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Installing Gutter Guards Under Shingles

Installing An Ineffective Gutter Guard

Installing Gutter Shingle Gutter Guards

Think that wire mesh is going to provide total debris protection? Choosing the right gutter guard for your home is extremely important. Systems with large holes, gaps, and openings will only let debris in, while many do-it-yourself systems are flimsy and not backed by warranties. These types of systems prove to be only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Youll likely have to climb the ladder multiple times a year to clean out what your gutter guard has let in.

Fortunately, LeafFilter Gutter Protection provides a permanent solution to clogged gutters. Once installed, youll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. Best of all, its backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty, so you can enjoy the peace of mind your gutters are protected for life.

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Will Installing Gutter Guards Void My Shingle Roofs Warranty

A common misconception is that installing gutter guards underneath shingles can void your warranty on the roof. This definitely isnt the case, so you shouldnt let this put you off sliding the right type of gutter guard underneath your roof tiles.

However, if you dont install your gutter guard correctly, then it can impact your warranty. Any damage done while lifting the shingles too roughly can impact the roof and may not be covered, but this shouldnt really happen because you can slide it underneath. You also need to be aware of any screws or connections because you dont want these to go through your shingles into your roof this will impact the warranty.

You should also look out for leaves getting lodged underneath your roof shingles because this could damage your roof. If your gutter guard is installed correctly, this wont be an issue, but it’s worth regularly checking just in case because it could cost you a fortune to repair and may impact the warranty.

Shingles Extend Too Far

Too often, to compensate for lack of drip edge or flashing, shingles are installed too far forward, covering what is supposed to be the open trough of your new gutter. In some markets, youll see roofers drop shingles down into the gutter. When exposed to all of the water that can flow through a gutter your shingles will wick water up like a straw. Not good to start off with a new roof and gutters with this problem built in.

Shingle manufacturers say to use a 1/4- to 3/8-inch shingle overhang over the eave . Weve seen other references that suggest extending the shingles a bit more than the manufacturers suggest to compensate for wavy eaves, but they do not indicate extending more than 1 inch over the eave. For more information on this, see our post on shingle overhang.

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Why Is 1/4 To 3/8 Inch The Suggested Shingle Overhang

Shingle manufacturers want roofers to stay within this range so that it will reduce the likelihood that wind could catch the shingle edge and lift it, which can damage the shingle.

Weve seen references in some professional publications that like to extend the shingles to compensate for wavy eaves, but they do not suggest more than 1 inch over the eave. Thats not too much of a difference from the manufacturers specifications.

Too often, leaf gutter guard installers see conditions where roof shingles extend even furtherby an inch or two. Sometimes, in the South, youll see shingles touch the bottom of the gutter.

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The Benefits Of Having A Leaf Gutter Guard

LeafsOut Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

Gutters are important for preserving your roof from damage caused by water and debris buildup. In areas where there are many trees, homeowners often have difficulty keeping the gutters from becoming clogged, which is the purpose of a leaf gutter guard. Some of the benefits of installing a leaf gutter guard include:

  • Saving hours of effort or spending money to have someone professionally clean your gutters at least twice a season
  • Reducing the risk of mice and insect infestations by preventing these animals from having stagnant water in your gutters as a fertile breeding ground as well as keeping them from having easy access to your home through the fascia
  • Preventing your gutter from rusting or corroding as a result of being loaded with soggy leaves and other debris
  • Leaf gutter guards also act as a means of fire prevention as they prevent dry leaves from building up in your gutter and causing fuel for burning embers in fire-prone areas.
  • Preventing ice build-up in your gutters by keeping them flowing freely

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Step : Evaluate If You Have The Necessary Tools And Skills To Complete The Job

DIY gutter guards are an excellent way to save money, but only if a homeowner has the required tools and experience to do the job right the first time. Theyll need a ladder, tape measure, hammer, and screwdriver to get started. If they dont own a saw already, a homeowner will need to either rent or purchase a circular saw to cut pieces of gutter guard to fit the homes exterior.

But tools and materials are just part of the recipe for success in gutter guard installation. Its also best for a homeowner to have some experience or DIY skills under their belt as well as good balance, since this project involves significant time on a ladder. If a homeowner is doubtful of their skills or uncomfortable with heights, it may be time to scrap the idea of do-it-yourself gutter guards and consult a professional instead.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Gutter Guard For Your Home

Choosing the right type of gutter guard for your home is important. The wrong one can still lead to gutter clogs, rendering the guards useless.

You could also pay far more for your gutter guards than you need to if you dont optimize them for your home, your climate and the tree coverage in your area.

We recommend choosing a gutter guard based on what type of debris you see most in your area. If its mostly large leaves, then something like an affordable screen guard might be ideal. If you expect to see pine needles and other small debris, micro mesh might be best for you.

You can also consider the amount of runoff theyll need to direct into your gutters. The larger the perforations on your guards, the more water theyll be able to handle effectively, but the less debris they will catch.

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Common Gutter Guard Installation Mistakes

Installing gutter guards on your own seems easy, and sometimes it is. Other times, homeowners make mistakes that lead to additional expenses or repairs in the future. Here are five common errors homeowners may make during the procedure.

Lifting the shingles. Never lift your roofs shingles to install a gutter guard. When you peel up your shingles, you risk compromising their integrity and ability to keep water from seeping into your ceiling. Manipulating shingles in the fall while theyre cold and stiff makes them especially prone to damage.

Nailing into the roof. Dont manipulate your shingles more than necessary during installation. Never attempt to secure a gutter guard by driving nails into your roof material. More holes in your roof increase the likelihood of insects and water getting inside.

Getting the wrong size. Most residential homes have 5-inch gutters, but depending on your roofs slope and the number of valleys in your gutter runs, you may have 4- or 6-inch gutters. Dont order a gutter guard size that is incompatible with your existing gutters.

Damaging the gutters. There are many ways for an inexperienced homeowner to damage gutters while installing gutter guards, such as denting the gutter with the ladder or introducing corrosion with the wrong type of fasteners. Damaged gutters will be less effective at water management, and your guards wont work as intended.

How To Install Gutter Guards

Xtreme Gutter Guard Under Shingle Installation

Gutter guards can save homeowners a lot of time and energy attempting to unclog gutters. Once gutter guards are in place, they offer tremendous benefits to the home however, the installation takes some work. If you want to install your gutter guards, you must have some knowledge about this process. Gutter guards come in several different types, and knowledge of these types and general best practices to install gutter guards is essential.

In this guide, we will show you:

  • How to choose the right gutter guard
  • How to prepare to install gutter guards
  • Tips for installing gutter guards

Finding thebest gutter guards for your home can help you avoid costly water damage and ensure proper draining through your gutters. If you are tired of cleaning your gutters after every storm, we have all the information you will need to help get you through this process.

Top picks from our guide to the best gutter guards of 2022

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Provides free estimate

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How Long Does It Take To Install Gutter Guards

How long it takes to install gutter guards will vary depending on the type of gutter guard and the size of your home. The job should take less than a day, but keep in mind that your gutters should be thoroughly cleaned before installation. According to several gutter guard installers, a general estimate would be three to five hours, counting the pre-installation cleaning.

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What Is A Shingle Roof

Roofing shingles are tiles that overlap to create an even roof. They can be flat or curved, but they interlock in a way that gives an even surface that allows water to flow straight off. Modern homes generally arent made with shingle because its a bit more expensive and can be less effective at channeling water.

They should only be installed on a roof with a reasonably sharp incline which allows water to flow easily. A shingle roof is typically made from local materials, which are easier to source and more affordable. The most common types are:

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Mastershield Doesnt Always Go Under Your Shingles Further Protecting Roof Shingle Warranties

If your MasterShield dealer comes up against a situation where going under your roof shingles did not make sense, then they have several other installation options. MasterShield can also be installed directly onto your fascia and can be done in such a way that it becomes an extension of your drip edge. When this installation method is used, the installation can also protect your fascia board from being exposed to water.

MasterShield can also be installed by bending the back on a special tool called a break to create a wedge with the back of the product. This allows the product to sit on your gutter. This wedge can be created to have greater pitch than other systems so that the product doesnt create a shelf and still self-cleans more efficiently from debris, a key consideration when choosing a gutter guard.

So, whose word are you going to take about roof shingle warranties? We suggest the manufacturer since they dont have any skin in the game.

Gutter Guards

Step : Test The Gutters To Make Sure Theyre Functioning Smoothly

Gutter Installation

To ensure the gutters are debris-free and ready for guard installation, its wise to test them with water and a hose. For this step, a homeowner can turn on the water and place the hose inside the gutters to see how freely water flows through them. If the water is slow and doesnt exit the downspout, leaves or debris may still be in the gutters. If the water flows freely and out of the downspout, its time for gutter guard installation.

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How Long Do Gutters Guards Last

About 20 years. Some manufacturers have warranties from 20 years, such as GutterRX, all the way to 30+ years. This variation will depend on the material the gutter guard is made of . The quality of your selected gutter guard system can fluctuate the lifespan expectancy. If your gutters and gutter guards face a lot of debris, water, and moss build up, this could limit how long the gutter guards last.

From Tips To The Best Type Of Gutter Guards To Buy For Your Home The Following Guide Will Help You Learn How To Install Gutter Guards

By Melissa Graham | Updated Oct 18, 2022 12:32 PM

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

Maybe youre sick of constantly cleaning out the gutters, or you live in an area with frequent weather events that require the gutters to be protected. In either case, you likely need to know how to install gutter guards.

Gutter guards act as a cover to block leaves and debris, ensuring water flows freely and preventing clogs over time. They are available in a variety of styles. While installing gutter guards can be a DIY project, an installation professional can better handle some situations. Keep reading to learn all about gutter guards and how to install them.

Time required: 2 to 8 hoursDifficulty: IntermediateEstimated cost: $591 to $2,197

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Do Gutter Screens Go Under Shingles

Some gutter guards or screens go under shingles, but it varies based on the brand. Guards that go underneath shingles only need to go under the first row. Check before you buy gutter guards because it isnt ideal to attach gutter guards under shingles.

Gutter guards that go under shingles can make your roof even more susceptible to water damage. A roof typically features a water barrier that protects the inside of your home from water. There is no way to attach gutter guards under shingles without damaging the barrier.

Any amount of damage to your roofs water barrier membrane can put your home at risk. Water damage can cause thousands of dollars in repairs and even damage your foundation.

Get The Essential Equipment

Installing Gutter Guard Leave Filters

You will need a ladder to install guards safely. You can consider a ladder stabilizer suppose you are working from a ladder extension. It is essential that you feel comfortable on the ladder before you start using it. Besides, it is important to have essential tools such as a tape measure, screw gun, and more. The type of gutter you install determines the tools you might require.

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Choosing The Right Gutter Guards For Your Home

Most homeowners decide to invest in guards to enhance their gutters performance and make their homes maintenance-free. Our recommendation is the HomeCraft gutter guard. But the wrong kind of gutter guard can be more damaging than leaving them, and heres why.

Most gutter guards from local retailers and big-box home improvement stores collect debris inside wire mesh or screens, are loose fitting, and slide out of position, allowing debris to get into the gutters. They are also designed to be placed under shingles, lifting the bottom on the roofing.

So how do you Choose the correct gutter guard?

The first thing you need to think about when looking for guards is to figure out what type of debris youre looking to shield your gutters from. Screen-style plastic gutter guards are among the most commonly used available and function as a barrier for guttering, pushing debris to the surface, But these types of gutter guards often clog and require cleaning a few times per year.

Another popular option is to use wire mesh. Like the screen-style guards, these micro-mesh guards keep large and small debris from entering the drainage while allowing water to move through easily but also become easily clogged with pine needles and other debris. Foam guards are among the least expensive available and are not really capable of much. They tend to degrade rapidly and may cause seeds to sprout in the gutter itself!

Is The Leaffilter Gutter Guard Brand Any Good

The LeafFilter brand is not as good as it claims. It claims that youll never have to clean your gutters again, but many consumers find them to be overpriced. Its sales are also gimmicky. Consumers filed many complaints against the company at the Better Business Bureau. It will also gather debris and act as a shelf that you must clean off.

The biggest problem that the LeafFilter has is in the winter when the snow melts. Water overflows from the gutters and then pours down below before refreezing. While the company claims that this is due to misalignment of their product, the fact remains that this is a slip hazard and may expose you to civil suits if someone slips on the ice and injures themselves.

We suggest that you use the following brands as alternatives:

  • LeafSolutions has accessories for different shapes of the roof and channels that will prevent small debris from entering the gutter.
  • LeafGuard is also a good brand because it becomes part of the gutter upon installation making it well-attached.
  • LeafLock has a micromesh that catches larger debris. The only disadvantage is long pine needles can go thorough the filter which ends up into the gutter.
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    The Mastershield Installation Methodology

    A gutter guard shouldnt add to water issues on your home. It should eliminate them from starting.

    At MasterShield, we make a point of mirroring our leaf gutter guard to the pitch of your roof. Since we extend out and down over your gutter, we can accommodate slightly longer roof shingles, but not too much or the filter will be covered. There will be occasions where youll have long shingles, and our dealer will accommodate them by suggesting 6-inch gutters or discussing trimming them back to best practice specifications.

    MasterShields Shingle-Safe Back also acts as a built-in drip edge. It helps water drop forward over the trough of the gutter, not back towards the fascia. Pitching with the roof with our system means you wont get dramatic shingle lift off the sub-roof, even as you drop towards the downspout.

    When you get an estimate for a leaf guard, you should ask the estimator to assess your roof shingles so that you know how far they extend over your eave. With this information, youll have a better sense of developing issues or how the product will perform. Knowing what to expect after you install a leaf gutter guard can lead you to make a better-informed choice from the start.

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