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Do Gutter Guards Go Under Shingles

What Are The Best Gutter Guards On The Market

EasyOn Gutterguard: Removing ramp in shingles

The best gutter guards on the market are high-quality options made from durable metal, such as stainless steel. Micro-mesh gutter guards offer optimal filtration from various sizes of debris and are considered the most effective. Investing in a professionally installed micro-mesh guard provides the best long-term protection for your home.

Does Gutter Helmet Go Under Shingles

Gutter Helmet products can be installed on or under shingles, depending on factory specifications. Gutter Helmet is professionally installed by our experts with high-quality polybutyl sealant, which means our product adapts perfectly to your roof and roof material, so your warranty stays intact and in place. Other gutter protection systems require installation under the first row of shingles. This can break your roof’s water barrier and cause costly water damage in the future.

If a gutter guard requires you to lift the roof tiles, avoid it at all costs. Check with the original installer to see if you need to do the repairs themselves. While you should be careful with your warranty, adding a gutter cover system won’t affect it. A gutter cover is placed next to the roof and protects the gutters from seasonal debris.

It’s an important part of your roofing system, and Gutter Helmet has confirmed this with roofing companies to ensure that our products do not void your roof warranty. When you’re ready to upgrade your drainage system with a gutter cover, Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet is ready for you. You may need to climb the ladder several times a year to clean what your gutter guard has let in. Gutter guards can be an effective part of any rain gutter system, as they work to filter debris, leaves and sand from shingles, preventing blockages and protecting your home from damage.


How To Install Gutter Guards Under Shingles

You would not install gutter guards under your roof shingles in an ideal world, but on top of them or straight on the gutter. However, if you do need to install gutter guards under your shingles, you should use the following types of gutter guards:

  • Screen Gutter Guards
  • Fine Mesh Gutter Guards

Follow these steps to install gutter guards under your shingles:

  • Slide the first half of the gutter guard evenly through the bottom layer of shingles and underlayment
  • Be careful not to dislodge or loosen the shingles
  • Keep it as flat as possible, so water can still flow
  • Put the other half of the gutter guard under the lip of the gutter
  • Trim at the end to make sure it is the correct length
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    Problems With Gutter Guards

    Gutter guards arent without their problems even though they can help protect your gutters and foundation. The main downside of gutter guards is that they dont eliminate gutter maintenance as many homeowners believe to be the case. You wont need to clean them nearly as often as with unprotected gutters, however.

    The startup cost of gutter guards is quite expensive and averages $1,400 between materials and labor. Homeowners typically need to replace their gutter guards every 10-15 years means you will incur that cost several times. That can easily exceed $5,000 in replacements if you live at a home for 30 years or more.

    Gutter guards can go bad long before the 10-year mark depending on what kind of climate you live in. Tropical storms, heavy rain, snow, and hail can damage gutter guards in 2-3 years for some homeowners. With that said, many homeowners consider gutter guards worth the cost because they make it much easier to maintain your gutters.

    The Benefits Of Having A Leaf Gutter Guard


    Gutters are important for preserving your roof from damage caused by water and debris buildup. In areas where there are many trees, homeowners often have difficulty keeping the gutters from becoming clogged, which is the purpose of a leaf gutter guard. Some of the benefits of installing a leaf gutter guard include:

    • Saving hours of effort or spending money to have someone professionally clean your gutters at least twice a season
    • Reducing the risk of mice and insect infestations by preventing these animals from having stagnant water in your gutters as a fertile breeding ground as well as keeping them from having easy access to your home through the fascia
    • Preventing your gutter from rusting or corroding as a result of being loaded with soggy leaves and other debris
    • Leaf gutter guards also act as a means of fire prevention as they prevent dry leaves from building up in your gutter and causing fuel for burning embers in fire-prone areas.
    • Preventing ice build-up in your gutters by keeping them flowing freely

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    What To Consider When Installing Gutter Guards On Shingle Roofs

    We explain why our Triple-G gutter guard is usually the best option for roofs with slate, asphalt, wooden and terracotta shingles.

    In Australian roofing, the word shinglesis used to describe roofs with small, overlapping rectangle-shaped tiles that normally lay flat. The most common shingles in Melbourne are slate shingles, which are made from stone, though occasionally roofs will also have terracotta or wooden shingles. Top quality slate shingles can last hundreds of years, requiring less maintenance than other roof types. However, installing a gutter guard on them can be tricky. While shingle roofs may be durable when untouched, they are quite delicate once other fittings come into play. During the gutter guard selection and installation process, care must be taken, and one must be mindful of the special requirements of shingle roofs.

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    How Are Gutter Guards Attached

    Gutter guards are generally attached with screws and the installation is easy. You can slide gutter guards over a gutter without any effort in most cases as long as it fits well. Gutter guards vary from brand to brand, but they often come with screws and or rivets to secure them in place.

    Simply attach the screws or rivets at the allotted points on your gutter guards to attach them. It is important to secure gutter guards with screws, rivets, or nails to get the best performance. Otherwise, debris and leaves could easily get into your gutter which would render the guard useless.

    Some gutter guards dont require nails or screws at all which saves time on installation. Always secure gutter guards with nails and screws if the manufacturer suggests it, however. Otherwise, the gutter guards could potentially blow away with the wind.

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    So What Is The Proper Placement For The Gutter And Drip Edge

    Ideally, your gutter should be installed between 2-3 inches from the roofs edge. Any more than 3 inches will cause rain to simply run off the roof instead of draining properly which can result in the soil shifting around the house, damage to the houses siding or foundation, and a risk of animal infestation. The gutter should extend far enough past the roof so that it can catch and drain the water without splashing it on the siding. About half to three-quarters of the gutter should extend past the roof.

    The back of the gutter should rest against the drip edge in order to prevent water from intruding on the fascia behind the gutter. If there is no drip edge, then the shingles should extend 3-4 inches over the backside of the gutter.

    What Are The Best Gutter Guards Available

    The Truth about Gutter Guards

    There are many different gutter guards available on the market. Its best to decide which gutter guards to buy based on overall costs, the pros, and the cons of installing these gutters. We reviewed 9 of the most popular gutter guards:

    Gutter Guard
    Excellent at capturing a large amount of water, no matter the roof slope Installation on turns in your gutter can be tricky

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    The 9 Best Gutter Guards Of 2022

    Gutter guards are a vital component of any functioning gutter system. They keep debris and pests out of your gutters and downspouts, allowing rainwater to be effectively channeled away from your home. Gutter guards will reduce cleaning frequency for your gutters, prevent water damage to your fascia and roof, and protect the surrounding landscaping by extension.

    To help you pick the best gutter guards for your home, weve thoroughly reviewed and tested nine of the leading options currently available. Each gutter guard has been evaluated in-house for durability, curb appeal, resistance to different types of debris, and cost. Read our product reviews to find the best gutter guard for your home and budget.

    Time to Install 1-4 hours
    uPVC frame & stainless steel micro-mesh Aluminum frame & stainless steel micro-mesh Aluminum body & stainless steel micro-mesh Stainless steel
    Lifetime transferable LeafFilter Manufacturers Warranty Lifetime transferable warranty Must register for 5-10 year extended warranty N/A only guaranteed to be intact at time of purchase
    BBB Rating

    Video Title: Gutter Guards Can Damage Your Roof

    Description: When considering gutter guards for your home, make sure you understand what is being installed and how it may impact your roof and shingles. Alex is a 25 year Roofer and has seen it all when it comes to the pros and cons of various gutter protection systems. Contractors understand that you should never insect the roof or compromise shingle integrity in an effort to keep gutter leaves out. Solving gutter clogging is just not worth the risk of damage and expense that can occur if shingles are lifted up and exposed to potential water or ice backing up under the shingles and causing a roof leak into the building. No need to spend thousands of dollars on complicated gutter guards. Sometimes the simple, affordable solutions make the most sense. GutterBrush brush gutter guard keeps the gutter from clogging and it does not even touch the roof.

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    Beware Of Improperly Installed Gutter Guards

    Working with an experienced, dependable roofing contractor means you dont have to worry about gutter guard installation issues. Improper installation includes nailing the guards right through the shingles, as well as incorrect placement of the gutters and guards which leads to water backing up under the roof. The result is roof leaks and damaged plywood under the shingles.

    If youre thinking about installing gutter guards or have questions about any gutter system,. They have the knowledge and know-how to serve you best.

    The Problem With Gutter Guards

    Micromesh Gutter Guards

    In the Pacific Northwest with all of our tree species, we get a mix of broadleaf varieties and fir trees. That means plenty of leaf and tree litter which can easily get through the gutter guards or screens and more than can completely cover them so water cannot get through.

    While there are varieties of guards which will help prevent leaves from covering them by using a curved design, that design creates a different problem. Small twigs and other debris can create a dam by building up against the raised portion of the guard.

    Even if the gutter guards work as intended, there is still the issue of moss and algae growth. As long as a small amount of leaf material makes its way into the gutters, it creates the perfect growing environment for lichen and moss. Left unchecked, it will continue to grow. As it does, it can block downspouts or break free and clogged them.

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    How Far Down Should Gutters Be From Shingles

    The gutters should be installed against the edge of the fascia and extend 3 to 4 past the shingles. The problem with many roofs is that the shingles and the gutter sometimes meet with barely an inch to spare. Many flat roofs or roofs with a steep incline or valley will not have a sufficient gap to place gutter guards without interfering with the shingles.

    The shingles and gutter are too close if there isnt a space of about an index finger between them. You will not be able to attach the guard directly to the gutter. Instead, you will have to put the gutter guard under the first row of shingles.

    Putting the gutter guard under the first row of shingles elevates the shingles off the roof more than they were when installed. This elevation allows water to sneak in under the shingles. When you see mounds or bumps on the shingles, this means that the shingles were not pressed firmly back in place after adding the gutter guard, and there is now water damage under the shingles.

    Consult With The Experts

    When purchasing a gutter guard for your home, it is best to speak with a professional to assist you in deciding the best option. An installed gutter guard that is professionally designed does not only mean you wont need to be concerned about climbing up a ladder to install the gutters but also will give you the security of knowing that the system is operating effectively and efficiently as it should.

    Utilizing a professional service like the one we provide can also guarantee that you are using the right kind of gutter protection system installed that will provide the best protection for your home gutters. Beyond that, the gutter guard installation will be backed with a warranty, which means your home will be completely secure.

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    Will Installing Gutter Guards Void My Shingle Roofs Warranty

    A common misconception is that installing gutter guards underneath shingles can void your warranty on the roof. This definitely isnt the case, so you shouldnt let this put you off sliding the right type of gutter guard underneath your roof tiles.

    However, if you dont install your gutter guard correctly, then it can impact your warranty. Any damage done while lifting the shingles too roughly can impact the roof and may not be covered, but this shouldnt really happen because you can slide it underneath. You also need to be aware of any screws or connections because you dont want these to go through your shingles into your roof this will impact the warranty.

    You should also look out for leaves getting lodged underneath your roof shingles because this could damage your roof. If your gutter guard is installed correctly, this wont be an issue, but it’s worth regularly checking just in case because it could cost you a fortune to repair and may impact the warranty.

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    Do Your Gutters And Gutter Guards Get Removed During A Roof Replacement

    Now you know a little more about gutter guards, such as the types, how much they cost, and that they have to be installed on your roof in the right position. If youre in the market for a gutter helmet like LeafGuard, youre going to have to buy and get the product installed by a franchise location in your area.

    If youre interested in gutter screens, your local roofing contractor can install them for you if they offer the service. But what happens to your gutters and gutter guards when you get a new roof?

    Do they get removed or replaced at the same time as your roof replacement? This is a concern for many homeowners, especially if they invested in gutter guards.

    Because its such a concern, were going to break it down for you.

    The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality roofing and gutter services in Nashville and surrounding areas since 1990. No matter what your roof needs, you can count on our workmanship to get the job done right. Thats why were proud to offer you a lifetime warranty.

    To learn what happens to your gutters and gutter guards during your roof replacement, check out this article on Do Your Gutters Get Removed During Your Roof Replacement.

    Get The Essential Equipment

    You will need a ladder to install guards safely. You can consider a ladder stabilizer suppose you are working from a ladder extension. It is essential that you feel comfortable on the ladder before you start using it. Besides, it is important to have essential tools such as a tape measure, screw gun, and more. The type of gutter you install determines the tools you might require.

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    Do Gutter Guards Attach Under Shingles

    Gutter guards are a sought-after solution to clogged gutters that are a no-brainer for most homeowners. It is tempting to go out and install gutter guards right away to experience the benefits, but there are many variables. So, do gutter guards attach under shingles?

    You can attach gutter guards under shingles but it is dangerous and can cause expensive water damage. A gutter guard can damage the water barrier on your roof which can allow water to enter your home. The best option is to purchase gutter guards that slide over the gutter and screw into place because they are more secure.

    Attaching gutter guards under shingles can even void your roof warranty in some cases depending on the provider. Gutter guards are only useful when you install them properly, so its worth the extra cost to hire a professional. Follow along as we explore the key factors that affect whether or not you should attach gutter guards under shingles.

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