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Owens Corning Desert Tan Shingles

Owens Corning Trudefinition Desert Tan Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles

Shingle Tech installing Owens Corning (Desert Tan) on Feb 24 2017

TruDefinition Duration Shingles are specially formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof. Through the use of multiple granule colors and shadowing, TruDefinition Duration Shingles offer a truly unique and dramatic effect. The exclusive combination of color and depth is what makes TruDefinition Duration Shingles like no other. They feature a manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty , 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty, and an Algae Resistance Limited Warranty. Beyond the outstanding curb appeal and impressive warranty coverage, these shingles come with the advanced performance of SureNail Technology.

Bold Contrast Deep Dimension Outstanding Performance

When you want the ultimate protection and impressive curb appeal, youll want Duration® Shingles. They are specially formulated on a TruDefinition® color platform that gives them dramatic color contrast and dimension in a wide range of popular colors. Beyond the great look, Duration® Shingles also come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technologywith Triple Layer Protection® in the nailing zone for superior holding power.

Owens Corning Oakridge Desert Tan

Visualize This Roof!

  • Remove existing shingles
  • Install ice and water shield
  • Install underlayment
  • Install selected roofing products per specifications
  • Install hip & ridge
  • Replace existing attic vents with same but new
  • Install new pipe jacks and chimney flashings
  • Clean up all job related debris
  • City Permit is included in the price
  • Roof is more than 1 story high
  • More than 1 layer of existing roof layer tear off
  • New decking required
  • Chimney flashing

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The Best Roof Shingle Colors For Your Home

For the sake of consistency, we will use the common asphalt shingle as the roofing shingle material. To bring a more dynamic look to your home, using a darker colored shingle can make a huge difference and bring beautiful contrast. Some colors that are not simple gray include light greens and blues and neutrals like beige or off-white. Also, shingles with alternating and blended colors are huge as they give more dimension and texture to your roof.

The top trending roof shingle colors for 2021 include:

  • Light and soft greens
  • Light and pale blues
  • Beige and off-white
  • Taupe and light brown hues

Trending Roofing Materials For Your 2021 Re

Desert Tan Shingles Lowes : Pros Cons Of Owens Corning Shingles Costs ...

When we speak to trends in roofing shingle colors, we are mostly talking about asphalt shingles which is the most commonly used material among homes today. However, there are a number of materials that people are shifting towards due to their ROI and lasting much longer.

On top of shifting to lighter shingle colors as an option, here is some different roofing materials that people are trending towards..

Metal roofing has had a recent resurgence in the housing market. Metal roofs can come in a few different forms, as sheets or even shingles that look like a regular shingled roof, but last for upwards of 50-75 years with little maintenance. They are very resistant to roof damage. Metal roofs are generally darker in color so work best with the combinations with green, gray, or black roofs we mention above.

Solar roofs have been growing each year due to their efficiency and in lieu of shifting towards more green energy sources. Solar roofs can have quite a great ROI over time depending on the size of your home and energy usage. Solar roofing panels can go with most home and roof types, and new designs have allowed them to blend in and get built right into your roofing.

Some other options for energy-efficient roofs include flat roofs with green roofs. If your home has a flat roof, installing a green roof can come with many benefits from managing rainwater to insulating your home. Theyre a great option for those looking for an alternative to basic roofing materials.

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Premium Quality Striking Beauty

Oakridge® laminated shingles provide premium protection and impressive curb appeal. A full double layer in the nailing zone gives Oakridge® Shingles greater integrity and better holding power compared to shingles with single layer wide nail zones. And the warm, inviting look in popular colors provide a step-up from traditional three-tab shingles.

Streakguard Algae Resistance Protection

Dont let algae growth ruin the exterior appearance of your home. As an industry leader in innovation, Owens Corning blends copper-lined granules, which help resist algae growth, into colorful granules in a way that is proprietary to Owens Corning and is scientifically developed to meet the needs of specific regional climates.

Owens Corning® StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection helps inhibit the growth of blue-green algae to provide protection against those ugly black streaks.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements.

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Owens Corning Trudefinition Duration 328


  • Duration roofing shingles provide strength and durability to your roof thanks to patented SureNail technology
  • TruDefinition is Owens Cornings color design platform specially formulated to capture bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades
  • 3 Bundles per 98.4 square feet
  • The SureNail strip is a tough-engineered woven fabric on the nailing line, allowing for fast and accurate nailing
  • The outstanding grip of the SureNail strip provides exceptional wind resistance 130 MPH limited warranty
  • StreakGuard Algae resistance protection helps inhibit the growth of blue-green algae to provide protection against ugly black streaks
  • Features unique triple layer of reinforcement where the fabric overlays two shingle layers, called the common bond area
  • Up to 200% wider common bond area in the nailing zone over standard shingles
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Return Policy Shopping for your home should be fun, so dont be afraid to try something BOLD! If an item isnt exactly what you are looking for, return it for a refund within 90 days of purchase in the original condition and packaging. Special orders are non-refundable

When To Use A Dark Or Light Hue For Your Roof Shingles

Owens Corning Sand Dune Shingles

Continuing with how to create contrast between your siding and roof, there are a few dos and dont when it comes to using the right color for your roof. There are a few situations that call for a dark hue and others call for a light hue.

In general, if you want to stand out in your neighborhood, especially as you get a brand new roof, keep in mind that dark colors draw more attention. They are very eye-catching and can just create more dimension and texture for your homes design.

Darker shingles can also work really well for multi-level homes. Often in multi-level homes, you have a few roof peaks over the second level, maybe the foyer, and your garage. So using darker hues can create a nice balance and draw more attention to the varying levels of the house giving it dimension. Be wary of using dark hues on homes with high pitch roofs though as it can be very heavy and take over the look of your home.

Ranch homes and ramblers can bode well with medium hue colors like medium grays, blues, greens, or beige. Using dark roof colors on a single-story home like a rambler can drown your house and make it look like its mostly a roof.

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The Best Color Combinations For Your Roof And Siding

Matching your siding with your roof is important to boost your curb appeal and ensure your colors dont clash. But choosing the right colors can also be a tough decision to make, especially since it is hard to turn back once you start. Depending on the color of your siding, there are some suggested colors for your roof shingles that you should consider. Here are some of our favorite combinations from Sherwin Williams, to make it a little easier for you.

If your house is red, you should consider a darker hue roof color. Your shingles should be black or include shades of black, dark gray, dark brown, and dark green.

If your house is white, solid, and primary colors are your best bet. Depending on the style of your home and roof you can have everything from green to blue to red or black and gray roofs can look really nice with a white house. Adding some pops of color on the doors or shutters can help tie it all together.

One of the more common color combinations youll see in homes today is gray hue siding with a darker hue roof. If your siding is gray, consider a black, dark green, dark blue, darker gray, or even white roof.

In recent years, more people have been shifting towards blue siding for a more robust, unique look. A dark blue hue for your siding is beautiful and light accents really make it pop. So if your siding is blue, grays and whites can be your best color combo but a black or brown roof will also look very nice.

What Is Trudefinition

As compared to traditional Oakridge® Shingles, TruDefinition® Oakridge® offer colors that are specially formulated with bold, high-contrast hues. TruDefinition® is a color design platform trademark on shingles that are specially formulated to capture the bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades that showcase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Shingles feature multiple-granule colors and shadowing to provide an extraordinary look that will enhance your home and complement its natural surroundings.

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