. The festival takes place downtown, along the Sydenham River, and in Harrison Park. Youll find over 300 light displays, many of which have been locally made, fireworks, craft shows, horse-drawn carriage rides, and more!

How Do You Hang Christmas Lights On Gutters With Gutter Guards

Pin on Christmas Light Clips

The best way to hang lights along a gutter with a gutter guard is to use shingle clips. Shingle clips slide under the bottom row of shingles on your roof. Then, you can string lights into place just above your gutter, similar to how you would hang lights on gutter clips.

  • These shingle clips attach to your roof shingles so you can string lights along guarded gutters.
  • You can use adhesive clips that stick to your gutters to hang lights on gutters.
  • You can slide these versatile clips into the gap between your gutters and your siding to hang strings of lights under your gutters.

If your home doesnt have a shingle roof, you can use adhesive clips that stick to the front of your gutters. As an alternative, you can use under-gutter clips. This style of light clip slides into the gap between your gutter and the siding of your home. This way, you can hang incandescent lights in a row under your gutter.

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+15 More Ontario Christmas Light Displays To Check Out

There are so many holiday light displays across Ontario and new ones popping up every year! Check out the following list for one near you!

Magic of Lights at Longwoods Road Conservation Area in London, Ontario running November 19, 2021 January 2, 2022

Santafest at Santas Village in Bracebridge running weekends from November 20 to December 19, 2021

Light up the Holidays in Ontarios Highlands running through December 2021

Bingemans Gift of Lights in Kitchener running November 13, 2021 January 9, 2022

Eclipse Walk with Light at the Muskoka Heritage Place in Huntsville running November 5, 2021 May 1, 2022

Rural Lights & Winter Nights in Clearview Township running November 30, 2021 February 28, 2022

Winter Wonders: Discover the Magic of Nature and Light at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington running November 24, 2021 January 9, 2022

Bright Lights Windsor at Jackson Park in Windsor running December 2 January 9, 2022

Winter Lights Festival in downtown Brampton running November 19, 2021 November 21, 2021

Winter Nights, City Lights: A Walk-Through Experience at The Esplanade Park in Pickering running November 19, 2021 November 21, 2021

Whitby Lights the Night in Whitby is running November 26, 2021 January 5, 2022

Winter Wonderland Newmarket at Riverwalk Commons is running from December 1, 2021 December 31, 2021

WILD Winter Festival of Lights at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville is running from December 10, 2021 December 19, 2021

Christmas Lights Near Me

Did you know you dont have to go far if youre looking for Christmas lights near you? Most small towns, cities, and municipalities put out holiday lights. For instance, the city of Barrie has a massive Christmas tree and a host of decorations throughout the downtown core. Plus, theres the Festival of Trees with a variety of fun and festive light displays along the waterfront trail in Heritage Park. So, be sure to check out your community event page for things going on near you.

Another tradition my family has is taking a drive on Christmas Eve throughout the neighbourhood to see all the homes and businesses decorated with blow-ups, Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations. And this has now become a fabulous trend with many counties and municipalities creating Google maps of all the places to go near you to see Christmas Lights. Last year I did the one in Barrie, Orillia, and Simcoe County. Some of these homes are like seeing the Griswolds Christmas movie come to life! With outstanding lights that cover the house, garage, and exterior, many are also synchronize the lights to music.

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