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Installing Hip And Ridge Shingles

A Bolder Look: Doubled And High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles

Installing the final cap shingle at a hip and ridge junction.

You can accentuate the roof ridge cap and enhance the overall roof appearance with this simple ridge cap trick: double them up. In standard application, the ridge cap shingles are installed and lapped one at a time. But if you install them doubled up, with the top one about three quarter inches higher, it gives the appearance of a richer, thicker ridge cap or hip. The double look complements the double-layer thick structure of laminated shingles, thereby giving the whole roof a heftier, more robust appearance.

Many years ago, this desirable, thicker roof ridge cap look inspired the introduction of a new type of ridge cap shingle: IKO UltraHP®. These high profile ridge cap shingles are thicker and packaged prefolded. They are made with polymer-modified asphalt for added flexibility.

An impact-resistant option is also available. UltraHP®IR high profile ridge cap shingles are designed to be used with IKO Nordic shingles for a complete impact-resistant roof. IKO UltraHP IR hip and ridge shingles have a Class 4 impact-resistance rating tested against UL 2218, which IKO is pleased to present for the sole purpose of enabling homeowners using these shingles in conjunction with Class 4 impact-resistance-rated shingles to obtain a discount on their home insurance premiums, if available in their area. This rating is not to be construed as any type of express or implied warranty or guarantee of the impact performance of this shingle by the manufacturer, supplier or installer.

Ridge & Hip Cap Shingles

  • about early or premature roof shingle leaks, wear, or failures

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Ridge & hip roof cap shingles:

This article describes the installation of ridge and hip cap shingles and discusses the probable causes of early failures on ridge and hip shingles on asphalt shingle roofs when they fail in advance of other roof areas.

The most common failure at the ridge or hip covering of most roofs, regardless of roofing material, is wind damage and blow-offs due to inadequate nailing. But on occasion, such as in our photo above, we see remarkable wear in the form of granule loss, cupping, or curling at the ridge that has not appeared elsewhere on the roof. Here we discuss why this wear happens and what to do about it.

This roof failure diagnosis article series investigates types and causes of premature or early roof wear or failures. We describe shingle granule loss shingle curling as a sign of wear on asphalt shingle roofs and discusses how to identify & explain the most-common asphalt roof shingle failures. Our page top photo shows shingle edge down-curling. Other photos on this page show shingle corner curling.

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Pay Attention To Hip And Ridge In Roofing Estimates

The most cost effective option is for the installer to cut and manipulate 3-tab shingles for the hip and ridge cap application. Bundles of 3-tab shingles are purchased and then cut into three separate pieces for installation. If you are installing a 25-year 3-tab roof system, the same shingle is manipulated for the hip and ridge cap application. If you are installing a 30-year lifetime composition shingle, most color options have a companion or complimentary 3-tab shingle to install, but some color offerings require a specific colored hip and ridge cap shingle to be installed.

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Hip & Ridge Roofing Shingles

Most shingle manufacturers offer formed hip and ridge shingles. Cambridge shingles and other thick shingles are available pre-bent to fit the hip or ridge and have the same profile and granular color as the roof deck shingles. Thinner laminate shingles have matching ridge shingles with perforation making it easier to cut into 3 or 4 ridge or hip shingles.

Trust Hopewell Roofing & Restoration For Hip And Ridge Installations

Ridge Cap Units

Looking for peace of mind and a solid roof for your home? Let our team at Hopewell Roofing & Restoration show you the benefits of hip & ridge installations from the pros. We can connect you with the impressive lifetime ltd. warranty on installations of Lifetime Shingle rooftops! The TimberTex® distinctive ridge cap shingles we install are an important component of the GAF Lifetime Roof System, and our work crews can get the job done quickly and affordably. Plus, our company is certified as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, so you can trust your project is in the right hands.

Our team of roofing specialists at Hopewell Roofing & Restoration has a strong reputation in the Atlanta GA area for workmanship of the highest quality, delivered with honesty and integrity for all of our residential and commercial customers. Whether its hip and ridge shingless or anything else to make your roof as functional and attractive as it can be, let us help you to get the most out of your rooftop. Connect with our team today to get your free consultation.

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What Is A Ridge Cap

A ridge cap is used to cover and close the seam where two roof slopes meet to form a ridge or roof apex. It prevents moisture from leaking in and causing damage and helps prevent wind damage too. It is the last part of the roof covering to be completed and caps a gable or hip roof. Roofs that do not have two or more decks meeting to form a ridge or hip do not require a ridge cap.

Most shingle roofs have a ridge cap made of overlapping shingle tabs cut from roofing shingles. They wrap the ridge and cover nail heads holding the top course or row of shingles on both sides of the ridge. Roof peak shingles are also offered by some manufacturers as an alternative to those crafted onsite. The ridge cap may be made in sections on the ground and installed or formed shingle by shingle on the roof.

A ridge cap made of metal and colored to match roofing material is commonly used with metal roofing. Metal ridge caps frequently are 10-6 long sections that overlap 6 and span the length of the ridge to seal out the weather. They are formed to fit the ridge and roofing profile and are also available in vented formats.

Hip And Ridge Features

  • Caps are designed with thickness that far exceeds levels provided with strip shingles. This creates a unique and distinctive look.
  • Timbertex® caps are designed to complement your laminated shingles, regardless of the color required.
  • Each piece is secured with Dura Grip Self-seal Adhesive, which ensures tightness in the installation and reduced chances of blow-off.
  • With the StainGuard® Ltd. Warranty, youll be protected from the development of blue-green algae on your ridge cap shingles.

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Hip And Ridge Installation

Like installation of any type of shingles, it is highly significant to look for professionals to entrust your hip and ridge shingles installation. While there is a lifetime warranty for some shingles, there are also existing warranties for your hip and ridge depending on the roofing company of your choosing.

Hip and ridge installation companies often partner with shingles installation companies. This allows for a more reliable materials and services installation. There are always roofing companies which provide excellent roofing installation services in your area you just have to align their services with what you need.

How To Repair Or Replace Ridge Cap Shingles

Product Guide: DuraRidge® Hip & Ridge Shingles

To replace a ridge cap shingle, gently pry the ridge cap shingle just above the damaged one using a flathead pry bar. Then remove nails from the damaged shingle using the same pry bar while holding the first shingle up and out of the way. Install the new shingle and lower the undamaged shingle.

When replacing the shingle, use roofing cement over all the nail heads you come in contact with as the shingles movement will cause nails to move, resulting in larger nail holes that could allow moisture in.

Repairing a ridge cap shingle requires you to pry the shingle above the damaged shingle up with a flat pry bar or long flathead screwdriver. Once you have space, either install a new nail or roofing cement as needed, then lower the first shingle, secure nails, use roofing cement, and you are done.

A ridge roofing shingle, particularly those that are made from standard 3-tab shingles, are already under stress from being bent in ways they werent meant to be. Therefore, you must handle these shingles carefully when fixing or replacing them, as they can crack very easily.

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Iko Hip & Ridge 12tm Shingles

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Choose A Ridge Cap Shingle Color

Usually, the hip and ridge shingles match the color blend used in the field of the roof although, in some markets, the hip and ridge shingles might be a contrasting color, which really frames the roof and accentuates the roof outline.

While IKO makes hip and ridge cap shingles to match their other shingle colors, there are more options. IKO Hip & Ridge 12 is now manufactured in innovative mid-tone color blends, to allow matching to a wider range of shingle styles and colors. Selecting the right color ridge cap shingle to match or contrast with your roof shingles can put the ideal finishing touch on a properly installed roof.

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Types Of Ridge Cap Shingles

A ridge cap shingle is a square, or nearly square, piece of shingle that is the same material as the rest of your roofing. If you have asphalt shingles, then youll have asphalt ridge caps, and so on.

Other types of roofing materials beyond asphalt will have their own ridge caps of varying types, but in this article will be looking at asphalt shingles and asphalt ridge shingles.

Lets take a look at the different types of roof peak shingles available and the differences between each.

What Is Ridge Cap

Ridge &  Hip Cap Shingles

Almost every sloped roof has a ridge at the top where two adjoining slopes meet and many roof designs include sloped ridges where the roof planes meet at an angle. Ridge cap is simply defined as a cover over the hip and ridge of the roof, where two adjoining slopes come together. This cover can be made of metal, tile, shake, composition shingles, etc. Ridge cap shingles play a critical role in keeping rain and melting snow from leaking into your home, and due to the nature of installation , ridge cap shingles can deteriorate quicker than the rest of the roof surface.

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What Is A Hip And Ridge Shingle

4.1/5Hip and ridge shinglesread full answer

Hip shingles are the shingles that cover the ridge of a roof, otherwise known as the “hip” of the roof’s surface. The hip shingles bridge the gap that is created when shingles are laid down on either side of the slope.

Also, how do you Shingle a ridge on a hip roof? Installing the ShinglesFirst, wear heavy-duty gloves and place your ladder against the side of your home. Begin by installing flashing on your ridges, edges, vents, and chimney area. Use your hammer and roofing nails to secure the pieces to create a barrier between your roofing structure and water.

In this way, what are ridge cap shingles?

Ridge cap shingles are like regular shingles in that they use the same material and offer the same look in terms of color but they are different in that they are specially designed to cover the ridges of the roof, which are high-stress areas that need more protection, unlike with metal roofing.

Can architectural shingles be used for ridge cap?

Some roofers will cut shingles into pieces and use these pieces for the hip and ridge cap, regardless of which shingle is being used on the roof. The thicker Cambridge shingles are not designed for ridge caps. They do not lay flat and some may crack or break when you bent them over the ridges.

Three Tab Shingles Compared To Laminated Shingles

The process to install ridge cap shingles has changed because roofing market trends have favored a new type of shingle. Three-tab shingles are easy to cut into strips to create a ridge cap, but now roofers and homeowners largely prefer laminated shingles.

Rob Davidson, Vice-President of Residential Sales for IKO Canada, explains why: When I started with IKO over 20 years ago, three-tab shingles were the most common shingle installed. Since that time, laminated shingles have steadily grown in popularity and are now the dominant shingle style by far. Homeowners love their dimensional random appearance, and contractors like their ease of installation.

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Upgraded Hip And Ridge Cap Options

Manufacturer-offered hip and ridge cap shingles that are already shaped and cut to size are an upgrade option. As mentioned above, some color offerings are only available with a specific hip and ridge cap shingle for composition shingles.

The premium option is a specifically constructed high-profile hip and ridge cap shingle. These shingles add depth and provide a high quality alternative to the options listed above. The high profile design is created using a thicker or multi-layered hip and ridge which creates a more dominant product. This, in turn, creates a visual focus to the area of the roof by adding depth and texture.

When installing a Class IV roof system, type-specific Class IV hip and ridge are required. These are rigorously tested to meet UL laboratories Class IV specifications, the same specs required for the roof shingles used for these applications.

Why Choose Hip And Ridge Shingles For Your Commercial Or Residential Roofing

Tamko Heritage Shingle Installation-Hip & Ridge Detail

These shingles can complete the look youve been striving for, whether youve had an architectural shingle roof or a strip shingle variety installed. Distinctive ridge caps allow you to accentuate your rooftops natural beauty while also providing protection through multiple layers. The hips and ridges tend to undergo the most stress out of all the roofs components, and the caps help to reinforce these areas.

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Ridge Cap Shingles Installation

Architectural shingles can be used to shingle the ridge cap. Cut the shingles lengthways between the middle adhesive strip and where the dimensional portion of the shingles attach. Many installers use the cut off tab strip to narrow the gap between the last course or row and the ridge, fastening it with capped roofing nails in the prescribed pattern. A string or chalk line helps lay the shingles in a straight line.

The ridge itself is already protected by one or two layers of roofing felt or membrane. Use the 6 to 7 cut off non-tab strip of the dimensional shingle as the first ridge layer. The 36 to 40-7/8 strip is a single layer and will bend over the ridge.

Remove the cellophane that covers the adhesive strips on the back of the strips prior to installation. Butt the strips end-to-end without overlap and fasten with capped roofing nails 1 in from the ends and up from the edges, and every 6 to 8. The strip should tightly wrap the ridge and overlap the last row of shingles to cover their nail heads.

Cut other non-tab strips into uniform 10 to 12 lengths for the second layer of ridge shingles. Remove the cellophane strip from the adhesive strip at the edge that wont be nailed. Apply roofing cement in a C pattern along the ends and over the adhesive strip.

Overlap successive shingles so the nail heads are covered and so that the exposed ridge shingle width is consistent along the ridge.

Protective Ridge Cap Shingles

Protective ridge cap shingles provide the maximum protection to the areas of your roofing which suffers the greatest stress. Instead of using the waste shingles, these are not only better but also aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Additionally, it blends with the color of your roof.

It is also machine cut which provides uniformity and neatness. While protecting your roof from algae, they also offer strength to protect the inside of your house. And with the correct warranty, you are taking advantage you can get the best deal for your perfect roofing needs.

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How To Install Ridge Cap Shingles

When ridge cap shingles are installed properly, they accentuate the roofline when done incorrectly, they detract from the roof. Below is an example of poorly installed capping. Note how the roofer neglected to trim the unexposed part of the shingle.

Combined with the apparent lack of chalk lines, this resulted in a messy-looking job. Using one of IKOs pretrimmed ridge cap products could have greatly improved this installation.

For a full review of hip and ridge shingle installation, visit the IKO Blueprint for Roofing video series, Part 13. If you want to learn more about choosing hip and ridge cap shingles, visit IKOs Design Center or use our Contractor Locator to find a contractor near you.

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