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Gutter Guards That Don’t Go Under Shingles

Advantages Of Gutter Guards

4 Worst Gutter Guards: GutterStuff, leaf guards, Brush, plastic covers /@Roofing Insights

Because of misleading information swirling around and drumming up expectations, not all homeowners agree on the benefits of gutter guards. However, as long as you dont fall for claims that youll never have to climb a ladder again, you can benefit from drastically reduced maintenance cost and effort when you install gutter guards.

Gutter guards significantly reduce gutter cleaning frequency by blocking pests and debris while allowing water to flow through. This effectively prevents your gutters from clogging and you from having to clean them twice per year.

Theyre also a great way to protect your home from damage. When your gutters remain free and clear, they direct water safely away from your house and avoid water damage to your basement and foundation. Water wont back up and rot your fascia or damage your roof, either. Even when dry, leaves and debris that accumulate in your gutters pose a fire hazard to your home and its inhabitants.

The advantages of gutter guards make them a smart choice for most homeowners. However, no product is perfect. While they make cleanings easier and less frequent, they do not eliminate gutter cleaning entirely. Debris can accumulate on top of the gutter guard and require you to brush it away.

Why Is Installing A Leaf Gutter Guard Under The Shingles With Screws Not Recommended

Anytime you screw something through your shingles into your roof, you break the roofs water barrier, making it easier for water and debris to seep into the holes, void your roofs warranty, and create potentially costly problems for you down the road. The MasterShield Gutter Guard, however, is installed under the shingles with our Shingle-Safe Guarantee.

MasterShields technology has been approved by GAF, the largest manufacturer of roof shingles because the back of the gutter guard floats between the starter course and the first row of shingles. No fasteners are used on the roof itself, but rather only on the front lip of the gutter, with the weight of the shingles being enough to keep the product in place. Because of this technology, roof manufacturer Owens-Corning, CertainTeed, and IKO have also all stated in writing that they would not void the warranty on the roof shingles for homes where a MasterShield Gutter Guard has been installed.

It also should be noted that MasterShield Gutter Guards do not always have to be installed under the roof shingles, as there are often several installation options. For example, it can also be installed to your fascia in such a way that it becomes an extension of your drip edge, further protecting the fascia from becoming damaged by water.

You Don’t Need Them If You Don’t Have Trees

Gutter guards do more than just keep the leaves out. They also help keep pests and critters from getting into your roof and attic areas. Insects, bees and birds quite commonly find very small areas to invade, especially at the roofline where the gutters and the roof meet. This can cause significant damage to the structure.

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Can Gutter Guards Cause Leaks

A gutter guard can cause leaks if you fail to maintain or install it correctly. You must clean your gutter guards regularly or your gutters could get clogged and damaged. Manufacturers and professionals recommend that you clean your gutters at least every 2 years if you have gutter guards.

Gutters with no protection are much more maintenance-intensive and you need to clean them twice per year. You should clean your gutters more than every 2 years even with gutter guards if you notice problems. This is especially true if you have several trees around your home that are close to your roof.

Even a fine mesh gutter guard cant protect your gutters entirely, but they can certainly help. Improper installation is the easiest way for a gutter guard to cause leaks. That is why professional installation is a great idea if you can afford the average $1,400 cost and have limited experience with gutters.

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Myth #: Gutter Guards Are Ineffective


Well, this is partly true. Some types of gutter guards are ineffective.

  • If you are considering a gutter guard with holes, gaps, or openings debris will still enter and clog your gutters.
  • Foam and brush gutter guards will trap leaves, debris, and dirt, causing gutter gardens, further clogging your gutters.

LeafFilter is the ultimate choice in gutter protection. With no holes, gaps, or openings, LeafFilter is the most effective gutter guard on the market.

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Different Types Of Gutter Guards

As you read this article, keep in mind that there are two types of gutter guards, the flat style, and the slanted style

  • The flat style sits flush atop the gutter.
  • The slanted style tucks under the shingle at a right angle, providing a downward sloping angle.
  • There are issues with both products, some that are unique, and some that overlap. This article will identify which style we are discussing with each section.

    The Gutter Guards Were Improperly Installed

    When the roofer replaced the shingles, they had to remove and reinstall the gutter guards. Unfortunately, they didnt know what they were doing, and they ruined the gutter guards.

    What are the 2 issues in the photo above?

    First, the panels are sitting on top of the shingles rather than underneath them. Note how the leaves have wedged themselves under the panels. Second, screws were mechanically fastened through the gutter guard panels and roof shingles, into the wood decking, creating potential water leaks into the home.

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    Do Gutter Guards Void Roof Warranty

    Gutter guards can only void a roof warranty if the warranty stipulates that you cannot install shingles under shingles. Of course, this only applies to homeowners with gutter guards meant to go underneath roof shingles. That isnt always the case though and attaching gutter guards under shingles doesnt necessarily void your roof warranty.

    Shingle removal can sometimes void a roof warranty, however. It all depends on the provider and what stipulations they enforce for their contracts. For example, some providers even consider the warranty voided if you simply patch holes, but that is rare.

    Additions such as sun tunnels and skylights can void your roof warranty in many cases. The possibility of voiding a roof warranty is yet another reason to consider gutter guards that attach the traditional way. Read the terms of your roof warranty to find out how you can install gutter guards without any violations.

    Myth #: All Gutter Guard Warranties Are The Same

    Best Gutter Guard 7 Years Later

    This simply is not true.

    DIY gutter guards are typically short term solutions that will need to be removed and replaced when they become clogged. DIY gutter guards are typically not equipped with a warranty because of their short lifespan.

    Professionally installed gutter guards vary with their warranties. Many gutter guards include fine print that says if the gutter clogs, the installing dealer will clean your gutters for free. However, the problem is, many homeowners may not realize they have a clogged gutter until it is too late.

    LeafFilter offers a lifetime, transferable money-back guarantee making it the best in the industry.

    If at any time LeafFilter allows your gutter to clog with debris, fill with water and overflow, LeafFilter will refund 100% of the material purchase price. Additionally, if your home sustains any interior water damage from such an occurrence, the manufacturer will pay your homeowners insurance deductible up to $2,000.

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    Surface Tension Gutter Guards

    Unlike other gutter guards, surface tension gutter guards are set up at an angle to make use of the force of the water so debris flows straight off. These fit onto the end of your shingles and work well because shingle roofs are generally steeper. This helps the water to flow at a higher pace and prevents any lingering debris.

    The Importance Of Gutters

    The quality of your roofing materials is only as good as your gutters. Seriously. If your gutters are clogged, then your roof is in danger of getting damaged. Gutter guards were designed to add an extra level of protection for your roof.

    Maintaining your gutters is one of the best ways that you can ensure your roofs longevity. Plus, by investing in a quality gutter protection product and having a professional come to install it, you dont have to worry about your roofing warranty.

    Even though most roof warranties have language that prohibits the installation of foreign objects on the roof, gutter guards are specialty products that are designed to protect your roof and are acceptable additions to your roof .

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    Slip Under Shingles And Screw To Gutters

    Surface-tension guards work best if theyre installed so the slope of the guard is similar to that of the roof. This may require rehanging existing gutters.

    LeaFree: get buying instructions at

    With surface-tension gutter covers, water clings to the rounded nose of the guard and flows into the gutter, while leaves and other debris fall off over the edge. Surface-tension guards work very well with leaves and other large debris. Small debris sometimes gets in but usually washes out the downspouts without a problem.

    This type of easy-on gutter guard works only if the guard is installed at an angle thats similar to the slope of the roof. This isnt always possible on long gutter runs because the gutters need to be pitched so the water flows to the downspouts, which means one end will need to be hung high. If you install surface-tension guards on gutters that are mounted high on the fascia, they will cause debris dams and allow more junk inside the gutter.

    Surface-tension gutter guards are more visible than other styles, and water can shoot over them in heavy downpours. However, if theyre installed correctly, the amount of debris that enters the gutter is usually small enough to be washed away, and the solid surface of the guards can be cleaned with just an occasional spraying with a garden hose.

    Do Gutter Guards Need To Be Removed When Replacing A Roof

    HydroShield Gutter Guard Flex

    Gutter guards dont need to be removed when replacing a roof in most cases. Roofers dont always even remove the gutters when they replace a roof. They exercise caution when they actually need to remove the gutters for one reason or another.

    Most gutter guards attach to gutters via rivets, nails, and screws so you wont need to worry about them. The gutter guards will stay on the gutters even if they need to remove them. In that case, they will simply reattach the gutters with guards perfectly intact.

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    Beware Of Improperly Installed Gutter Guards

    Working with an experienced, dependable roofing contractor means you dont have to worry about gutter guard installation issues. Improper installation includes nailing the guards right through the shingles, as well as incorrect placement of the gutters and guards which leads to water backing up under the roof. The result is roof leaks and damaged plywood under the shingles.

    If youre thinking about installing gutter guards or have questions about any gutter system,. They have the knowledge and know-how to serve you best.

    What Are Gutter Guards Made Of

    The three most common gutter guard materials are aluminum, metal or nylon mesh, and plastic. Aluminum and mesh gutter guards last longer than plastic, but aluminum is lightweight and prone to movement in the wind, while mesh requires more maintenance. Plastic gutter guards are usually more affordable than the other two materials but not as durable.

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    We Provided Expert Evidence For Insurance

    The good news is that we were able to unearth this gutter guard sin, document and photograph the evidence, and assist the homeowner with an insurance claim.

    The insurance carrier granted the homeowners claim. She will be getting all new gutter guards thanks to her realization that she had a problem.

    We added value to the process by taking the time to investigate the root cause of the issue. We walked her through the claims process and recommended a solution that will improve her homes value and fix the problem.

    The claim value?

    What Do Roofers Put On The Roof Before They Nail The Shingles Down

    EasyOn Gutterguard: Removing ramp in shingles

    Start by laying roof deck protection, or shingle underlayment, over the decking . Then, install new flashing and starter shingles at the edges. Nail the drip edge in place using your hammer and roofing nails.

    How do you remove gutter guards?

    How to Remove Gutter Guards Steps

  • Examine the guards to determine if they are snapped into place or held with screws.
  • Brush away debris.
  • Loosen screws or pry apart snapped together edges with a screwdriver.
  • As you lift away gutter guard sections, lower them gently to the ground to avoid bending them.
  • How much does it cost to replace the shingles on your roof?

    On average, most homeowners pay between $8,000 and $9,000 to install new shingles, with low costs in the $5,000s and high costs pushing into the $12,000s and higher.

    How do you remove gutter guards from shingles?

    Is it hard to remove gutter guards?

    However, there are a few that can be installed via a homeowner, meaning you can just as easily remove it. These do attach up under the roofline or along fascia board to allow water to run over and around the curve into the gutter.

    Do gutter guards need to be installed under shingles?

    If you believe the hype of some gutter guard companies that dont install under shingles, the answer is, conveniently, no. In fact, they go as far as reinterpreting roof shingle manufacturer warranties and installation instructions to lead you to believe your roof shingle warranty will be voided if you consider an application under a roof shingle.

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    Homecraft Gutter Protection Gutter Guard Best Designed

    • Style: Raised-diamond micromesh gutter guards
    • Material: Marine-grade 304 stainless steel
    • Visibility: Not visible from the ground
    • Cost: $4.50 $7.75 per linear foot
    • Size: Can be custom-cut to fit any gutter system
    • Need an in-person quote and consultation to get an accurate price
    • Only serves ten states

    HomeCraft Cost

    Average gutter guard pricing will range between $4.50 and $7.75 per linear foot. This includes material and labor costs. Since this provider offers service across ten states primarily in the Southeastern U.S. price points can vary. Get a quote from them to ensure your own price point before gutter guard installation.

    HomeCraft: General Consensus

    HomeCraft Gutter Protection is one of the highest-rated gutter guard companies in the business. While it only has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews on this platform rate it at 3.47 across more than 80 reviews. Similarly, Trustpilot reviews have this company at a 4.6/5, with only 5% of the 107 reviews reporting poor service.

    The gutter guards themselves are highly versatile. No matter the slope of your roof, the width of your existing gutters, or the size of your gutter system, youll be able to have HomeCraft guards installed. Generally, customers rate this system well for small to medium-sized debris, in milder climate regions.

    To learn more, read our in-depth HomeCraft Gutter Protection review.

    For a free quote, enter your zip code on HomeCrafts website.

    Is The Leaffilter Gutter Guard Brand Any Good

    The LeafFilter brand is not as good as it claims. It claims that youll never have to clean your gutters again, but many consumers find them to be overpriced. Its sales are also gimmicky. Consumers filed many complaints against the company at the Better Business Bureau. It will also gather debris and act as a shelf that you must clean off.

    The biggest problem that the LeafFilter has is in the winter when the snow melts. Water overflows from the gutters and then pours down below before refreezing. While the company claims that this is due to misalignment of their product, the fact remains that this is a slip hazard and may expose you to civil suits if someone slips on the ice and injures themselves.

    We suggest that you use the following brands as alternatives:

  • LeafSolutions has accessories for different shapes of the roof and channels that will prevent small debris from entering the gutter.
  • LeafGuard is also a good brand because it becomes part of the gutter upon installation making it well-attached.
  • LeafLock has a micromesh that catches larger debris. The only disadvantage is long pine needles can go thorough the filter which ends up into the gutter.
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    How Are Gutter Guards Attached

    Gutter guards are generally attached with screws and the installation is easy. You can slide gutter guards over a gutter without any effort in most cases as long as it fits well. Gutter guards vary from brand to brand, but they often come with screws and or rivets to secure them in place.

    Simply attach the screws or rivets at the allotted points on your gutter guards to attach them. It is important to secure gutter guards with screws, rivets, or nails to get the best performance. Otherwise, debris and leaves could easily get into your gutter which would render the guard useless.

    Some gutter guards dont require nails or screws at all which saves time on installation. Always secure gutter guards with nails and screws if the manufacturer suggests it, however. Otherwise, the gutter guards could potentially blow away with the wind.

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    Planning For Gutter Guard Installation

    The 9 Best Gutter Guards of 2022
  • Clean your gutters. Use basic gutter cleaning tools to remove leaves and dirt from your gutters.
  • Make repairs, if any. Most gutter problems like sagging or leaking gutters are easy to fix. Ensure all gutter sections are in good condition.
  • Read the installation manual step-by-step. You do not want loose-fitted gutter guards, which could cause havoc when it rains.
  • Gather all the tools youll need.
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