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Samantha Smallwood

a year ago

Awesome place!! It’s clean, the people are friendly and professional and best of all, you can tell the vet is in this business for the animals! They helped us out when we had a Thanksgiving emergency and we are SO grateful to them for that!!Thank you Shingle Springs Vet Clinic! ????

Edward Leach

a year ago

I have had used shingle springs vet clinics since 2017 when we moved to Shingle springs, Dr. Bader has seen two of our horses, both our Dogsand has answered many questions on the rest of our farm animals health over the phone through his professional staff. One of our Dogs had a bowel obstruction from eating a sock that required surgical intervention When we brought Kate our French mastiff home we got a phone call the next day inquiring how Kate was doing after being under general anesthesia. I would recommend shingle Springs veterinary clinic especially Dr. Bader to any of my friends with animals.

Charllee Dodson

a year ago

Cholo Roseville

a year ago

Well to make story short. An employee came in early to save the day. Very happy with the fact that they did that. I appreciate u guys. Thank u JAYKLINN. Oh anddd. What quik professional work u did on the blood draw

Sally Kasper

a year ago

Caitlin Allen

a year ago

Sophia Cordova

a year ago

The staff are lovely and it was reassuring to see how they handled my dog and paid close attention to her body language. They were patient with us, and made sure she was comfortable as possible.

Emergency Vet Care Specialist In Shingle Springs

Vet Pet Rescue veterinary staff commit their heart and soul to every pet’s betterment and long life that ends up in their medication. Furthermore, they have a long history of offering much-needed Emergency Care To Pets in need. With years of skill, multiple skill sets in pet health, and a shared vow to the human-animal bond, their veterinarians are truly committed.

In What Languages Is The Tele Consultation Available

Currently our Vets provide consultation in Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada & Telugu languages. Please choose your preferred language during the appointment scheduling. We are in the process of adding Vets from other states to our panel and the list of languages will soon include Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia & other languages.

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What To Expect At A Shingle Springs Caemergency Animal Hospital

When you arrive at the emergency vet clinic in Shingle Springs, CA, a specialist will conduct a full physical examination of your pet. This may include their breathing rate, heart rate, temperature as well as bloodwork, and a physical exam if they are injured.

Additionally they will evaluate your pets gum color, mental state, their ability to walk ,skin, abdomen and possibly a chest evaluation.

If your pet is injured then expect X-rays to be done as well as further evaluations of possible broken bones, cracked ribs and signs of pain or bleeding.

If your pet comes to an emergency vet because they are sick or maybe ate something they should not have, then expect bloodwork and urine and fecal samples to be taken.

Your veterinarian will need to know details of what happened, what they ate, when they ate it so that they can properly care for your pet. The more details you can provide the faster your emergency vet can provide the care your pet needs.

Shingle Springs Emergency Tests Diagnostics

Experienced Vet

Vet Pet Rescue experienced veterinarians provide the highest-quality help and attentiveness. All Hospitalized Pets are kept in a specific cure area where they are carefully monitored. Vet Pet Rescue veterinarian team is experienced in providing surgical, diagnostic, and medical care for pets to ensure a remarkable result. At an Emergency Veterinary Clinic, they give the latest diagnostics and testing for urgent care pet patients.

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What Are The Benefits Of Online Or Tele Consultation

  • You need not plan a physical visit to a Vet’s clinic/ hospital.
  • No need to prepare your pet for the travel to the clinic.
  • No prior bookings/ appointments or travel plans required.
  • Saves your time and money by eliminating your travel time & fuel expenses.
  • Available when you need an immediate consultation or advice when clinics are not open.
  • Easily accessible if you need a second opinion or advice.
  • We Now Have Our Own Online Pharmacy

    If your pet needs any food or medications, we want to make sure you know about our online pharmacy. You can have these items shipped directly to your home, often with no shipping costs. Additional steps have been taken to ensure we are able to ship your orders in a safe and timely manner. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we recommend looking at your current supply of food and medication and placing any orders well before you run out.

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    Shingle Springs Pet Emergency Care

    Not every health problem your pet encounters will want emergency Medical Help. With some diseases, symptoms may mature slowly or look minor on the outside, making it challenging to settle if instant medical care is needed. If you feel your pet may need Emergency Medical Care, you can always approach Vet Pet Rescue veterinarians.

    Shingle Springs Emergency Vet Hospital

    Woman speaks after 300 animals were pulled from her Shingle Springs home

    If you live in Shingle Springs or California and want emergency pet care for your dog or cat, you can advance towards Vet Pet Rescue team of veterinarians at an emergency animal hospital in Shingle Springs. Their aim is to provide a total Pet Health Care setting with high customer service, promising that the needs of your pets like , spaying and neutering, etc, and their customers are met. Vet Pet Rescue team of veterinarians gives a wide variety of emergency services for your vets.

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    Shingle Springs Ca Veterinarians

    From routine wellness exams, vaccinations, spays and neuters, to treatments for dental care, illness, surgeries and much more, we are here to take care of you and your pets. Whether you are new to us, new to the 95682 area, or new to pet ownership, our goal is to provide outstanding veterinary care for you and your pet.

    Our core values are based on safety, compassion, honesty, integrity, teamwork, service excellence and the highest standards of veterinary care for your pet. We strive on a daily basis to achieve our values in everything that we do. We know you have many choices for veterinary care. We are thankful for the chance to share in your pets health and wellness care needs.

    When to Seek Immediate Shingle Springs, CA Veterinary Attention:

    Trained Pet Doctors In Shingle Springs California

    Speaking of good pet care, a Shingle Springs veterinary hospital is just as good as the staff and doctors that operate it. The same goes for vet clinics as well. However a hospital employs a larger staff and has more experienced specialists in its fleet capable of handling all pet emergencies.

    If your pet has a specific medical condition or disease, it is always a good idea to check with the local Shingle Springs veterinary hospital for all the types of pet services they provide. A pets health and well being is the pet owners responsibility and in situations like these it is always advisable to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.

    Training among veterinarians also varies. Although specialty training is not required to administer emergency and critical care, some vets pursue internships or residency programs to obtain additional experience. Some also become Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, which requires an additional three years of intense training in treating life-threatening conditions after receiving a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Simply call the toll free number to talk immediately with a kind receptionist.
  • We will help get you and your pet fast local service.
  • If you have any questions or concerns we are always available.
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    How Does Online Consultation Take Place

    After the payment, we will schedule an appointment for a chat, call or video call via Whatsapp. The Vet will then discuss the issue over call or video call as required. The vet might also ask for clear photos of the pet’s body or infected area for a better diagnosis. In case the Vet prescribes medicines, the prescription will be sent via whatsapp and/ or email.

    Vet Pet Rescue Offers Emergency Vet Care As Well As Routine Veterinary Services For Your Pets Get A First

    Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic 4211 Sunset Ln Ste 101, Shingle ...

    Vet Pet Rescue emergency specialists and staff are dedicated to Emergency Treatment To Cure Your Pet in the most serious situations. Their emergency section is run by the best staff in Shingle Springs. Their licensed veterinary specialists are very experienced and can give emergency medicine in critical cases. They have the biggest group of emergency Veterinary Care Doctors in Shingle Springs. They’ll arrange with you a decent veterinarian to guarantee that the right nourishment carries on during the perilous situation of your pet.

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    Full Service Emergency Vet

    Most veterinary clinics in Shingle Springs simply do not have the right equipment to conduct detailed scans and x-rays on a pet. Hence they always recommend that a pet be examined at a hospital for any serious medical condition or symptoms. A veterinary hospital can accommodate different types of pets. They have the capability to conduct in-depth brain scans and X-rays of all parts of the body to identify potential fractures, broken bones and/or diseases.

    Whatever type of provider you choose for your pet, be warned that emergency services might take a chunk out of your wallet. Veterinarians and members interviewed for this story acknowledged that emergency care for pets can be quite costly due to factors like round-the-clock staffing technology that may include ultrasound machines, oxygen cages or fluid pumps and medicine or supplies. The costs for care vary depending on the case, but most require a fee for the initial exam.

    At the Shingle Springs Pet Emergency Clinic, the base fee is $79, but $110 is not uncommon in California. The American Veterinary Medical Association says there is no standard model for the industry, but some emergency vets require payment before treatment. Thirty-four percent of poll respondents reported paying between $251 and $500 for an emergency visit. Sixteen percent spent as much as $1,000 or more.

    Mother Lode Pet Emergency Clinic

    Level of trust in their decision making How well the veterinarian listens and answers questions Spends appropriate amount of time with youHow well the veterinarian explained medical conditionsGot urgent care appointment as soon as you neededVeterinarian talked to about preventative careReceptionists at this office courteous and helpfulWould you recommend this veterinarian to friends and family

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    Emergency Vets In Shingle Springs Ca

    Are you looking for an emergency veterinarian in Atlanta Georgia? Emergencies can happen at all times of the day.

    Our pets can get sick or hurt to the point that our regular veterinarian cannot care for them. In some cases you will need to find an emergency vet or animal hospital near you.

    If you do not know of an ER Vet near you, your Shingle Springs, CAveterinarian can help guide you. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, then time is of the essence.

    You need to get them seen as quickly as possible. For that reason we can contact you contact to your closest emergency vet or animal hospital.

    What Our Customers Say

    Right Into the Horse’s Mouth!

    Unfortunately Ive had to bring my pup in twice however, the vets and staff have been very helpful.

    The office is very clean and the waiting room is spacious. There is a play area for kiddos if youre there with your little one. Free coffee drinks and tea if youre waiting. They do go out of their way to make you comfortable in a stressful situation.

    Chris R., Shingle Springs, CA

    What a sweet vet! I knew from the moment Doctor walked into the room that my sweet 10 week old kitten was in the right place!

    She knelt down on the floor, showed her love and affection all while still letting her explore and giving her a nice little well check. If theres anything in the world that I want for my fur babies its that they dont hate or fear the vet and I love that heartfelt is ensuring this from such a young age!

    Missy L., Shingle Springs, CA

    We adopted a shelter dog with plenty of issues, and weve been bringing him to VCA NoPo for about 10 years. Theyve been totally supportive and helpful through all the ups and downs. The staff, technicians, and doctors are all very professional, and caring.

    Debbie S., Shingle Springs, CA

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    Do You Provide Home Visits Or At

    Yes, some of the vets on our panel provide online consultation, in-clinic consultation, and also home visits. But this service is LIMITED to only few cities in India. Kindly call us on +91-91122-03399 in case you wish to avail at-home visit or services like Vaccinations, Blood Sample Collection etc. In case the service is available in your area, we will definitely assist you with that.

    When Is Online Consultation With A Vet Recommended

    Video or Tele consultation with a Vet is best for secondary veterinary opinion, pet behavioral consultation, health & wellbeing, food/ diet & nutrition, skin & fur related issues, minor injuries, puppy upbringing advice, senior dogs care & guidance, lifestyle & exercise. It can be used in any scenario where you are unsure about the health and well being of your pet. We don’t recommend taking a chance when it comes to your pet’s health by delaying the treatment or try self-medication or hit & trial remedies published over the internet.

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    Local Veterinarian Offers Unique Services At His Emergency Clinic In Shingle Springs

    Shingle Springs Emergency Veterinary is located at 4211 Sunset Lane, Suite 101, Shingle Springs, Calif. 95682

    To contact Shingle Springs Emergency Veterinary call -677-0390 or by email at .

    Your pets and animals are in good hands at Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic. An alternative approach with holistic medicine, along with conventional and emergency services makes the clinic something different for customers.

    Veterinarian Dean Bader, 75, of Placerville, is a career veterinarian who has been practicing his profession for 50 years. Bader, a graduate of Kansas State University, is originally from Nebraska and moved to Southern California soon after college. He spent time traveling back and forth in his early years from Nebraska to California until he moved to El Dorado County where he has been practicing veterinary services for 30 years now.

    I began in the profession because when I was younger our neighbor owned a mobile veterinary service and I would go with him to ranches. That is what got me inspired to get into the profession, Bader said. When I moved to Placerville I took over Dr. Tat Eserys clinic who passed away that same year. Four years ago I purchased the local Mother Lode Clinic and added to the already existing services we offer.

    The community and his reputation is a big reason Bader is so busy these days. He is grateful for the support in the area.

    Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic And Emergency

    Experienced Vet

    The site administrator will act on your review and you will receive an email correspondingly.

    • Location: Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic and Emergency, Sunset Lane, Shingle Springs, CA, USAGet Directions
    • Formatted Address: 4211 Sunset Ln #101, Shingle Springs, CA 95682, USA
    • Street Address: 101,4211,Sunset Lane,Shingle Springs
    • City:El Dorado County

    Talk to an Experienced Veterinary Practitioner from the comfort of your home on Chat, Voice or Video Call and discuss anything related you your Pet’s Health, Behavior, Diet & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellbeing for just 199.

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    What Does An Emergency Vet Visit In Shingle Springs Cacost

    The cost of an emergency vet in Shingle Springs, CAwill depend on the type of treatment your pet needs. For example, an overnight stay at an animal hospital can really run up your bill.

    The average treatment on minor emergency care can be between $1,000 $3,000 per visit. If you have a dog that blew out its knee, the cost ofsurgeryalone can run as high as $5,000.

    A blocked cat can be between $3,000 $7,000 for surgery and after care.

    The cost of your vet visit will depend on the reason for your visit and the length of that visit. If you have a dog for example that was hit by a car, your emergency veterinarian will most likely have them stay a few days and nights to be monitored. The constant care to save their life is what causes the price to increase.

    For more severe problems, additional specialist may be needed or called in from other emergency vets near Shingle Springs, CA.Diagnostics, x-rays, IV fluids, medications and monitoring equipment, all add to the cost of caring for your pet while they are at an animal hospital.

    Some pet insurance will cover the cost of an emergency vet visit, but for those without pet insurance there are other payment options available.

    You will want to speak to your vet about what options you have, because most will require full payment before you are able to leave.

    Emergency Veterinary Group In Shingle Springs

    Vet Pet Rescue 24-hour, 7-days-a-week emergency veterinarians responsibly serving the pets and families in Shingle Springs and close groups. Their mission is to give the top emblem of Emergency Vet Services possible, with a concentration on making your pet’s experience, and yours, as cozy as possible. Pet emergencies are troubling, therefore, they ensure that their treatment shouldn’t be. They take a new strategy, making their excellent emergency vets approachable to you and your pet as soon as you necessitate them. When you call them, a vet will attend the phone and guide you relevantly. Their Veterinary Specialists will be available to take your pet into remedy instantly. If you want, you can stay by your pet’s side throughout the procedure.

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