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Ladder Platform Shingle Hoist Rental

Importance Of A Ladder Hoist

Gap Power Shingle Hoist Setup

Top quality ladder hoists can cost as much as $2000 or more. They come with an extended portion and have an electric platform that can be raised at the touch of a button. No more tiresome climbing and accidental slips off the ladder. Nonetheless, such high quality ladders are mostly used only for roofing jobs or roof painting tasks. It would not be advisable to store a thousand dollar ladder in your backyard for most of the mundane tasks you will be using it for. For more simple things like getting the cat down or retrieving your autographed football, just use a simple, solid ladder.

Why Choose A Platform Hoist

Manually carrying materialsespecially heavy or bulky itemsputs you and your workers at high risk of injury. The price for medical leave, workers compensation claims, and OSHA fines for non-compliance with regulations is high. Cut your risk and your costs with a Safety Hoist power ladder.

A boom truck or extended forklift requires special training and a license to operate, making it difficult to rent for small jobs. Because it is prone to cause property damage, your expenses can add up quickly. A boom truck also places material where the truck can reach, which is not always where you need it. Eliminate the need for special training and the risk of property damage with a Safety Hoist shingle elevator.

A roofing conveyor needs a lot of space. Like a boom truck, it requires special training, making it difficult to rent for small jobs. It, too, has the potential for producing property damage, causing this to be another expensive choice for moving roofing materials. Save space, eliminate the cost of repairing driveways and landscaping, and tackle any size job with a Safety Hoist shingle lift.

Taylor Rental / Party Plus Of Orange & Branford Ct

  • Manufacturer: Reimann & Georger Corp.
  • Model Number: Pro400

The most economical, safe and labor saving method of raising materials to the roof on residential and commercial jobsites. Highly efficient hoist is more cost-effective than a crane, forklift or boom truck by RGC.

ServingOrange, CTBranford, CTMonroe, CTAnsonia, CTBeacon Falls, CTBethany, CTBridgeport, CTClinton, CTDerby, CTEast Haven, CTEaston, CTFairfield, CTFairfield CountyGuilford, CTHamden, CTKillingworth, CTMadison, CTMiddlesex CountyMilford, CTNaugatuck, CTNew Haven, CTNew Haven, CountyNew London, CountyNewton, CTNorth Branford, CTNorth Haven, CTOxford, CTSeymour, CTShelton, CTStratford, CTTrumbull, CTWest Haven, CTWoodbridge, CT

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Classic 200 Lb Platform Hoist

The RGC 200 lbs Classic Platform Hoist is safe, reliable, and easy to use. This platform ladder hoist has a 200 lbs. lifting capacity, various equipment and accessory options, and is a hoist that roofers and contractors have trusted for more than 75 years to get the job done. The RGC Classic 200 Platform Ladder Hoist islLightweight and cost effective, and super easy to assemble with no special tools required. Choose between a 16-foot, 28-foot or 44-foot height option.

Renting A Ladder Hoist

Shingle Hoist, Laddervator 27

For the ones who are still interested in getting a ladder hoist, the smartest option will be ladder hoist rental. Most of the time, the only situations you will definitely need that piece of equipment for will be roofing jobs. These typically last a day to a week and are nearly always pre-planned. Unlike the other scenarios, you will not run into a time where you suddenly decide to repaint your rooftop. As such, you can simply plan out a schedule and opt for a ladder hoist rental.

Ladder hoist rental carries with it a few distinct advantages. As mentioned above, it will cost you some money only during the time you need it. You can save on the hefty cost of the ladder and do not need to worry about maintaining and oiling it as well. In addition, ladder hoist rental ensures that you will not need to acquire extra storage space to keep the bulky tool once you are done with it.

Ladder hoist rental services can usually be obtained from local rental stores or DIY shops. Search through the yellow pages to find out which nearby company offers ladder hoist rental services. Call a few up and see if they can fulfill your requirements. Different companies might have different stands on the prices, duration of rental and other fees. Inquire well before making a final decision.

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Ladder Lifts For Lifting Roofing Materials

GEDA USAs original guided wire rope ladder hoist is used by roofers, construction workers and scaffolders because it provides easy, reliable transport for interior work, refurbishment or repairs on flat-roof buildings. Crafted from durable, sturdy aluminum and steel wire rope, the ladder hoist easily transports roof shingles, construction materials and solar panels.

Roof repairs, interior renovations and other work requiring bulk load delivery can be made safer and more efficient with the GEDA USAs guided rope ladder hoist. There are multiple load receptacles for different types of equipment or building materials. Ladder hoists are proven to save time and effort on the jobsite.

Ladder Hoist Models For Roofing/construction Materials

Choose from the two-speed GEDA Fixlift 250 or the one-speed GEDA Lift 200 Standard or 250 Comfort, depending on your project requirements. Load-bearing capacity depends on the type of aluminum ladder sections, their inclination, and their total length. Options include:

  • Ladder hoist section with a useful load of 330 lbs/440 lbs
  • Reinforced ladder sections with a load-bearing capacity of 440 lbs/551 lbs

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Safety Hoist Is Simplesafeaffordableenvironmentally Friendlyhighest Qualitylight And Durableversatiledependablethe Industry Leader

1. Highest Quality – Other material hoists on the market are made using low quality parts imported from outside the US, causing the product to break and require maintenance frequently. Our laddervators are made using only the highest quality parts available and are manufactured entirely in the USA. Unlike our competitors, our team’s sole focus is on manufacturing material lifts and accessories, so you know you are getting a quality product.

2. Reliable Engines – Other material hoists on the market use cheap engines made outside of the USA. Our engines are supplied solely by Honda, the most trusted name in industrial engines, so you know you are getting a product you can count on. Should something go wrong with your Honda engine, you will be covered under warranty for three years!

3. Extended Warranties – Other material hoists on the market offer warranties between 30-90 days. We manufacture a product we stand behind and have confidence in, which is why we are proud to offer a 1 year warranty on all of our hoists. We also offer a repair program for the life span of your hoist which makes getting repairs and maintenance done a quick and affordable process.

4. Quicker Service – Other material hoists on the market take up to 90 days to be built and shipped out. We understand that when the need arises, you will want your hoist ASAP, which is why we keep inventory in stock and offer same day shipping on single lift orders as well as parts.

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