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Is It Ok To Put New Shingles Over Old

How Do You Tie In Shingles To An Existing Shingles

How to Install Shingles on a Shed | Ask This Old House

Tying into an existing roof shingle that needs the expertise of an ardent roof contractor who will hack the job and deliver a flawless result.

Things to consider before you opt for a reroof:

  • Make sure to check if the building code in the area you reside in allows the process of laying a new roof on top of an existing one, and if it does, how many layers are acceptable.
  • The roof is an integral part of the building that keeps the home in general safe and warm all year round for this reason, ensure to mind the roof deck, the eaves edge, and the valleys when you begin the project.
  • Because you will not be changing the roofing material, ensure that the roofing accessories, for example, the flashings and valley liners march up with the quality with roofing material so that the entire roof will age in style.
  • With an extra layer of shingles in place, more heat will be trapped in the attic, ensuring that the air vents in the area are sufficient because the roof will be preserved with a sound venting system and will rot with too much moisture.
  • Requirements needed before embarking on a reroof:

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    Is It Ok To Put Shingles Over Shingles

    Placing old shingles over new ones is only possible with asphalt shingles, also known as composition shingles. You cannot place a new layer over top of slate or wood, and you should definitely never mix materials like laying asphalt shingles over cedar shakes.

    And perhaps the most important rule for laying new shingles over top of old ones is that the old roofing has to be in pretty good condition. If you are laying new roofing shingles over an existing roofing system with a ton of leaks or damage, you arent doing yourself any good.

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    Can You Put A New Roof On Top Of An Old Roof

    Most homeowners want to know if it is possible to put a new roof over an old one. The answer is Yes. You can put new shingles over existing shingles that are in good condition.

    However, you can only install new shingles over asphalt shingles that meet the re-roof conditions. Also, you cannot mix materials for instance, you cannot install shingles over wood tiles or slate.

    The process of installing a new roof over an old one is called re-roofing, while tearing off the old roof to install a new one is called roof replacement. However, there are several conditions and factors a roofer will consider before undertaking a re-roof.

    So, you will learn when a re-roof is possible, when you should not re-roof, the benefits of re-roofing, and the disadvantages of re-roofing.

    By Step Application Of Reroofing

    Deck Replacement and Deck Repair

    When using IKO bitumen roof shingles in combination with the best techniques, the renovations of a worn out shingle roof becomes a mostly simple and inexpensive job. Before starting off any project, first check out whether the existing roof shingle layer could remain in place or has to be removed. Depending on local building codes at least three layers of roof shingles can be applied before stripping off the roof shingles is necessary.

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    Can You Put New Shingles On Top Of Old Ones

    Can your new shingles be placed over the top of the old ones? The short answer is yes, you can lay new roof shingles over top of the old ones , but there are other factors to take into consideration.

    There may come a time when your existing roof just isnt doing what it should. Leaks, broken shingles, and a litany of other problems can creep up, bringing you to the conclusion that you need to make a change to your current system.

    How Long Do 30 Year Shingles Really Last

    The expected service life of a 30-year product, if properly cared for, is approximately 25 years. If its not cared for properly, that 30 year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years.

    Can a shingle roof last 30 years?

    Most asphalt shingle roofs will last between 15 and 30 years. However, this can vary based on the climate and weather conditions of where you live. The type of asphalt shingle roof will also influence how long your roof will last. 3-tab shingles typically last between 15 and 20 years.

    Can a shingle roof last 50 years?

    Similarly, 50-year shingles are guaranteed for 50 years they also have enhanced materials to assist with lasting through whatever can be thrown at your roofsevere storms, hail, heatwaves, and more.

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    It Hides Roofing Problems That Make Repairs Difficult

    Any minor problems of your roof can be fixed by a contractor when they are identified early on. But, these problems will stay hidden if another layer of shingles is added on top of the existing one. This can cause repairable minor issues to become worse as time goes by.

    The aesthetic and structural damage caused by an unaddressed roof problem can still be seen after installing new asphalt shingles, as the original layer will tend to retain moisture and break down more quickly. This can rot your decking, while increasing the probability of growing mold and mildew in the house.

    Even then, its still unlikely that your contractor will find the source of the leak. They will have to remove all the existing shingles to see the roof decking, inspect it, and find any current issues.

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    Why Add New Roof Shingles Over Top Of Old Ones

    Installing Wood Shingle Siding

    It might seem like an obvious benefit to having multiple layers of protection on your roof, but that is not automatically true. As a matter of fact, having multiple layers of shingles does not mean that your roof is any more waterproof than it may have been before.

    Also, having multiple roofing layers can create problems all its own. The biggest reason to lay down new shingles over existing ones comes down to a simple matter of convenience and cost. Keeping the old shingles allows you to skip the messy labor and disposal costs of a tear-off.

    It is important to note that both of these have caveats. It isnt as simple as putting the new roof over the top of the old special prep work needs to be done to complete the new installation. Things like removing ridge caps, vents, and misshapen angles are just the tip of the iceberg.

    In addition, you might still have to replace or add new flashing. This can sometimes be tricky to do over old roofing. And the fact is that while you might be saving tear-off costs, you really are just delaying the cost. When you have to start over with a new roof, youll just have to tear it off and start over.

    Putting new roofing over the existing structure is a pay me now or pay me later scenario. You will save on costs in the short term, but you will eventually need to pay for the full cost of a new roof at some point.

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    Reasons Why You Shouldnt Roof Over Old Shingles

  • A new roof probably wont lay down flat. It can be a struggle to get a good fit and lay shingles properly on an already-shingled and uneven roof.
  • Having a second layer over the top of an old roof will prevent roofing pros from seeing the whole picture. Is your underlayment actually in good shape? Is there water damage, holes, or mold that should be addressed? Without removing your existing shingles, the damage could go undetected and this could lead to serious problems in the future.
  • A new layer of shingles can be unnecessarily heavy for your home. Your roof is designed properly for your homes overall structure. Adding more weight can be detrimental to your entire home. For example, cracks in your walls can show up, and your foundation may not be able to withstand the extra weight, causing future issues to develop.
  • Its possible local building codes or HOA restrictions will not allow a second roof to be installed over top of an existing roof.
  • Can You Build A Roof Over An Existing Roof

    You can build a roof over an existing roof. But, to be clear, installing a new roof over an old one is a purely exclusive process for roof materials in the form of shingles, like asphalt, wood, and metal.

    Installing a new roof over an old one is also known as reroofing. Reroofing dates back a few decades ago where a homeowner, after a thorough roof inspection of the roof, decides that well, the top is worn out but is generally still in good condition and:

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    • The decking is not leaking,
    • The roofs framing is intact, and
    • The roof itself does not bear substantial damage

    When a homeowner decides to reroof, he will be trying to avoid:

    • The labor expenses of tearing off the old roof,
    • The cost of disposing of the waste materials, and
    • The mess and clutter of damaged roofing materials.

    In the aftermath of a reroof, the home and the roof will benefit in the following ways:

  • The homes interior will enjoy the advantage of having the extra layer of roof add value to the homes insulation, where air conditioning will be at its best.
  • The roof will benefit from an extra layer of barrier against the climate and its elements.
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    Can I Put A Second Layer Of Shingles On My Roof

    Can I put a second layer of shingles on my roof? You can, but you probably shouldnt! Known as a layover, putting a second layer of shingles on your roof is in most cases inadvisable and a job that Proven Contracting is likely to even turn down. There are many reasons why you shouldnt do spot repairs and should instead replace your roof entirely, but a layover has its own unique set of cons that merit investigation.

    When You Can And Cannot Reroof Over Existing Shingles

    Deck Builders in Buffalo NY for Installation &  Repair

    Your existing layer of roof shingles is deteriorating and you need to get a new roof installed. One question you might have is Can I reroof over existing shingles? The answer is, It depends. State regulations and the condition of your roof both play a role in determining if you need a roof replacement-tear off vs cover over.

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    What Everyone Should Know About The Shingles Vaccine

    Shingles vaccination is the only way to protect against shingles and postherpetic neuralgia , the most common complication from shingles.

    CDC recommends that adults 50 years and older get two doses of the shingles vaccine called Shingrix to prevent shingles and the complications from the disease. Adults 19 years and older who have weakened immune systems because of disease or therapy should also get two doses of Shingrix, as they have a higher risk of getting shingles and related complications.

    Your doctor or pharmacist can give you Shingrix as a shot in your upper arm.

    Shingrix provides strong protection against shingles and PHN. In adults 50 years and older who have healthy immune systems, Shingrix is more than 90% effective at preventing shingles and PHN. Immunity stays strong for at least the first 7 years after vaccination. In adults with weakened immune systems, studies show that Shingrix is 68%-91% effective in preventing shingles, depending on the condition that affects the immune system.

    When You Should Not Put A New Roof Over An Old One

    A thorough roof inspection should precede any roof installation. The roof inspector will determine whether your roof is suitable for a re-roof or a roof replacement.

    Also, you will get a roof inspection report that will have recommendations on whether your roof is suitable for a re-roof or you should consider tearing it off.

    Some of the reasons why your roof might not be suitable for re-roof include

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    Is It Ok To Put New Shingles Over Old

    Yes, you can put new shingles over the existing ones. However, there are factors to consider when deciding whether to place new shingles over the old ones. It is prudent to note that a re-roof is only possible with asphalt shingles but not slate and wood roofs. Additionally, the old shingles should be in good condition. Otherwise, you will be placing a problem on top of another.

    Why a Re-Roof?

    Contrary to what numerous people think, a re-roof do not make a roof more waterproof. You might even invite problems by placing a roof over the other. People often put new shingles over the old ones for convenience and cost. The main aim is to avoid the laborious and expensive task of removing the old shingles.

    Some preparation work must be done before placing new shingles over the others. The preparation work involves removing ridge caps, vents, and deformed shingles. Additionally, you need to replace the flashings of the old roof.

    When Should You Prioritize Tearing Off the Old Roof?

    As said earlier, re-roofing has its share of disadvantages. In some circumstances, you should consider removing the old roof before placing a new roof.

    Here are the reasons to tear off the old roof.

    The Old Roof Leaks

    Installing new shingles over a leaking roof equates to applying lipstick to a pig. If the old roof is leaky, there is no other option, rather tear it off. A professional roofer will mend the existing problem and then install a new roof.

    The Existing Shingles Are Extremely Damaged

    Is It Ok To Roof Over Existing Shingles

    All About White Cedar Shingles | Ask This Old House

    It is not OK to roof over existing shingles most of the time. Roof replacement is a tough decision to make because it requires a lot of money plus time to carry out the job comfortably and delivers a befitting result.

    The answer to whether it is acceptable to roof over an existing roof could be a skeptical maybe or a maybe not. Roof replacement is a tricky and challenging project for many homeowners, and it all depends on your budget.

    This question is not definite because roofing over another is wrong on so many levels as much as we would love to.

    Let us look into the main reason why reroofing is not suitable for your household and your property.

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    In The State Of Florida

    The state of Florida has certain regulations on when a roof needs to be torn off before being replaced versus when it will allow the existing roof to be covered by new roofing materials.

    In Florida, a roofer must remove the existing roofing in the following circumstances:

    • If the roof is water soaked or badly deteriorated
    • If blisters exist in any of the old roofing material.
    • If the existing roof is gravel or of similar material
    • If the existing roof is slate or a similar material
    • If the roofing structure cannot support the weight of an additional layer of roofing material
    • If the existing roof has two or more layers of any type of roofing material

    Lay The Trimmed Shingles

    The first shingle should be centered over the line that you marked with chalk. The shingle should also hang about a quarter of an inch over the roof edge. Secure the shingle with nails one inch from each corner. The next shingle should be placed and secured beside the first one. Continue this until the first row of shingles is complete.

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    Reasons Not To Put Shingles On Top Of Shingles

    However, when it comes to a re-roof, overlaying shingles has become a method of the past. While a repair job can often be more convenient and somewhat more cost-efficient, placing new shingles over old ones is never a good idea.

    Whether repairing one section of roof, or a replacing a whole one, its always best to pull up the old shingles before putting down the new ones.

    Cover The Old Shingles

    Deck Builders in Buffalo NY for Installation &  Repair

    Install a layer of roofing felt over the roof before you begin installing the new shingles. The felt should be secured every six inches with nails or staples. The layers of felt should be overlapped by 1 inch as you work toward the roof ridge. This will help keep any moisture from getting under the felt. You may want to wear work gloves to avoid injuring your hand or developing blisters.

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