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What Type Of Shingles Are Best

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You Get What You Pay For

This applies to both the roof material you choose and the contractor you hire. To get the best roof possible for your money, opt for the highest-quality roofing material your budget permits, and dont rush to sign a contract with the contractor who gives you the lowest bid.

Only work with an experienced, vetted roofing company that is fully licensed and insured. Will you pay a little more than you would with a fly-by-night contractor who picks up day laborers and goes door to door soliciting jobs?

Probably. But if something goes wrong, a reputable company will have the resources to make it right and the integrity to stand behind their work.

Slate Tile Roofing Shingles

Slate roofing shingles are a stone roofing material that is installed as a shingle. Slate shingles are thin but very heavy when the whole roof is made out of them. Slate has a natural beauty to it that many people appreciate, but the shingles do not really vary in color or looks. Slate roofing shingles cost on average $8 to $14 per square foot or $800 to $1,400 per square to install. Slate tiles are more difficult to install but when done properly they will give you one of the longest-lasting roof options available. Slate shingles come with an expensive price tag, but that does not mean that slate is not a great roof type option if you can afford it. Many people decide slate roofs are worth the cost to install since they will last more than a lifetime from 60 to 150 years.

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Top 6 Roofing Materials

From wood shake to asphalt shingles, roofing material is an important consideration that contributes to the overall look and style of your home.

Updating your existing roof allows you to add value to your home and communicate your home’s look and feel. While roof framing, preparation and proper installation are always important, the material you choose for your roof can bring the exterior of your home to the next level.

“It’s really an opportunity to upgrade your home in terms of look, style and color,” says Tom Bollnow, senior director of technical services for the National Roofing Contractors Association .

Can You Paint Roof Shingles

Roof Shingle Colors

Technically you can paint anything, right? But its not always the best idea to paint some things. Roof shingles would probably fall into that category.

Theyre designed to take a lot of abuse. And the final finish is incorporated into that design. The idea is for them to maintain both their integrity and their beauty throughout their lifespan.

Painting a roof either because its fading in places or just to change the color can be done. But a painted surface wont be able to withstand the weather extremes for very long.

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Cons Of Slate Shingles

  • Slate shingles are a natural, handmade product, so they carry the highest price tag of any roofing material
  • Slate roofs are not as common as other types of roofs, so finding an experienced, qualified contractor for installation and repair can be challenging
  • The significant weight of genuine slate shingles may mean that your roof requires structural bracing to increase its strength

Which Roofing Materials Have The Best Reputation For Standing Up To Wind Damage

There are several answers here depending on how youinterpret the question. Roof materials themselves are one thing, butinstallation type also plays a role. Theres also variation betweenmanufacturers of roofing materials.

Some roofers will swear by GAFasphalt shingles, while others will say OwensCorning or some other brand is better. Opinions vary based on subjectivepersonal preference or special features manufactured into various shingletypes.

CertainTeedis a well-respected asphalt shingle brand in part because their products must,at a minimum, provide 30 lbs. of resistance .

Owens Corning has a line of shingles, Duration,with a special SureNail® Technology strip at the top of the shingle wheretheyre nailed in. This strip is specifically designed to prevent shingles frompulling through the fasteners , a common type of roof wind damage.

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Different Types Of Roofing Shingles

When it comes time to replace your roof, whether its due to age, wear and tear, or severe storms, you might want to consider switching up the type of shingle you employ. What many homeowners are unaware of is that there are countless types, styles, and manufacturers of roofing shingles, each providing different benefits. One shingle might be easy to acquire due to the abundance of the materials in the region. Another shingle might offer a specific sort of weather resistance that is more problematic for your home and location.

Picking the right type of shingle or tile for your home can be difficult, but it doesnt have to be. The most important aspect to keep in mind is what works best for your home. If rain and hail have been an annoyance, you might want to find a shingle that is built to withstand the pressure. If hurricane season is a greater obstacle, youll want a shingle that can hold out against 100 mph winds. We have compiled a list of five of the most common shingle types to provide you an idea of what is available.

How To Choose The Best Asphalt Shingles

Shingles: What Are the Causes and Best Treatments?

To choose the best asphalt shingles for your home, youll need to take into consideration a few factors, including:

  • Grade and Budget: Choose from 3-tab, dimensional or designer luxury models. Each grade increases the cost to install asphalt shingles, its quality and the available design options.
  • Climate: Climate dictates ratings and color. Lighter colors can reflect heat while dark colors are best for colder regions. Choose ratings for wind, fire and hail depending on your weather.
  • Design and Color: The higher the grade, the more styles and colors youll get to choose from.

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Gaf Shingles Vs Certainteed Shingles

GAF and CertainTeed are two of the top-selling shingle brands in the US. For homeowners and builders alike, these two brands receive top marks in several ways. For instance, people go for these top two brands for their:

  • Premium features

In most cases, one of these two brands will complement your roofing project nicely. If youre on the fence between these two brands, it helps to understand a few facts about these leading roofing shingles.

CertainTeed is well known for its top-quality building materials. So much so that Pro Remodeler crowned the company as having the best roof shingles in its class. The award-winning covering material was CertainTeeds Landmark Roofing Shingles in Weathered Wood.

CertainTeed has a reputation for manufacturing premium roofing materials. However, the company only relatively recently launched the Landmark Series of cost-effective asphalt shingles.

GAF, meanwhile, is the largest manufacturer of residential roofing shingles. Most of the companys shingles are excellent. However, GAFs Camelot line is exceptional.

Design Of An Asphalt Shingle

In its basic form, an asphalt shingle consists of mat or backing material made from either a cellulose material or fiberglass, with the latter being the most common. The asphalt mixture is the next level, which the backing material supports. Then, the roof sandwich is topped off with mineral granules that help protect the asphalt from sunlight since it can otherwise degrade.

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Iko Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Royal Sovereign

Royal Sovereign shingles have strong wind resistance, the highest fire-resistance rating, and excellent durability. The shingles look upscale but are affordable for those on a budget. Their shingles have Color Lock Ceramic Firing, which helps to maintain the color, and are made with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology to reduce the number of natural resources needed for production.

Timberline Ultra HD

Timberline Ultra HD shingles are architecturally stylish, affordable and feature a dimensional wood-shake appearance. DuraGrip adhesive reduces the chances of blow-off. GAF shingles have StainGuard protection to reduce the amount of staining from blue-green algae. Timberline Ultra HD shingles are Good Housekeeping rated and have a wind rating of 130 mph.

Types Of Asphalt Shingles

what type of roof shingles are best

The differenttypes of asphalt shingles have improved greatly since their first debut in the United States back in the early 1900s. You can find many asphalt shingles types today available in different sizes, colors, and styles to suit different climates and home needs. They are perfect for many homeowners in need ofnew roofs.

Typically, asphalt shingle types are made of a material mixture including asphalt, granules, sealants, fiberglass, and release film. Stable resin is used to bind glass fibers to reinforce and add durability to the asphalt shingles, while the asphalt allows it to be water-resistant. The granules added to asphalt shingles provide color variety and UV protection. Typically, asphalt shingles are composed of layers: a base mat, layer of waterproofing asphalt, and a layer of ceramic granules.

While there are many types of asphalt shingles, they also come in fiberglass or organic makeup.

The options may seem overwhelming, but asphalt shingles are a great choice for almost any home. Asphalt shingles are durable, affordable and come in incrediblevariety of colors and styles to match almost any exterior. So how do you choose?

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Are Impact Resistant Shingles Worth It

For homeowners who are concerned with protecting their roofs, then its worth it to invest in impact resistant shingles. This type of asphalt shingle roof can withstand winds that are 110 miles per hour, as well as large and heavy hail that comes down at high speeds. With this kind of roof, you dont really have to worry about your roofing system becoming damaged during a storm that has hail and strong winds.

Which Is Better Asphalt Or Fiberglass

There are many choices to make in the roofing market. For the roof of your home, you may be wondering which shingle composition will best benefit you. Its critical to consider what material is being used for your roofing material. Fiberglass shingles exhibit longevity, lasting anywhere from twenty-five to fifty years. Traditional asphalt shingles can last fifteen years. With proper maintenance, you can make any roofing material last longer than its projected roof life. When your roof is exhibiting signs of weakness, it will be important for you to consult with a professional roofing company. A good project manager will be able to deduce the best course of action for your roof system.

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Make Some Noise For Metal Roofing

Your metal roof might be noisier than an asphalt roof. However, today’s metal roofs aren’t as loud as they used to be.

Metal roofing is ideal for Texas weather. You can choose from aluminum or copper. Either metal is exceptionally durable and can endure hail, wind, and rain better than most other roofing materials.

Your metal roof also absorbs sunlight and heat. It’s an excellent choice to help regulate the temperature in your home.

If you’re worried about how it looks, don’t worry that you’re stuck with a gray metal roof. Metal roofs come in a variety of colors and styles to look like traditional shingles. Or you can choose a color and style to stand out from other houses on your street.

Metal roofing has come a long way to become a popular roofing choice in Texas.

Metal Roofing Tends To Win

What are the different types of composite shingles for residential roofing?

When it comes to resisting 140 or 150 mph winds, metalroofing typically cant be beat. People are more used to seeing metal roofs oncommercial buildings, not homes, but theres no rule that says it cant beinstalled on homes.

The problem is metal is expensive and most people dont likethe look of it on their home . Youmay also have trouble finding a roofer that installs residential metal roofingsince its a somewhat uncommon choice.

There are some attributes that do make metal roofs anattractive option for homeowners. Homeowners that look hard enough can findresidential-oriented metal roofing options designed to look like normal asphaltarchitectural shingles or other common roofing materials instead of thetraditional sheet metal look people are more familiar with seeing. Theres alsothe longevity factor metal roofing can last much longer than traditionalasphalt shingles.

There are also fire-resistance benefits afforded by metalroofing. Some homeowners insurance providers will even offer rate discounts tohomeowners who have metal roofing installed.

On the other hand, theres a potential for hail to dentmetal roofing. It may not do much damage in terms of structural integrity, butit can leave a metal roof with a pock marked appearance.

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The Buyers Guide You Need To Choose The Right Type Of Roofing Material

Now you know the 4 best types of roof shingles for residential roofing. Remember, there are more roofing materials for you to choose from.

But these are the 4 that are favored by the homeowners we work with. Now, you may think youre ready to decide which one of the shingles on this list is right for you.

But theres so much more you need to know about them before you can truly make the best decision. Thats why we created a buyers guide that gives you all the information needed to make the right roofing material decision.

The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Roof gives you the advantages and disadvantages of all the roofing materials, plus their cost, lifespan, and warranty options. It also helps you hire a great roofing contractor, how to pay for a new roof, and more.

Dont experience buyers remorse after paying for a new roof. Keep going to get your free buyers guide now.

Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality roof replacements to homeowners in Nashville and surrounding Tennessee areas. When you work with us, you can count on getting a beautiful new roof that will last for decades.

If youre local to Nashville, Tennessee, dont hesitate to contact us today for any of your roofing needs.

Whether youre local or not, heres Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Roof to find the perfect roofing material fit for your upcoming roof replacement.

Best Types Of Shingles For Homes In Arizona

Arizona is known for its extremely hot climate. The state enjoys sunny and dry weather all year round. This is why when it comes to installing a roof or replacing an existing one, homeowners must consider only those types of shingles that can withstand the states hot and sunny climate conditions. If you are a homeowner in Arizona and you dont have an idea about these types of roof shingles, then this blog post is for you.

While there are several types of shingles available nowadays, only a few are the best and most recommended for homes in Arizona. They are the following:

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Are Roof Shingles Supposed To Flap

If your home has experienced strong winds, it will be critical for you to receive a proper roof inspection. Wind uplift has the capability of breaking down the adhesive seal on your shingles. Once the adhesive seal on your shingles is broken, the shingles could tear off completely. When your roof shingles are loose, rainwater can get underneath your roof, penetrating your underlayment.

The Benefits Of Synthetic Slate Shingles

Roof Shingle Colors

They’re more durable, easier to install and much less expensive than authentic slate.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer and inquire about warranty information. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests you look at full-size samples of the synthetic product and the manufacturers’ brochures.

“Look for installations that have been in place at least 10 years to see what the wear characteristics of that material are in your area,” says Bollnow.

Pros: Synthetic roofing is often not as fragile, heavy or expensive as natural products.

Cons: Some of these products can absorb water and the quality varies. Newer products aren’t as time-tested as traditional materials.

House Styles: Synthetic roofing products work with different architectural styles.

Cost and Life Span: Prices start at about $300 a square, and are warrantied for up to 50 years.

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Are Architectural Shingles Worth It

If you want a high-quality asphalt shingle roof, then you cant go wrong with architectural shingles. They come with a longer warranty, which can be either 30 to 50 years, they are very durable, and they can mimic the look of slate and wood roofing. Many people ask, Are architectural shingles better than 3 tab? and the answer is yes. While you are spending less money upfront for 3 tab shingles, they wont last as long as architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are more expensive than 3 tab shingles, but they are going to last so much longer and look a whole lot better.

What Are Asphalt Shingles And How Are They Made

Though you may think asphalt shingles are made up entirely of asphalt, they’re actually made from a variety of raw materials unique to each manufacturer. Most asphalt shingles are made from limestone that has been crushed into a very fine powder. This powder is then mixed with the asphalt to create a filled coating.

Next, huge mats of fiberglass are fed into a coater where the heated coating is applied to both the top and bottom of the fiberglass mat. This is what creates the base of the shingle.

To give a shingle its color, texture, and protective coating, granules made from a variety of crushed rocks are added. A layer of sand is then pressed into the base of the shingle. To protect against wind and hail damage, the sheet is covered with a strip of sealant. Finally, the mats are cut into individual shingles, bundled, and sent to roofing companies.

Asphalt shingles are available in two primary forms:

  • Three-tab: These are the most traditional, basic shingles, and they typically have a very flat appearance. These shingles weigh and cost less than dimensional roofing shingles. However, three-tab shingles are decreasing in popularity and have almost completely disappeared.
  • Dimensional roofing shingles: Also known as architectural or laminated shingles, these shingles are layered with various thicknesses. This provides a dynamic look that can add more texture to a roof and even look like slate or wood shakes.

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