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Can You Paint Your Shingles

Some Paint Types Can Create Moisture Issues In Your Roof

Coating over Shingles ( Putting elastomeric Coatings over Shingles)

As mentioned earlier, the best kind of paint for your roof shingles are water-based acrylic latex paint, which is particularly made for roofing. This kind is ideal because no moisture will amass on your roof since the paint will enable them to escape.

Do not use waterproofing or elastomeric paint that can trap liquids on your roof. These paint types will enable the growth of algae and mold, which will cause rotting.

Trapped moisture is the enemy of roofs everywhere, and even asphalt or metal roofs can rot due to it. If not fixed, it might seep in and cause untoward damage to your roof.

Be sure to choose the right paint for your roof shingles, and picking the wrong one will have dire consequences.

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Not Intended As A Repair

While a simple color change is a terrific method to help your home look better, keep in mind that painting a roof does nothing to address any damage that already exists. It is not intended as a repair.

The paint is not a reliable barrier against significant types of roof damage. It can’t be used to repair leaks in the roof or patch cracks in the shingles. If it’s damaged, your roof should be properly repaired before you paint the shingles.

Age Of Your Shingle Roof

If your roof is newer, its likely in better condition and will be able to withstand being painted. If this is the case, you still need to be careful because your warranty will be impacted. However, if your roof is older, it may not be able to handle the additional stress that painting will put on it.

Most people looking to paint their shingles have an older roof that is starting to show its age. In this case, you need to be especially careful about the type of paint you use and how you prepare the surface. If you dont do it right, you could end up doing more damage to your roof.

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Functions Of Shingles And The Effects Of Paint

People might think that shingles have a more decorative function rather than having a more utilitarian function, but in reality, they do have multiple important functions that can decide whether your house will have a prolonged lifespan of more decades to even centuries or whether it will just have mere decades before deteriorating.

Before we look at what paint can do to asphalt shingles, we have to take into account the functions of shingles and if the paint will affect the functions of these shingles.

  • Protects your roof from the elements of weather Shingles are primarily used to protect against the forces of nature such as rain and the accumulation of snow on roofs which can lead to ice dams. Different types of paint can alter the texture of shingles which can lead to more surface tension. If rainwater gets enough surface tension from smooth surfaces, then they tend to seep towards the underside of shingles which can lead to roof leaks and soaking. Homeowners and roofing specialists have to keep in mind the amount of surface tension.
  • Increases the overall lifespan of your roof Of course, keeping your roof dry and away from moisture is also one of the primary ways of preserving the lifespan of your roof and the foundation of your house. If ever molds, mildews, and rusting form on the main frameworks of your house, this could severely diminish the lifespan of your roof and, in extreme cases, could lead to your roof collapsing.
  • How Long Do Painted Shingles Last

    How to Paint an Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Painted roof shingles are expected to last between five to seven years. Around the fifth year, you will begin to notice the roof fading.

    You need to check your roof regularly and observe appropriately if it is due for repainting.

    Several factors determine the longevity of roof shingles, and these factors must be considered when installing a roof shingle to avoid wasting money on reshingling or painting frequently.

    Some of these factors are.

  • The quality of the roof paint
  • The type of shingle material
  • The kind of climate condition
  • The type of roof
  • The quality of service of the roof painter
  • Painted shingles wear much faster than unpainted shingles. Unpainted roof shingles can last as long as 20 years, while painted roof shingles usually need repainting every five to seven years.

    Therefore, you need to clean and repair the roof shingles before priming and repainting it.

    Climatic conditions like sunlight, snow, and rain would affect roof paints, causing them to fade faster. As a result, you might need to paint the roof more often to keep the beauty and color going.

    It is best to contact a professional to paint a roof, but if you decide to do it yourself, here is a step-by-step guide on getting it done.

    • After inspection, repair all the damages and clean the roof of every dirt and leaves. Clean a newly installed roof with a pressure washer. Use a biocidal wash for older roofs and disinfect against fungal growth. Use a fine brush to remove dirt from roof joints.

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    Gather The Right Equipment

    While it may vary on your roof, you will generally need the following tools: extension ladder, a high pressure water blaster, and a paint spray gun and pump. You will also want a supplied-air respirator to prevent inhaling fumes, a full body suit to protect your clothes, and possibly tarps to minimize mistakes.

    Temporarily Covers Up An Ugly Old Roof

    If youre not ready to replace your roof but want to improve the look of your home, painting the shingles is a temporary solution. This can be a good idea if youre trying to sell your home and want to increase the curb appeal.

    However, many certified home inspectors will note that the roof has been painted and this could be a potential issue for buyers. The buyers will know that theyll either need to repaint every few years, or replace the roof completely.

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    The Climate In Your Area

    One of the most important things to consider before painting your roof is the climate in your area. If you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat, the paint will likely fade quickly. The harsh UV rays from the sun can also cause the paint to deteriorate, which means youll have to repaint more often.

    If you live in a climate with lots of moisture, the paint can also peel and chip more easily. It can also trap in the moisture, leading to excessive mildew growth.

    Purchase Specialized Roofing Paints

    Can I Paint My Vinyl Siding?

    Interior paints that you can find at home improvement stores, like Home Depot, will not fit your roofs needs. Roof surface temperatures regularly reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and the paint needs to be resistant to extreme weather to prevent cracking and chipping. Regular paint will also not properly adhere to asphalt, wood, or tile shingles.

    Behr remains a leader in the paint industry and has created a multi-surface acrylic latex paint formulated to withstand the inherent challenges of roof surfaces. This special line of paint helps resist mildew and algae, which can be a concern with a re-painted roof. Painting can trap condensation below the outer coating of your shingles, which can create mold and damage the surface of your roof. Some experts advise homeowners to avoid elastomeric roofing paints, especially on wood surfaces, as this paint can exacerbate moisture and mold damage.

    As with any project, it is important to not cut corners on materials. The size of your roof will determine how many cans of paint you need for the project. Roof paint is expensive, but cheaper coatings may cause problems for your home down the line.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Paint Roof Shingles

    The cost of painting your roof shingles will depend on the paint that you buy, how big your roof is, and whether you are painting it yourself or hiring professional house painters.

    One gallon of exterior roof paint usually costs between $25 and $30 and covers about 450 square feet. The number of gallons you need will depend on the surface area of your roof.

    Besides the paint, you will need other supplies for painting your roof, including primer, rollers, and paint trays.

    Dont forget to buy safety equipment that will help you reach the roof and prevent you from falling, such as ladders and harnesses.

    All the supplies for painting your roof may cost you $500, and thats not even counting the hours of lost work spent painting your roof, or if you have to repair any mistakes later on.

    If you hire professional painting contractors, it will be more expensive to paint your roof. They usually charge $2,500 to $4,500 per roof, depending on their price levels and the size of your roof.

    Before committing such a large amount of money to your roof, ask a couple of different contractors in your area for quotes to find the best deal.

    How To Choose The Right Roof Color

    There are tons of roofing colors on the market. This may feel overwhelming when it comes to selecting new shingles. If you want to avoid painting your roof in the future, make sure you choose the right color the first time. This roof design inspiration guide has lots of great examples of color combinations.

    We typically recommend choosing a roof color that matches your trim or siding. If youre using the roof color as a jumping point for exterior materials, you can choose anything you want! For the sake of longevity, its best to look in a neutral color pallet. Greys, browns, and shades of black will look great for years to come.

    Look at roofing materials in person to get a feel for how they actually look. Photos may skew the colors, so its best to view materials in a showroom. McLean Roofing and Siding has a beautiful design studio packed with samples to choose from. Were located at:

    McLean Roofing and Siding

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    How Can You Make The Coloring Of Your Roof Shingles Different

    Recoloring your roofing follows similar beats as the painting steps mentioned above. However, there are a few differences, and the reasoning might also be different.

  • Roof washing Since you will be repainting and changing the color of your roof, it needs thorough cleaning and washing. A high-pressure hose will get the job done quickly and easily.
  • Cover any possible openings Put covers on chimneys, vents, and other possible entryways for paint not to get through.
  • Use roof mastic for the first coating The roof mastic should be of the same brand as the new acrylic paint you are going to apply for other coats.
  • Apply the paint You can either spray or use a paint roller to apply the new paint color on your roof shingles. If you want a specialized or customized paint color, consult a professional roofer about this.
  • What Is The Cost In Painting Roof Shingles

    Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

    If you opt to do the entire painting task yourself, you will spend about five hundred dollars for it. It will include materials and equipment like rollers, paintbrushes, primers, paints, and many others. And if your roof is quite large, then it will cost you more.

    One gallon of roof paint carries a price of thirty to forty dollars and can cover about four hundred square feet. You will need excellent quality rollers for this, which are priced about sixty to one-hundred dollars.

    If you prefer not to do the painting chore yourself and let professional roofers do the job for you, it will cost about two-thousand five hundred to four-thousand five-hundred dollars.

    If you want to get the exact price, you have to call them first and get approximations. You will need to include aspects like roof pitch, surface area, repairs, and cleaning, along with the painting and labor costs.

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    The Right Color Can Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency

    If you decide to go ahead with your roof-painting plans despite the potential difficulties, the color you choose could have benefits for your whole house.

    If you live in a warm climate, you know how useful light colors are for reflecting heat and keeping things cool. The same principal can work for your roof. A white roof, when kept clean, reflects more than 80 percent of the sunlight that falls on it. That, in turn, keeps your whole house cooler.

    Improving your roofs reflectivity by just 40 to 50 percent can reduce your cooling bills by around 20 percent. The effects are greatest in single-story buildings. In multi-story homes, the upper floors will benefit the most.

    To really take advantage of your roofs cooling potential, look into cool roof coatings. These coatings, which are somewhat thicker than paint, contain white or reflective pigments that reflect sunlight.

    On the other hand, if you live in a climate where heating is a greater priority than cooling, youll be better off sticking with a dark color. A dark roof will absorb the suns warmth in spring and autumn when the surface isnt covered with snow.

    Paint is an affordable, flexible option for changing the look of a shingle roof thats in good condition, but could use some aesthetic improvement.

    Roof Painting Vs Roof Replacement

    Roof replacement is a hefty expense, but in the long run, it pays off. You can get a new roof in a color you love and enjoy premium protection for decades. Check out: Is Getting a New Roof Worth It?

    There are some occasions when roof painting makes the most sense. For example, if you have a roof in good condition thats out of warranty, paint could change the color and still allow you to use the existing materials. If you only replaced one-half of your roof and the shingles do not match, paint could unify the shingles.

    If you need to update your curb appeal but dont want to buy a new roof, paintwork out for you. Just note that the painted shingles may show up on a home inspection, and that could deter your buyers.

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    How Long Does Paint Or Sealant On A Roof Last

    Typically, roof sealant lasts for between 10 and 20 years. It depends on the brand of sealant or paint. The thickness of the application of liquid sealant decides its longevity, in part.

    The difference between a 20-millimeter application and a 30-millimeter application equals about 10 years. Thicker coats of sealant definitely extend a roofs life.

    Do You Have To Prime Shingles Before Painting

    How to Deal With Asbestos Shingles

    Priming the shingles before painting them will help your final topcoat of paint adhere the best that it can for the overall best bond Use one thats for all materials and can be used outside so that it will adhere to the shingles properly.

    It is safe to seal a roof with Flex Seal Flex Seal is applied to damaged roofs to fill gaps and prevent leaks It forms a solid bond to the shingles, tiles, or metal on your roof that keeps water out Also, Flex Seal can form a protective seal for years to come without harming the roofing.

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    Paint The Roof Shingles

    You should use a paint sprayer or pressure paint gun to paint the roof shingles. These tools will allow you to apply the paint evenly across the entire roof surface. If you dont have a sprayer or paint gun, you can use thick rollers to coat the shingles.

    Start painting from top to bottom for a neat, even coating. You can apply at least two and as many as three coats to your roof, as necessary. Wait for the roof to completely dry between each coating.

    Can You Paint Roof Shingles It Many Advantages

    As time passes and the weather elements wear down on your homes exteriors, including your roof, you need to do something to return them to their original vitality. One way is to paint them over, and it would be like putting on make-up on your face to cover up unwanted blemishes.

    Your roof shingles are an essential component in your home since their main role is to protect you and your family from weather elements.

    Giving your roof shingles a total makeover by painting is an excellent idea, and you will learn why:

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    Can You Put A Coating On Asphalt Shingles

    Two coats are recommended since most asphalt shingled roofs that need to be coated are porous and worn out and will tend to absorb the first coat, while the second coat leaves a protective surface film that stops shingle granule loss, cracking, curling and leaking.

    Never pick at, scratch or pop the blisters, as the fluid within the blisters can be contagious and blisters help your skin heal Cover the rash with loose, non-stick, sterile bandages Wear loose, cotton clothing around the body parts that hurt.

    Find A Skilled Roofing Contractor

    Can You Paint Shingles A Different Color

    Almost all roofing projects should be handled by a professional due to the risks involved, but it may be difficult to find a roofing contractor that specializes in painting the roof of your home. Painting shingles remains a rare request.

    We recommend vetting roofing contractors and painters in your area. If you are unable to find a professional, and still want to paint your roof, you may need to complete the project yourself.

    Find local roofing pros

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    What Are The Best Kinds Of Paint To Use For Your Roof

    May homes in the USA have asphalt roofing, which can be painted over. But you cannot just use any kind of paint. As mentioned in previous segments, the best types are one-hundred percent acrylic latex paints.

    Shingles made of wood or clay can be painted with these kinds of paints. They can easily bond with the roof surface and makes them look fantastic.

    Acrylic latex paint can resist many years of harsh weather elements like strong rain, extreme sunlight, or freezing snow.

    If you make the mistake of selecting the wrong kind of paint for your roof, you will end up damaging it further, so be sure you are using the correct one.

    As mentioned, dont use waterproof paint on your roof since it can hinder moisture from drying.

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