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High Profile Hip And Ridge Shingles

Standard Ridge & Hip Cap Shingle Dimensions

Product Guide: RIZERidge® Hip & Ridge Shingles

The best option for shingling the ridge or hip is to use pre-cut ridge cap shingles provided by the same manufacturer, and in the same color and pattern as the shingles used on the main roof areas.

Pre-cut ridge cap shingles vary in length and width, but the typical size are:

  • Length: 12 13
  • Width: 9 3/4 13 1/8
  • Exposure 5 5/8 to 9 1/4

At a lower-slope or wider ridge roof, the wider ridge cap shingles will be more-suitable.

Ridge / Hip Cap Shingle Exposure Guide

Read the instructions for the specific shingle product you are installing, noting the details specified for the ridge covering .

For example, the instructions for Elk Prestique Raised Profile shingles give two different ridge cap products, with different dimensions and exposures:

  • Elk Z-Ridge 13 1/4 x 9 21/32 ridge cap / hip shingles are to be installed with a 5 5/8 exposure 3 bundles cover 100 linear feet of ridge-line
  • Elk Vented RidgeCrest 13 x 13 1/4 ridge cap / hip shingles are installed with a 9 1/4 exposure again, 3 bundles will cover 100 linear feet of ridge or hip-line.

Field Cut Hip or Ridge Cap Shingles

Asphalt shingle roof installers may fabricate ridge or hip cap shingles, usually by cutting roof up standard roof shingles on the jobsite. In fact thats what we did installing shingles in the 1970s and 1980s. And this is still standard practice for some asphalt shingle products such as GAF Royal Sovereign Ridge Cap Shingles.

From the ICC report given at the end of this page :

Ease And Speed Of Installation

High profile hip and ridge shingles do not need to be cut on-site, making them easier to install than standard hip and ridge shingles. Additionally, many higher-end cap shingles are fully self-adhesive. Adhered shingles eliminate mechanical fasteners, which are the culprit of the most common roof leaks. High profile hip and ridge shingles use fewer components than standard hip and ridge shingles, making them more efficient to install.

What Size Are Ridge Cap Shingles

IKO manufactures many types of ridge cap shingles, in a few different sizes, to meet local market preferences.

  • IKO Hip & Ridge 12TM has been popular for many years and has just undergone a product enhancement. While each piece is still 12 inches wide, the exposure has been increased from five and one-eights inches to five and five-eighths inches.

IKO also manufacturers different sized cap shingles to allow for pot vents. Many years ago, attic vents typically consisted of a combination of under-eave soffit vents and pot vents installed near the roof ridge cap. Some homeowners felt the pot vents detracted from the overall roof and home aesthetics. In response, the vent industry developed vents that were integrated right into a roofs ridgeline, where they were less noticeable. Some of these ridge vents were disguised even further, by incorporating a ridge cap shingle layer on top of them. Different ridge vent styles and widths are available in different markets, and so ridge cap shingles are made to match the locally available vents.

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What Are Ridge Cap Shingles

I was helping a relative shingle his shed roof last summer, but he wasnt sure how to use his shingles on the ridge of his shed. He didnt know that there are ridge cap shingles that are specifically used only for roofing a ridge.

Ridge cap shingles are shingles specially designed to fit over the ridge of a roof. They are often pre-bent and thicker than regular roof shingles. Ridge cap shingles resemble a single tab from a standard roof shingle and install by overlapping one another from one end of the ridge to the other.

Most shingle manufacturers make ridge cap shingles to go with their standard shingles. While these shingles are commonly found in asphalt roofing applications, they also exist for other types of roofing materials, such as metal, rubber, tile, and more.

In this article, well cover what ridge shingles do, where they go on a roof, and how they differ from standard shingles in terms of look and installation.

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With New Laminated Hip And Ridge Cap Shingles Finishing A Roof Installation With A Ridge Cap Is A Much Simpler Process Than With The Old Three

Building Product: Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles

In summary, to install the ridge cap shingles, you simply separate them where they are perforated, bend them over the peak, and nail them down. Of, course, theres a little bit more to the process than that. You need to understand the function of ridge cap shingles, learn how to choose them, and understand how to make your installation look orderly and attractive.

Three Tab Shingles Compared to Laminated Shingles

The process to install ridge cap shingles has changed because roofing market trends have favored a new type of shingle. Three-tab shingles are easy to cut into strips to create a ridge cap, but now roofers and homeowners largely prefer laminated shingles.

Rob Davidson, Vice-President of Residential Sales for IKO Canada, explains why: When I started with IKO over 20 years ago, three-tab shingles were the most common shingle installed. Since that time, laminated shingles have steadily grown in popularity and are now the dominant shingle style by far. Homeowners love their dimensional random appearance, and contractors like their ease of installation.

Though they have many advantages, laminated shingles arent suitable as roof cap shingles because the two different layers of the shingles wont bend in tandem. The solution? Roofing manufacturers introduced specific roof cap shingles made to work with laminated shingle installations that will look great and save you time.

What Size are Ridge Cap Shingles?

A Bolder Look: Doubled and High-Profile Ridge Cap Shingles

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Added Durability And Impact Resistance

Dedicated hip and ridge cap shingles are manufactured with a bend, meaning that the layers do not risk cracks or exposure from surface granules being more spread out when flat shingles are bent to make hip/ridge caps. The steeper the slopes falling away from the ridge, the more relevant this is to have ridge caps that are manufactured with a bend .

Unsurprisingly, ridges are typically the most susceptible to damage from hail, as there is no advantage of glancing blows. However, we often see during inspections that this is exacerbated by granule loss along the bend of cut 3-tab shingle ridge caps, which further exposes the shingle mat over time.

Best of all, high profile hip and ridge shingles are built from multiple layers, providing the durability and impact resistance desperately needed here in the Midwest, where hail is prevalent.

What Is Regular Ridge Cap

A regular ridge cap is a type of roofing material installed over the ridgeline of a house or building. It is usually made out of metal, asphalt, or tile. Regular ridge caps help protect the structure from weather damage and provide an aesthetic finish to the roof system.

Unlike the high-profile ridge, a regular ridge is not as prominent or visible from the ground. It is often used with other materials, such as shingles or tiles. It is also single-layered and does not have the same level of protection as a high-profile ridge.

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Why You Should Choose Rooftop Designs

At Rooftop Designs, we are devoted to the needs of our customers. Because we offer a broad selection of products and services, we can customize your order and offer a solution to fit your individual needs. We have four locations nationwide and offer our services in , Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Choose A Ridge Cap Shingle Color

Product Guide: DuraRidge® Hip & Ridge Shingles

Usually, the hip and ridge shingles match the color blend used in the field of the roof although, in some markets, the hip and ridge shingles might be a contrasting color, which really frames the roof and accentuates the roof outline.

While IKO makes hip and ridge cap shingles to match their other shingle colors, there are more options. IKO Hip & Ridge 12 is now manufactured in innovative mid-tone color blends, to allow matching to a wider range of shingle styles and colors. Selecting the right color ridge cap shingle to match or contrast with your roof shingles can put the ideal finishing touch on a properly installed roof.

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Hip And Ridge Installation

Like installation of any type of shingles, it is highly significant to look for professionals to entrust your hip and ridge shingles installation. While there is a lifetime warranty for some shingles, there are also existing warranties for your hip and ridge depending on the roofing company of your choosing.

Hip and ridge installation companies often partner with shingles installation companies. This allows for a more reliable materials and services installation. There are always roofing companies which provide excellent roofing installation services in your area you just have to align their services with what you need.

Upcycled Rubber & Plastics

Recycled content can sometimes diminish product quality. Not so with our shingles. Polymers from upcycled tires and plastic bags are added to our asphalt formulation to improve shingle strength and durability, while reducing landfill waste extending product life and landfill life.

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How Much More Does High Profile Hip And Ridge Cost

Adding high-profile hip and ridge caps will likely add between $150 and $700 on a residential roof replacement, or roughly a 1-2% increase in the total price of the roofing job. The shingles themselves are more expensive, but installation labor is comparable , so this feels like the most reasonable way to compare end costs to customers. We looked at our historic job costs and comparing how much adding high profile hip/ridge cap changes the total cost of complete roof replacement. With a bundle of ridge cap covering 33 linear feet, the median cost-to-upgrade of all the homes we evaluated was $215.

Of course, the biggest variable is how many feet of hip and ridge your building has. A simple gable roof, which only has one ridge at the top, wont change the price much, whereas a complex hip roof with dormers has a lot more linear feet to cover. The truth is, hips and ridge make up a small percentage of a total roof system, which keeps the proportionate cost of an upgrade low.

For a lot more detail and breakdown of roofing costs to expect for replacements, repairs, and components, see our Cost Series.

The shingles themselves vary by manufacturer, but cost roughly 25% more than manufactured standard cap shingles, or about 80% more than cutting 3-tab flat shingles into hip/ridge caps. Many shingle manufacturers do not offer color-matched or compatible 3-tab shingles to match their lines of architectural shingles, so the latter option may not be possible.

Hip & Ridge Shingle Impact Rating


First of all, a true hip and ridge shingle has a higher impact rating than 3-tab. To add more complexity to the equation, the shingles are not lain flat they are bent.

Why does this matter for impact? Imagine hammering a piece of thin metal on a flat surface. That hammer will probably just dent the metal.

WARNING: this next part might bring back some high school math and physics traumas, but bear with me.

Now take that same thin metal sheet, bend it over a curved surface, and strike it with a hammer.

The point you would be striking is called the tangent.

You are taking the same force of impact, and instead of dispersing it onto a surface the size of the hammers head, you are now focusing all that energy on a single point.

To put in lamen terms: imagine pushing your finger against a tabletop vs. a knife blade .

This strike along this smaller surface area results in SPLITTING the piece of thin metal. This split is a breach. This is what can happen to hip & ridges when impacted by hail.

Bring it Back

Lets bring it back to shingles. 3-tab shingles are not only less impact-resistant, but they are also not meant to be bent!

So as soon as you bend them, they can crack, which reduces their efficacy even more. So then, Im sure you know where Im going next.

Yes, true hip & ridge shingles are meant to be bent without creasing or cracking.

Dont rob yourself of knowledge! Here are some more helpful articles to improve your basic knowledge of your roof.

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Low Profile Hip & Ridge Shingles

A new roof requires more than just shingles. Its a cohesive, coordinated system including: 1) shingles, 2) underlayment, 3) ice and water underlayment, 4) starter shingles, and 5) hip & ridge shingles.

The highest point on the roof is called the ridge, the others are called hips. These high points can experience greater damage from events like hail and debris. Hip and ridge shingles provide extra impact protection at these more vulnerable areas, as well as extra roof dimension for enhanced curb appeal.

RidgeFlex is our low profile hip & ridge shingle.

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Why Choose Hip And Ridge Shingles For Your Commercial Or Residential Roofing

These shingles can complete the look youve been striving for, whether youve had an architectural shingle roof or a strip shingle variety installed. Distinctive ridge caps allow you to accentuate your rooftops natural beauty while also providing protection through multiple layers. The hips and ridges tend to undergo the most stress out of all the roofs components, and the caps help to reinforce these areas.

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Types Of Ridge Cap Shingles

A ridge cap shingle is a square, or nearly square, piece of shingle that is the same material as the rest of your roofing. If you have asphalt shingles, then youll have asphalt ridge caps, and so on.

Other types of roofing materials beyond asphalt will have their own ridge caps of varying types, but in this article will be looking at asphalt shingles and asphalt ridge shingles.

Lets take a look at the different types of roof peak shingles available and the differences between each.

Bullet Boot Pipe Flashing

Certainteed Mountain Ridge

Corrosion Resistant. Manufactured from T-304 and T-316 Stainless Steel. Ring barb shanks offer greater holding power in extreme weather climates. Manufactured with large slating heads & Diamond points.

The Clendenin stainless steel ring shanked nails are the best choice for properties on the coast with exposure to salt water.

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Protective Ridge Cap Shingles

Protective ridge cap shingles provide the maximum protection to the areas of your roofing which suffers the greatest stress. Instead of using the waste shingles, these are not only better but also aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Additionally, it blends with the color of your roof.

It is also machine cut which provides uniformity and neatness. While protecting your roof from algae, they also offer strength to protect the inside of your house. And with the correct warranty, you are taking advantage you can get the best deal for your perfect roofing needs.

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Stainless Steel Ring Shanked Nails

Malarkey Highlander NEX AR Complete Roof System. For more details on the Malarkey Highlander NEX AR, view the individual product.

Highlander NEX come with 6 rubberized adhesive seals plus 3 laminate seals , 2 rain seals, and a wind seal. Price includes tearing off one existing layer on your roof. Add $30 per square for each additional layer of roof we would tear off and haul away. Decking repairs are extra.

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Pros And Cons Of Regular Ridge Cap

Below is a list of pros and cons of a regular ridge cap:


An affordable option

A regular ridge cap is less expensive than high profile ridge. The affordability makes it a good option for those on a budget.

Aesthetically pleasing

A regular ridge cap can add curb appeal to your home. It is available in various colors and styles to match your homes exterior.


A regular ridge cap helps keep your home energy efficient by creating an airtight seal at the ridge of your roof. This prevents heat from escaping in the winter and cool air from escaping in the summer.

Easier installation

Installing a regular ridge cap is generally easier than installing a high-profile ridge. This is because the lower height of the regular ridge cap makes it easier to maneuver during installation. It is also easier to find a roofing contractor familiar with installing a regular ridge cap.



A regular ridge cap may not withstand extreme weather conditions and a high-profile ridge cap. It may not be able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain, and a high-profile ridge. This could lead to leaks or damage to your roof.

Prone to leaks

A regular ridge cap is more prone to leaks than a high-profile ridge cap. This is because it does not create as tight of a seal at the roofs ridge. These leaks can allow water into your home, leading to mold and mildew growth.


Are High Profile Hip And Ridge Shingles Compatible With Any Roof


You can add high profile hip and ridge shingles to any pitched shingle roof , but they are almost always installed with architectural shingles or premium shake-like asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles, also called dimensional shingles, are thick and typically have a deep texture. The aesthetic is more reminiscent of classic wood roofs, which is where the look of high-profile hip and ridge originated.

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Trust Hopewell Roofing & Restoration For Hip And Ridge Installations

Looking for peace of mind and a solid roof for your home? Let our team at Hopewell Roofing & Restoration show you the benefits of hip & ridge installations from the pros. We can connect you with the impressive lifetime ltd. warranty on installations of Lifetime Shingle rooftops! The TimberTex® distinctive ridge cap shingles we install are an important component of the GAF Lifetime Roof System, and our work crews can get the job done quickly and affordably. Plus, our company is certified as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, so you can trust your project is in the right hands.

Our team of roofing specialists at Hopewell Roofing & Restoration has a strong reputation in the Atlanta GA area for workmanship of the highest quality, delivered with honesty and integrity for all of our residential and commercial customers. Whether its hip and ridge shingless or anything else to make your roof as functional and attractive as it can be, let us help you to get the most out of your rooftop. Connect with our team today to get your free consultation.

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