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What To Use To Remove Shingles Scars

How Can I Prevent Chickenpox Scars

How to Get Rid of Shingles | Shingles Treatment at Home

During your chickenpox outbreak, there are certain preventive measures that you can take to avoid the formation of scars. Some of these tips are:

  • Avoid scratching the affected areas Use a soothing lotion on the blisters to help tackle the urge to itch.
  • Use creams to avoid any damage to the skin while scratching.
  • A cool oatmeal bath can provide relief from the itchy blisters.

Causes Of Shingles Scars

Shingles are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox.

Shingles can occur in anyone who has had chickenpox. But its more common in older adults, people with weak immune systems, and those taking medications that suppress the immune system .

The varicella-zoster virus remains in your body after youve had chickenpox. Usually, it lies dormant and harmless, hidden away from the immune system in your nerve roots near your spine or brain stem.

But sometimes the virus reactivates years later, generally when your bodys immune system starts to weaken with age or illness, causing shingles. The pain associated with shingles results from inflammation of the nerves that carry sensation to part of your skin and is often accompanied by a rash that spreads over one side of your chest, abdomen, or back.

How Is The Diagnosis Of Shingles Made

Balloon like cells seen from a microscopic evaluation of blister fluid.

A complete skin exam is the most common way to make the diagnosis of shingles. Sometimes blister fluid may be cultured or sampled for its cellular makeup. Affected cells tend to form clumps in a balloon pattern. If there still a doubt as to the diagnosis, we can biopsy the rash to determine the exact etiology.

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How To Get Rid Of Shingle Scars

Fact Checked

Shingles is a virus that causes a serious rash. The condition results in burning, itching and blood-filled blisters, according to MayoClinic.com 1. Shingles typically develops as a band of blisters around the chest. When the blisters break, shingles scarring may occur as a normal part of the healing process. Fortunately, there are several procedures that can minimize the appearance of shingles scarring.

Undergo a scar revision procedure. This procedure remodels the skin to minimize the appearance of shingle scars. If your scars are itchy or painful, this procedure will help, according to the American Academy of Dermatology 4.

Use soft tissue fillers if shingle scars have a depressed appearance. Your dermatologist will inject fat or collagen, mixed with hyaluonic acid, into the scarred skin. As a result, the skin will appear smoother and have a better appearance, according to the American Academy of Dermatology 4.

Request a punch excision procedure. Your dermatologist will surgically cut out the shingle scar. New skin is grafted to the area to minimize the scars appearance. The stitches used to close the scarred area are usually removed within several days, according the American Academy of Dermatology 4. Ask your doctor if your shingles scar is a good candidate for the procedure.


Cosmetic procedures are costly. Discuss procedure cost with your doctor to assist in planning for the expense.


Silicone Gels Or Sheets

Pin on plexus

Silicone gels and sheets can be used on healing skin, not open wounds. Theyre soft- and flexible-style gels or sheets that are applied like a self-adhesive dressing. Theyre designed to help soften the skin and flatten the scar.

Worn daily, they can be washed and reused for up to 3 months. You dont need a prescription they can be bought over the counter at your local store.

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Are Shingles Contagious

Shingles are not as contagious as highly contagious chickenpox. Chickenpox can be inherited from the baby in their early months. However, shingles are contagious too. Youd better avoid exposing your virus to others.

Before treatment, you need to understand that shingles are a viral infection that can not be treated with antibiotics. Antiviral medication usually treats only rashes on the skin. However, you can remove the shingles and shingles pain with some natural home remedies. Here are the top 10 home remedies to get rid of shingles fast.

What Not To Do

As your shingles blisters start to scab, be sure not to:

  • Touch or scratch your scabs. This can break the scabs and cause scarring. You might also introduce harmful bacteria into your skin that can cause an infection.
  • Use thick ointments. Thick ointments will keep the scabs moist, which may increase the risk of infection. Try to keep your scabs dry instead.
  • Wrap your scabs. Avoid bandages or dressings, which can stick to your scabs. Its best to keep them uncovered and dry.
  • Wear tight clothes. Tight, restrictive clothing will rub against the scabs and further irritate your skin.

Even as your blisters start to scab, you might still develop new ones for about a week. Thats why its essential to keep protecting your skin as it heals.

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How Do Scars Form

A scar forms as part of the natural healing process following an injury. When the dermis the second layer of skin is damaged, your body forms collagen fibers to repair the damage, resulting in a scar.

In most cases, the faster a wound heals, the less collagen will be deposited, and the less noticeable the scar will be.

Typically, the severity of the scar is based on the severity of the injury or damage. They form differently on different parts of the body and based on the age of the injured person.

How Effective Is Fractional Co2 Laser Vs Infini Rf For Acne Scars

How to treat shingles

Good questions! I agree with Dr Chuas reply on the pros and cons of Fractional CO2 lasers versus Infini RF. In addition, I would like to address your question on the ideal length of time between subcision and Infini RF treatments. The ideal interval between treatments is 4-6 weeks. This is to allow for adequate skin recovery. Hope that this answers your questions!

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How Common Are Shingles

Shingles are a common problem. It affects about 1 in every 3 Americans. The risk of getting shingles increases as you get older.

You can get shingles at any age, including during childhood however, the risk of getting shingles decreases as you get older. Shingles are rare in children younger than age 5 years and uncommon in children ages 6 to 15 years old.

Prevention Of Shingles Scars

  • Using black abil powder on healing scabs can also be helpful in healing shingles scars.
  • Aloe vera gel works well with all scars and that includes shingles scars.
  • Cocoa butter and wheat grass are examples of other good remedies.
  • Try not to scratch and burst blisters while you still have them in order to avoid the occurrence of scars.

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Types Of Chickenpox Scars

Not all of these scars are permanent, and many of them fade over time. Cosmetic intervention can even help treat permanent scars. Listed below are the two main types of chickenpox scars:

  • Atrophic Scars: These pitted scars are caused by skin inflammation, where the collagen in the skin becomes damaged, causing improper healing and depressed scars.
  • Light Round Marks: Compared to atrophic scars, these marks are less severe in nature and resemble post acne marks which may be light red or brown in colour. In a few cases, the scars are elevated from the surface of the skin.

# Scars are common though not many know that based on the injury, they fall under different types. Watch this video to learn more about this.

Do Shingles Leave Scars

How To Remove Shingles Scars

Although shingles typically heal on their own within two weeks without any conventional medical treatment other than rest and pain medications or natural pain remedies, some people experience long-term scarring after the infection resolves.

If you experience scarring after shingles, the scars may be red or purple and may take a long time to fade. These scars do not hurt, but they leave marks on the skin where there were none before, and it is natural to want them to fade away. The above natural remedies can help during the healing process to make scarring less of a possibility. Consistency is key when using a natural product to help fade scars.

For an excellent natural scar removal product formulated with some of the ingredients listed above with high ratings on Amazon:

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Will Shingles Scars Go Away By Themselves Or Are They Permanent

Shingles are a viral infection that causes painful blisters on the skin. The blisters are typically located on one side of the body, most commonly in the torso, face and ears. Shingles can be treated with antiviral medications, but theres no cure for the virus. It can recur later in life.

There are two kinds of shingles scars:

  • Hypertrophic scars

Keloid scars form when your body creates extra collagen to heal the wound. This results in thickened scar tissue that can grow beyond the original wound site. Keloid scars may also be red or purple in color. They may itch or hurt and could get infected if scratched or picked at.

Hypertrophic scars are raised above the skin surface, but not as much as keloids do. Hypertrophic scars usually appear within three months after an injury such as surgery or burns however, some people develop them years after trauma has occurred even decades later!

Where Does A Shingles Eruption Usually Occur

The trunk and chest is the most frequently affected area followed by the lower back, face, neck and buttocks. Widespread shingles can also occur and is considered a life threatening emergency. This can be seen in infants or those with a very suppressed immune capacity. When shingles affects the nose or the cheek, one must be concerned about the potential for eye involvement. This is because those nerves which innervate the face and nose can also send signals to the eye. Dr. Harvey may recommend that an ophthalmologist be consulted if a group of small, clustered blisters appears on your nose or forehead.

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Aloe Vera And Honey To Get Rid Of Shingles Scars

We all know that aloe vera is enriched with antiviral, antifungal and skin healing properties, while honey is also is rich in antibacterial, antimicrobial and wound healing properties. Hence a combination of both can do wonder in treating Shingles Scars and eradicating scars.

Take 3-4 aloe vera leaves and 1 tbsp honey. Mix the aloe vera pulp and honey in a bowl and make a paste. You can use the paste on the concerned area twice a day to get quick and best results.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shingles

shingles: discharge instructions for patients

Shingles-occurring in a dermatome or an area of the skin characterized by a nerve group.

The main symptoms are burning and itching. This often occurs in a localized region of the skin that is defined by a nerve grouping. Discomfort usually begins one to two days before the shingles rash develops. Fever, chills, cough or headache may accompany initial symptoms. When the rash is fully developed, it is characterized by a clustered group of blister. Blisters occur over a dermatome or segment of the skin that is defined by a localized group of nerve fibers. They can last up to two to three weeks depending on the immune status of the affected individual. Pus can also be noted in the blisters, however, this is only temporary because the blisters usually crust over and disappear by seven to ten days.

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Will Shingles Go Away Without Treatment

Shingles, or herpes zoster, is a painful rash caused by the varicella-zoster virus . This is the same virus that causes chickenpox.

This virus remains dormant in a part of your nervous system called the dorsal root ganglion. It can be reactivated during times of stress or illness, or when the immune system is weakened by an autoimmune disease or cancer.

The risk of developing shingles is relatively low for healthy young adults about 4 out of 1,000 people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Its much higher for those above age 60. Shingles affects about 1 out of 100 people in this older age group, the CDC says.

Generally, a case of shingles rash resolves within 3 to 4 weeks. It can resolve without treatment, but antiviral treatment can shorten both the duration and severity of the rash.

Conventional Medical Treatments For Shingles

Shingles is usually treated in Western medicine with antiviral medications such as valacyclovir , famciclovir , and acyclovir .

These drugs can help shorten the duration of the illness and may also help relieve some of the pain associated with shingles. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and local anesthetics may also be used to treat the pain caused by shingles. In some cases, corticosteroids may be prescribed to reduce the inflammation associated with the condition.

All of these treatments involve lengthy lists of possible unwanted side effects that need to be researched well before taking these drugs.

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When Should You See A Healthcare Provider For Shingles

If you experience persistent pain or a widespread itchy rash on the body or face, you should reach out to your healthcare provider. The National Institute of Aging recommends that you see your healthcare provider no later than three days after the rash or skin pain has appeared.

Early diagnosis and treatment are vital to reducing your risk for complications, helping you to heal quicker and reduce the potential for scarring.

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How To Remove Shingles Scars

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Scars And Skin Problems After Shingles


Because I have scars from shingles and some worrisome red blotchy areas, where the shingles were, I did some research today. According to my research, shingles scars tend to be deep red or even purple. The scars can lay flat against the skin though some, like mine, can be raised or even pitted. I read that cooked oatmeal cooled to a soft stage, can be applied directly to the skin and rubbed into it. Rub in the oatmeal for 15-20 minutes per day. It is said by many that this process will fade or eliminate shingles scars. Rubbing the oatmeal into the skin everyday, some claim, will not only help scarring but also it will ease neuralgia pain and itching. I’m going to try this oatmeal treatment. Hopefully, it will help.

0 likes, 28 replies

  • 5 years ago

    Yes. You just cook the oatmeal as you normally would to eat it.

    Then, let it cool and rub it into your shingles scars or in the area where you have nerve pain for 15 or 20 minutes every day. I don’t know if it will work but according to a lot of people it does help to reduce the scars and pain.

  • 5 years ago


    You are correct that oatmeal will definitely help with the itching and burning of neuralgia, although the effect is temporary. As soon as the oatmeal is removed, the itching returns. Having had severe itching due to allergic reactions to medications involving my entire body, I would take oatmeal baths 3x per day.

    I am uncertain if it helps resolve the redness.

    Best Wishes

  • Other Treatments For Chickenpox Marks

    • Topical Creams: Scars removal creams and ointments, can be used to improve the colour, texture, and overall appearance of the scar. These ointments can help make the scars less noticeable. However, the creams are ineffective on deep pitted chickenpox scars.
    • Silicone Sheets: Silicone sheets specifically designed for raised chickenpox scars can be used to flatten, shrink, and fade both new and old scars. The silicone sheets hydrate the scar tissue and over time the scars fade and soften. To see positive results, you will have to use the silicone sheets daily for six months.
    • Exfoliation: Exfoliating the skin with chemical peels or microdermabrasion helps to get rid of the skins upper layers, which makes the chickenpox scars less visible.
    • Sunscreen: Applying a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen with SPF 30 daily will help in faster fading of the scar by preventing pigmentation due to sun exposure, making it less visible over time.

    If you have tried the options above without gaining the desired results, it might be due to the nature of the scars as well as the body area affected by them. It is advisable to seek professional treatments by visiting an experienced dermatologist.

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