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Miami Dade County Approved Shingles

Are Your Roofing Products Miami

Miami-Dade County Investing Millions In Affordable Housing Assistance

As metal suppliers in Miami, we know Miami-Dade County has some stringent requirements on roofing products. We know which materials are approved for use in the area, and which materials are not.

If you want to work as a roofing contractor in Miami, knowing the countys requirements is a must. Its your job to ensure every product you provide to homeowners is Miami-Dade approved. Some contractors are less concerned with those rules but theyre likely not the contractors who further their craft with education, training, and online research.

If youre here on our blog, we assume you care about doing things the right way. You care about your customer, the homeowner, and you care about your home.

The truth is, providing great roofing services in Miami-Dade requires a little extra work and effort. If youre a good contractor here, you can expect a great and rewarding career. If youre not dedicated, you can easily slip up and violate the Countys guidelines.

Free Estimates For Your Metal Roofing Project

Miami Metal Roofing Company is a roofer that offers free estimates, as well as inspections before, during and after roof construction. They are bonded and insured to protect their clients interests.

Workers compensation coverage is mandatory so you will not be liable for any injuries sustained by the crew on-site or contractor employees who might work with them in Miamis commercial sites.

Whether its for residential or commercial needs, Miami Metal Roofing Company has a wide range of services to offer its clients. The company offers screened roofing contractors in the greater Miami area and is committed to providing excellent customer service through its team of experts. The company also provides industrial metal roofs, which are used by businesses with high-end facilities that want an affordable option for their rooftop infrastructure.

Built To Withstand The Elements

Brava Roof Tile designs roofing materials with a high tolerance for the harshest weather conditions, not just hurricanes. In addition to the Miami-Dade County approval, these tiles have earned a Class 4 impact-resistance rating, which is the top hail-performance certification in the industry.Their products have a UV formulation to help guard against the intense rays of the sun. Bravas composite tiles also come with a Class A or Class C fire rating.Composite tiles provide a terrific alternative to traditional roofing materials like clay, asphalt, slate, cedar, and metal. These tiles are lightweight, yet intensely durable. They virtually zero maintenance. Unlike their traditional counterparts, Brava composite tiles do not require you to make structural modifications to your property before installation.These tiles are tough enough to stand up to harsh weather conditions, and Brava stands by their durability with a 50-year limited warranty.

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Quickbolt Gains Strict Miami

QuickBOLTs QB2 with 3 Microflashing has officially received Miami-Dade County acceptance, enabling easier permitting processes, greater permit approval coverage and savings on solar installation projects.

QB2 received state approval in Florida in January 2021, meeting state requirements and improving the permitting prospects of installers across the state, but Miami-Dade NOA significantly improves the permitting position of QB2.

Miami-Dade has one of the strictest approval processes in the country due to its high-velocity hurricane zones . All new projects must meet a set of requirements to ensure products are secure when tested against these extreme weather conditions. The Miami-Dade County NOA requires going through a series of rigorous product evaluations, including both structural engineering and water ingress protection.

Having Miami-Dade NOA for both tests in one as QB2 has allows installers to skip project-specific stamped engineering and save on permitting costs. This speeds up the permitting process and saves money on each job, in addition to the time savings installers will receive from mounting with QB2, which saves an average of 1.5-2 hours per 7kW system.

QB2 comes in stainless steel and black for customers that want an all-black solar array. In addition to purchasing direct through QuickBOLT, QB2 can be found at many Miami-Dade County distributors.

The Brava Roof Tile Look

ProLam HP42"  Shingles

Strength and durability are only one part of the Brava tile story. Beauty is another. Their high-quality composite tiles enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.They use a proprietary coloring process to craft roof tiles in any color you can imagine. This patented process also simulates variegations found in the natural products to create an authentic appearance. Bravas aesthetic quality runs throughout all of their tiles, and the authenticity is so clear that its tough to tell their composite tiles from their traditional counterparts.Brava’s composite roofing materials include 3 different profiles:

  • Cedar-shake tile
  • Old-world slate tile

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Types Of Metal Roof Panels

Miami Metal Roofing Company specializes in the manufacturing of metal products that can be used for a variety of purposes. Roofing supplies are the products that roofers use when theyre installing or replacing a roof. Whether you need new roofs, repairs or additions to your home and commercial property, Miami Metal Roofing Company has extensive knowledge of residential and industrial construction.

Miami Metal Roofing Company is an authorized distributor of all major brands including GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning so you can rest assured knowing that it will have the right materials for any project in South Florida!

Best Metal Roofing Contractors In Miami Why Use Us

We are known for our quality expert craftsmanship, timely and professional service, and competitive pricing on all residential roofing services including shingle replacement or installation as well as commercial rooftop services such as flat roofs. Only high-quality materials are used to help prevent leaks and damage caused by improper installation.

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Doing Your Homework: It Takes Time

Ask any roofing contractor and theyll tell you time is precious. Its in short supply and big demand. By necessity, though, the roofing world is full of small details. The willingness to address those details, be they homeowner questions or county building regulations, is the difference between a great contractor who does things right the first time, and a mediocre contractor who barely gets by on doing just enough.

The great contractor and the mediocre contractor will both tell you they wish they had more time.

So, how do you spend your time? As a roofer in Miami, you probably spend a fair amount of time assessing products and materials. Taking the time to ensure all your products are Miami-Dade approved isnt a quick process. For ethical contractors like you, though, its essential.

Putting in the research for an accurate estimate, answering all of a homeowners questions, managing overhead, training employees, checking on each job, managing your team, driving from job site to job site these things all add up.

But somehow, you have to find the time to ensure every product you install is Miami-Dade approved. Theres just no getting around it. Following the Countys guidelines makes for happy homeowners and a happy community. And it means youre an ethical contractor.

So, where does the time come from?

Metal Roof Price Comparisons

Miami-Dade approves $85M budget to make county more affordable

Metal Roof cost comparisons are useful because they provide a clear idea of how much the metal roof will actually cost. Some companies use these websites to see what other contractors charge for their services and then decide if its worth investing inexpensive materials or not.

Metal Roof cost history in Miami, Florida has increased over the past 12 months. One year ago a metal roof would have set you back a minimum of approximately $11,865.

  • Metal Roof cost in Miami Gardens, FL is $7.50 per square foot for residential roofing and industrial roofing.
  • South Florida Residential Metal Roof costs range from $6 to $14 per square foot depending on the type of metal thats used with this project.
  • The cost guides for the square footage will vary based on what type of roof the customer wants in addition to size specifications ranging from 2-4 feet wide by 3-6 inches tall up to 12 feet wide by 6 ft long.

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Less Appealing Side Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have a higher initial cost than their shingle counterparts. However, metal roofing will provide the most durable and reliable surface for your home or business over the long term.

It takes about three years to realize the benefits of a metal roof because it needs time to settle into place with its weight distribution and become fully functional in all weather conditions before you can truly see any significant performance difference on your property.

Where Are The Best Metal Roofing Companies In Miami

Well let you come to that conclusion but Miami Metal Roofing is your one-stop-shop for the best roofing service and roof materials. We offer metal roofs and rooftop decks from start to finish, so we know the lay of the land when it comes to commercial or residential metal roof maintenance and installation. Our team has been working with homeowners across the city for about 20 years.

Metal roofing is a newer, more expensive alternative to standard shingles. It offers longer-lasting durability and benefits in multiple areas such as energy savings.

Homeowners or business owners need to have an evaluation 10+ years after the installation of any type of roof before making any decisions about metal roofs or other alternatives.

As metal roofs typically last between 40 and 70 years, it is important to have an evaluation 10+ years after your Florida home had a new roof installed before making any decisions about metal roofs or other alternatives.

You can also look into the cost of standard shingles versus metal in multiple areas such as installation time, property damage risk reduction through wind resistance, energy savings from less heat transfer during winter months and reduced air pollution from fewer contaminants on rooftops. This research will show why metal roofs are now becoming the common choice for many homeowners and businesses.

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No Additional Paint Job After Installation

Metal roofing offers many benefits for homeowners and businesses. It is durable, low maintenance, affordable, energy-efficient and has a wide range of colors. Metal roofing also provides a strong aesthetic option that can be incorporated into any style or design because it doesnt require the use of an exterior paint job.

Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular

GlassMaster® Shingles

Metal roofs are a relatively new roofing option that has been gaining popularity due to a variety of benefits offered and can withstand weathering. Metal is more affordable than wood and other options, providing the best value for your money. The metal roof can be used in many different ways including residential buildings, commercial building construction and industrial projects due to its durability and affordability.

The metal roofing process can be completed in as few as three days or 6 hours if you hire an experienced professional to do it for you. You also wont have to worry about any corrosion issues with this type of roofing material, making them long-lasting products that will last well into the future while looking elegant and beautiful at all times!

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Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing Material

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular because they not only look good but also have a wide variety of benefits. Many people choose metal roofing for their homes because its rust-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof. Additionally, it is an affordable option that offers numerous advantages over other materials such as asphalt shingles or tile roofs.

Using Qualified Metal Roofing Contractors Miami Fl For Installations And Repairs

When it comes to roofing, there are many things that you should be aware of. The first and most apparent is the codes in Florida.

Licensed Roofer

In order for a contractor to install a roof, they must have their license with the state of Florida. If a contractor does not have an appropriate license, your job could easily turn into something completely different from what was agreed upon in the contract.

Insured Roofer

Moreover, the company must be fully licensed and insured to do roofing work. Its also bonded so that its customers are protected in case of any mishaps or damages during installation. The company has a workers compensation coverage for all employees which protects them from injuries sustained on the job site as well as death caused by an occupational disease.

In addition to this, these contractors will also need their own liability policy if theyre doing commercial or industrial rooftop services.

Verified And Pre-screened Roofer

Ensure your metal roofing contractor has a verified 5 star plus rating and is featured in the South Florida Residential Roofing section of HomeAdvisor and Home Services Metal Roofs which focuses on providing professional roofers. As a result, they are prescreened to make sure they have the experience needed for your project.

Class A Rating Roofer
Roofer That Adheres To Specific Guidelines

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Manufacturers Put To The Test

What does all of this mean for those who actually produce and manufacture roofing products? Alex Pecora, Director Product Development for CertainTeed Roofing, shared, Floridas building code requires various building products, including roofing, to be tested and registered with the state via a statewide approval system. In contrast, Miami-Dade Countys Notice of Acceptance approval process is performed at the county level and may permit more evaluation categories than the state does.

This building survived Hurricane Irma, with a roof design capable of withstanding 180 mph winds. Photo courtesy of S-5!

The manufacturer must decide if each individual product needs to achieve an NOA. Not all of a companys products will be Miami-Dade approved, and this is generally based on the expected Return on Investment . We must be able to justify the additional expense of getting the product tested, based on what we expect in sales. Of course, we have had products with a high demand in Miami-Dade County, which we went ahead and got approved, explained Sal Delfino, Technical Manager of Codes and Testing for Petersen.

Selecting and using the wrong product in a corrosive environment can result in premature failure of the materials. Photo courtesy of Petersen.

Metal Roofing Miami Florida Code Requirements Fl

Judge approves $120M sale of property of Surfside building collapse killing 98

Florida has specific metal roofing code for Miami-Dade that all contractors have to follow, regardless of the type of project they are working on. In order to have a successful roofing project in Florida, contractors must pass inspections before, during and after construction. They also need workers compensation coverage, insurance and be bonded with their company name listed as the bondholder.

Furthermore, the roofing company should ensure that its up-to-date with current building code requirements to avoid any legal issues or fines from the state or local authorities.

As a roofing company, Miami Metal Roofing Company is up-to-date with the current building codes in Florida and has been providing residential, commercial and industrial roofs for over 30 years. They are also able to provide construction services if needed.

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New Metal Roof Construction

Miami Metal Roofing Company offers other metal roofing services in Miami. New metal roof construction is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofs. This new construction process makes it easier for people to keep up with the latest building trends, such as increasing green building codes, by offering high-quality materials that are more durable than traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingle roofs.

What Is The Best Roofing Material For Hurricanes

If you live in a coastal region or another area thats at a high risk for hurricane damage, you need to pay particular attention to the materials used for your new home construction or major renovation.The roofing materials you use will be especially critical to protect your home and belongings in the event of a hurricane.When determining the best roofing materials for hurricanes, you may find it helpful to look to Miami-Dade County, FL, regardless of where you live.

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Stealthbond System Is Now Miami

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. StealthBond®, a Florida-based company that manufactures and sells an all-new adhesive-based metal roofing installation system, is now Miami-Dade County Building Code approved. The StealthBond® System met all Florida Building codes, surpassed the required 3000 hour cycle test and has been issued with Product approval #FL-17955 R 2-II and NOA #15-1216.07.

Florida Product Approvals are set by The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for the entire State. Earning the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance requires products to undergo an additional and rigorous examination process.

We put the adhesive through 3,000 hours of cycling between hot and cold temperatures to simulate weathering over a 50-year period, said Jim Horton, product development manager and inventor of the StealthBond® System. It met the requirement of durability from 20-degrees below zero to 220-degrees Fahrenheit, but we wanted to see what it could do and kept testing. Tests validated that the adhesive continues to perform in temperature as low as 70 below zero to as high as 350 degrees above.

The StealthBond® Adhesive provides more surface area bonding than a traditional screw installation. The structural adhesive offers a continuous bond across the entire width of the panel, as opposed to screws, which fasten only at a single point.

Some of the many benefits of StealthBond® include:

Things To Consider Before You Add Or Replace A Metal Roof

Royal Sovereign® Metric Shingles

When it comes to metal roofing, the list of things to consider is numerous. For this reason, you must review every aspect of your home before deciding whether or not a metal roof will make sense for you. One thing that should be at the top of your list when considering adding or replacing an existing rooftop with a new one is how many stories high your home is above ground level.

A metal roof is typically used in commercial or industrial buildings, with residential roofs being a secondary use. The composition of the metal could be quite different depending on what type its intended for.

For example, copper and steel are primarily used in commercial settings while aluminum can also work well as long as it has an architectural wrap. In general, all three types have their benefits and drawbacks but should be considered when deciding whether to install one or not before committing time, money and resources into this project.

Besides, a metal roof will last for decades and the installation process is quick. Its also cost-effective because it doesnt require much maintenance or upkeep compared to other materials.

A metal roof can be installed in the following types of buildings:

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