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How Do I Get Rid Of Shingles Scars

What Causes Chickenpox Scars In Adults

How to treat shingles

Chickenpox causes blisters all over the body accompanied by severe itching. It is imperative to resist the temptation to scratch the blisters. The two major causes of chickenpox scars are:

  • Excessive scratching during infection, which damages the skin and creates deep wounds.
  • Skin inflammation which results in indented scars.

The itching sensation creates a raw area when the bump is scratched. After 5-7 days, once the crust sheds naturally, it can lead to permanent scarring of the skin tissue. The scarring also depends on the intensity of the skin infection, the severity of the inflammation, and the depth of the blister formation. Prominent areas prone to getting chickenpox scars are the face, chest and back.

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How To Get Rid Of Shingles Scars

Shingles is a common health condition that affects many people. It is caused by the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus and can be pretty painful. The rash usually occurs on one side of the body or face, lasts about 3 to 5 weeks, and then disappears without any scarring. However, for other individuals the wounds may remain open and heal with visible scars after the healing process has taken place. The degree of scar formation is also proportional to the severity of the acute attack and whether there is any destruction of areas of the skin . But what if you need to get rid of shingles scars? In this blog post, we will discuss how to get rid of shingles scars!

Firstly, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, while the infection is active and the blisters are still open, there are measures that you can take to reduce scarring, which include:

After the infection is no longer active, you may attempt some of the treatments which are listed below:

Finally, if you have had a bad case of shingles and have a lot of scarring, it is recommended to check in with a general practitioner, who may then refer you to a skin specialist or a plastic surgeon to address your concerns. Methods the skin specialist or a plastic surgeon may employ include laser therapy, dermabrasion, or micro-needling.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Scars Due To Shingles

Answered by: Dr Shirish Kumar | Haematologist, WHO, Geneva

Q: Two months back, I was diagnosed with herpes zoster on the left side of my face. First, I got the pain on the inner side of my left jaw. I thought it was dental pain, and the dentist gave me a pain killer. After three or four days, I came to know that it was shingles and I got the treatment for it. But even after two months, I still have a scar mark on the left side of my face due to shingles the pain is also there. How can I remove the scar on my face, as it looks very ugly on my face? Can shingles recur? What precautions do I need to take? Can the scar be removed by using some cream or tablets?

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If My Shingles Rash Is Mild Or Has Mostly Healed Do I Need To See A Doctor

Its a good idea to see a doctor whenever you have a case of shingles, no matter how mild.

Prompt antiviral treatment not only decreases the duration and severity of the rash but can also decrease the chance of developing post-herpetic neuralgia. Post-herpetic neuralgia is a complication of shingles characterized by long-term, debilitating pain.

If your rash has mostly healed, its still a good idea to see a doctor so they can monitor the rash for changes or complications, such as a bacterial skin infection that forms on top of your existing rash. This is known as a superimposed infection.

Help Is Available For Phn

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Fortunately,early treatment for shingles can lower your chances of getting PHN.

For some people, the pain becomes refractory, or resistant to treatment, explains Dr. Rosenquist. So we want to treat shingles as fast as we can ideally as soon as somebody feels a tingling or burning sensation, even before a rash develops.

Sheadds that whenever nerve pain is involved, some people respond to treatment andsome dont.

However,medications taken orally or injected that can target the affected nerves may beable to stun the nervous system into behaving properly. That meanstransmitting the appropriate signal to the brain.

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Other Treatments For Chickenpox Marks

  • Topical Creams: Scars removal creams and ointments, can be used to improve the colour, texture, and overall appearance of the scar. These ointments can help make the scars less noticeable. However, the creams are ineffective on deep pitted chickenpox scars.
  • Silicone Sheets: Silicone sheets specifically designed for raised chickenpox scars can be used to flatten, shrink, and fade both new and old scars. The silicone sheets hydrate the scar tissue and over time the scars fade and soften. To see positive results, you will have to use the silicone sheets daily for six months.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliating the skin with chemical peels or microdermabrasion helps to get rid of the skins upper layers, which makes the chickenpox scars less visible.
  • Sunscreen: Applying a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen with SPF 30 daily will help in faster fading of the scar by preventing pigmentation due to sun exposure, making it less visible over time.

If you have tried the options above without gaining the desired results, it might be due to the nature of the scars as well as the body area affected by them. It is advisable to seek professional treatments by visiting an experienced dermatologist.

Who Is Affected By Shingles

All sexes and races are equally susceptible to shingles. The disorder occurs more commonly in those over the age of 50. It is estimated that over 20% of the total population can expect to suffer from shingles during their lifetime. Prior to the AIDS epidemic, approximately 300,000 to 400,000 cases of shingles occurred annually in the United States. Those who have a suppressed immune system or suffer from diabetes, cancer or HIV infection have a higher rate of shingles development. Some studies suggest that shingles can be a marker for certain types of cancer, however, this is still under investigation and no definitive conclusions have been made as to whether this hypothesis is true.

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Avoid Scratching The Blisters

It might be tempting to scratch or pick at the blisters, especially if theyre causing you discomfort. Know that theyll eventually crust over and fall off if you leave them alone.

Scratching at blisters or scabs can lead to infection and scarring. Cleaning and covering them regularly with a new sterile bandage can help reduce the likelihood that youll pick at the rash.

Keeping the rash clean is one part of the process. The other is to make sure you bandage it properly, especially if the rash is still weeping .

When dealing with a painful shingles rash, your best bet is to use bandages that are:

When youre switching the dressing, allow the skin to dry before covering it with a new bandage.

In addition to keeping the rash protected, bandaging also prevents you from passing the varicella-zoster virus to another person. Be sure to keep bandages on any areas of the rash that havent scabbed over yet.

While shingles isnt contagious, the virus that causes it can be passed to anyone who hasnt had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine. If they come into skin-to-skin contact with the fluid that oozes from a shingles blister, they could end up with chickenpox, according to

How Can You Prevent Spreading The Virus

Shingles: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment with Dr. Mark Shalauta | San Diego Health

You cant give shingles to someone else, but the varicella-zoster virus is very contagious. If you have shingles and you expose someone else who has not had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine, you can give them the virus. Theyll get chickenpox, not shingles, but this puts them at risk for shingles later on.

Youre contagious when your blisters are oozing, or after they break and before they crust over. Do the following to avoid spreading the virus to others:

  • Keep your rash covered, especially when the blisters are active.
  • Try not to touch, rub, or scratch your rash.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often.

Avoid contact with people whove never had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine, especially:

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Caring For Shingles Rash

As the pustules scab over its important to try to leave the scabs intact as this can cause: bacterial infection to occur, the herpes simplex virus to spread and can also cause the area affected to scar more. This can be difficult to maintain but try to avoid knocking or scratching the scabs as they heal. The rash can take up to four weeks to heal .

Most people will not be left with scarring from the shingles infection, but if you are left with some scars then the marks are usually an angry red or purple colour at first, but this will gradually fade over a number of weeks and months . Usually these marks have faded completely a year after the initial infection and there are some steps you can take to help the process along.

Tips to reduce likelihood of scarring

  • Ensure good hygiene and no disruption to the skin surface as it heals
  • Protect the area from sunlight, which can darken the pigmentation, by applying high SPF sun creams when exposed to sunlight
  • Keep the skin well moisturised by using emollients, oils and creams containing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and other natural products .

Unfortunately, however diligent you are in following these steps, some scars may still be left. If the scars are very unsightly you may wish to talk to your GP about whether further treatment could help and what options are available.

What Does It Mean To Let Shingles Run Its Course

This refers to the typical course a shingles rash takes, even with antiviral treatment:

  • A person may develop a tingling sensation or pain in a certain area on the skin, most commonly on the waistline. This may last for several days.
  • Next, a rash develops in the area. The skin turns red, with fluid-filled bumps . Its during this time that a shingles rash can spread the VZV to another person who hasnt had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine.
  • After 1 to 2 weeks, these fluid-filled bumps start to crust over. At this point, the rash can no longer spread to other people. It can then take 1 to 2 more weeks for the crusted areas to fully scab over and heal.
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    When Should I Seek Emergency Care For A Shingles Rash

    While most cases of shingles are mild, several potential complications may require emergent care:

    • Facial rash. A shingles rash on the face is concerning because eye involvement can lead to blindness. This requires an urgent assessment from an ophthalmologist.
    • Loss of hearing or facial movement. Rarely, shingles can lead to hearing loss or facial nerve paralysis.
    • Disseminated herpes zoster. This widespread shingles rash can also affect your organs. It requires hospitalization with intravenous antiviral treatment.
    • Fever. Shingles in addition to fever can be concerning. It may mean you have a superimposed bacterial infection, which could require antibiotics and close observation.
    • Confusion or seizures. Shingles in addition to confusion or seizures could indicate brain inflammation, which requires hospitalization for IV antiviral treatment and close monitoring.

    Dr. Megan Soliman is an ABMS board certified internal medicine physician whose main focus in her clinical practice is patient advocacy. Her research interests include adverse effects of medications and herbal supplements. Soliman is enthusiastic about bread and butter medicine, which includes treating patients with the most common diseases. She also has a passion for reaching underserved communities, including both U.S. and international rural communities.

    Who’s At Risk For Shingles

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    Anyone who has ever had chickenpox can get shingles, but the risk increases with age. People older than age 60 are up to 10 times more likely to get shingles than younger people. Other factors that increase your risk include:

    • Some cancer medicines
    • A weak immune system from illnesses such as cancer or HIV

    A quarter of adults will develop shingles at some point, and most are otherwise healthy.

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    Are Shingles Contagious

    Shingles are not as contagious as highly contagious chickenpox. Chickenpox can be inherited from the baby in their early months. However, shingles are contagious too. Youd better avoid exposing your virus to others.

    Before treatment, you need to understand that shingles are a viral infection that can not be treated with antibiotics. Antiviral medication usually treats only rashes on the skin. However, you can remove the shingles and shingles pain with some natural home remedies. Here are the top 10 home remedies to get rid of shingles fast.

    Lavender And Olive Oil

    Research suggests that lavender essential oil could help with wound healing.

    One on rats found that the surface area of wounds topically treated with lavender oil was significantly decreased when compared with that of the control group.

    Try it:

  • Mix three drops of lavender essential oil into three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Massage the mixture into the scarred area for about 5 minutes.
  • Leave the oil in place for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the area with warm water.
  • Repeat this process a minimum of three times a day.
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    Scars And Skin Problems After Shingles


    Because I have scars from shingles and some worrisome red blotchy areas, where the shingles were, I did some research today. According to my research, shingles scars tend to be deep red or even purple. The scars can lay flat against the skin though some, like mine, can be raised or even pitted. I read that cooked oatmeal cooled to a soft stage, can be applied directly to the skin and rubbed into it. Rub in the oatmeal for 15-20 minutes per day. It is said by many that this process will fade or eliminate shingles scars. Rubbing the oatmeal into the skin everyday, some claim, will not only help scarring but also it will ease neuralgia pain and itching. I’m going to try this oatmeal treatment. Hopefully, it will help.

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    • 5 years ago

      Yes. You just cook the oatmeal as you normally would to eat it.

      Then, let it cool and rub it into your shingles scars or in the area where you have nerve pain for 15 or 20 minutes every day. I don’t know if it will work but according to a lot of people it does help to reduce the scars and pain.

  • 5 years ago


    You are correct that oatmeal will definitely help with the itching and burning of neuralgia, although the effect is temporary. As soon as the oatmeal is removed, the itching returns. Having had severe itching due to allergic reactions to medications involving my entire body, I would take oatmeal baths 3x per day.

    I am uncertain if it helps resolve the redness.

    Best Wishes

  • How To Prevent Chickenpox Scars

    Shingles: What You Should Know | Johns Hopkins Medicine

    If you or your child currently has chickenpox, there are several things you can do to prevent scarring, including the following:

    • Avoid scratching as much as possible.
    • Wear oven mitts or mittens to prevent damage to the skin from scratching.
    • Dab or pat a soothing lotion onto the blisters. A lotion with cocoa butter and aloe vera is ideal.
    • Dab or pat an anti-itch cream, like calamine lotion, directly onto the blisters.
    • Take a cool oatmeal bath.
    • Try an antihistamine like Benadryl.

    Of course, the best way to prevent chickenpox scars is to avoid chickenpox infection. Vaccinate children from chickenpox and older adults from shingles, which is caused by the same virus.

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    What Not To Do

    As your shingles blisters start to scab, be sure not to:

    • Touch or scratch your scabs. This can break the scabs and cause scarring. You might also introduce harmful bacteria into your skin that can cause an infection.
    • Use thick ointments. Thick ointments will keep the scabs moist, which may increase the risk of infection. Try to keep your scabs dry instead.
    • Wrap your scabs. Avoid bandages or dressings, which can stick to your scabs. Its best to keep them uncovered and dry.
    • Wear tight clothes. Tight, restrictive clothing will rub against the scabs and further irritate your skin.

    Even as your blisters start to scab, you might still develop new ones for about a week. Thats why its essential to keep protecting your skin as it heals.

    Will Shingles Go Away Without Treatment

    Shingles, or herpes zoster, is a painful rash caused by the varicella-zoster virus . This is the same virus that causes chickenpox.

    This virus remains dormant in a part of your nervous system called the dorsal root ganglion. It can be reactivated during times of stress or illness, or when the immune system is weakened by an autoimmune disease or cancer.

    The risk of developing shingles is relatively low for healthy young adults about 4 out of 1,000 people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Its much higher for those above age 60. Shingles affects about 1 out of 100 people in this older age group, the CDC says.

    Generally, a case of shingles rash resolves within 3 to 4 weeks. It can resolve without treatment, but antiviral treatment can shorten both the duration and severity of the rash.

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