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How Many Sq Ft In Shingles Bundle

How Many Shingles Come In A Bundle

Bundles per SQ

You usually purchase shingles by the bundle. Standard shingles are 12 by 36 inches and come 29 to a package. Most shingles come 3 bundles to a square which is equal to 100 square feet. So, each bundle provides about 33 square feet of coverage. Your contractor will calculate how many shingles youll need for the job.

How Much Does It Cost To Shingle A 1100 Square Foot House

Average cost to replace a roof based on house size: 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000. 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to $6,500. 1,500 square feet: $5,500 to $8,000.

How many shingles do I need for a 1000 square foot house?

Since there are twenty six shingles in a bundle of twenty year shingles , divide the result by twenty six. For the number of ridge caps, multiply the length of the hip or ridge by twelve and divide it by five. This house is 1000 square feet. It requires 18 squares of shingles.

How much does a shingle roof cost for a 1200 sq ft house?

Roof Shingle Cost per Square Foot

Size of roof

Can I Reshingle my own roof?

The truth is, anyone can replace their own roof, with the help of the many DIY websites. For residential houses, roof replacements typically take two days the first day to remove the old roof, and the second day is to install the new one. A day or two more can be necessary depending on the size of the roof.

Looking For A Roof Measurement Report

skyroofadmin Aerial Roof MeasurementRoof measurementSatellite Roof Measurement

Installing a new roof is a capital intensive affair that requires you to establish your budget in advance. Thankfully, it is easy to estimate the costs by calculating the roof area and then using the sum to determine the cost of shingles per square foot.

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What Else Impacts The Cost Of Your New Roof

Now you know how to roughly calculate your roofs square footage. And dont forget to plug that number into our roof calculator to get a rough estimate for your roof replacement.

Remember, the number of squares your roof has is one of the biggest cost factors for your replacement. But to truly understand what goes into the size of your investment, you need to know the other important factors that impact the cost of your new roof.

Because a roof replacement is such a sizable investment, we want every homeowner to understand what exactly factors into the final cost. Thats why we wrote another article breaking down the 9 factors that impact the cost of your new roof.

Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has proudly helped homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas with all of their roofing needs. Giving you a positive and educational experience during a stressful time is our main goal. Even if you decide were not the right fit, at least youll have the knowledge needed to make the right decisions.

Check out this article on 9 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your New Roof to learn how a roofing contractor comes up with the final number for your replacement estimate.

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How Many Nails Required

How Many Sq Ft Does A Package Of Shingles Cover

After you are done calculating the total square footage, you need to determine the number of nails you will need.

Usually 4 nails are used per shingle. As mentioned earlier, shingles come in three tabs, which means you would need around 1,120 nails/sq.

If you live in a high windy area, then you will need 6 nails per shingle, which brings the count to 1,680 nails/sq.

This calculation is based on 280 shingle squares, according to the gable roof measurement. For the right nailing pattern, refer to the instructions that comes with the shingles.

And this is how you measure your roof area and the number of shingles and nails needed. If you are looking for more informatory articles such as this, then visit Epic Home Ideas.

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Roof Structural Components: Framing And Sheathing

These are the structural components to examine. The usual sign of problems is a sagging or uneven condition. Your ridge line should be straight and not sag. If its swooping down between rafters, your sheathing may be at fault.

If its sagging on the ridge line, you might have foundation damage. Check inside the home under the sag for cracking drywall and doors that drag.

How To Measure A Roof

To measure a roof, you will need to secure a ladder safely to your roof so that you can climb up and get accurate measurements using a measuring tape. If you are unable to secure a ladder to your roof, then you should find a friend or family member you can stand at the base of the ladder and hold it to prevent it from moving. Wear sturdy boots to climb up the ladder onto the roof, and ideally, wear a construction helmet.

Once you are on the roof, you will need to measure the length and the width of the roof. Take care when walking across your roof to not damage the roof and also to prevent yourself from falling off the roof and sustaining injuries.

Take a note of both the length and width of the roof in feet. Once you are back on solid ground, you can multiply these two numbers together to find the total square footage of the roof. For example, if your roof is 80 feet wide and 25 feet long, then you will do the calculation of 80 multiplied by 25, which would give you the result of 2000 square feet.

Once you have the total area of your roof in square feet, it is a simple calculation to find out how many squares your roof has. You will need to divide your square foot result by 100. Following on from our earlier example, a roof with a square footage of 2000 would need to be divided by 100, giving the result of 20.

Though it may seem like an overly complicated method of measurement, it actually makes the whole process of roofing much simpler once you have the hang of it.

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How Many Bundles Do I Need

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FPM said:I’ve never done a roof, so be patient. I have a 2 car free standing garage 20×20 with a low angle pyramid type roof. Can any one help me ball park how many bundles/squares I need so I can do a rough budget?Thanks


Ice & Water Dam underlayment for the entire roof in your climateplywood

Gaf Shingles Pros And Cons

Estimating Shingles

The biggest advantage of GAF products is that they can suit any budget, aesthetic taste and architectural home style. Because GAF is the largest and oldest roofing manufacturer in the US, you can trust the quality of their roofing materials.

However, like any other roof, these shingles have their own flaws and disadvantages.

One of the biggest is that the shingles have an up-word bent when you install them. This makes them susceptible to blow off if there is a strong wind. This is NOT a manufacturing defect its how the shingles are designed. GAF explains this in their technical installation manual and suggests that they will settle down within 4-6 weeks. Sunshine also really helps in this settling process.

The problem is that if these shingles are installed during inclement weather seasons, such as fall and winter, you are risking a much higher chance of multiple shingles getting blown off. As a result, many roofers recommend to do the roof replacement in the spring or summer.

Another is that its hard to find a certified Master Elite Roofer if you want to get the upgraded warranty. Most roofers dont want to go through GAFs training program, and there are only 2-3% professional contractors that have this certification.

Lastly, in 2013, there was a major class action lawsuit again GAF Timberline shingles, and a number of manufacturing defects have been discovered. The suit has been settled and the issues have been eliminated. We covered this lawsuit in detail, here.

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Can Shingles Go In A Dumpster

Yes, renting a dumpster is a convenient way to dispose of your old roofing materials. The bin size you rent will depend on the type and amount of shingles you’re tossing. Use our shingle weight calculator to determine the approximate weight of your debris so our team can help you rent the right container size for your project.

How Do I Calculate How Many Shingles I Need

To estimate how many shingles youll need, you need to know the total square footage of your roofs surface. Find this number by measuring the length and width of each plane on the roof then multiplying length times width.

Calculating the number of bundles, you need is simple if you are using shingles that come three bundles to a square. Each bundle covers 33.3 sq. ft. of roof areawhich is close enough to the 32 sq.

Thereof, How many bundles of shingles do I need for 100 square feet?

three bundles

Also to know is, How many square feet are in a bundle of shingles? 33.3 sq. ft.

Subsequently, question is, How many shingles do I need for a 24×24 garage? Additionally, how many shingles do I need for a 24×24 garage? Three bundles are equal to one square. Each square equates to 100 square feet. In the previous example, three squares, or 300 square feet, of shingles will be needed to cover the garage roof.

Also, How many bundles of shingles do I need for 200 square feet?

How Many Bundles of Shingles Will You Need. The average bundle of shingles covers 33.3 ft2, so three bundles of shingles are needed per square.

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How To Account For Shingle Wastage

There will always be a certain amount of wastage when constructing a shingle roof, but this can vary hugely depending on the shape of your roof and any extra features it has.

For a complex roof with lots of corners, you can expect to go through more wastage and offcuts of shingles compared with a simple roof. Roofs with dormer windows or skylights will also have more wastage compared with those that dont, as you will need to make more cuts in the shingles, and the leftover portions will be unusable.

For any roofing project, you should buy between 10 and 15 percent more shingles than you have calculated. So for a roof that measures 20 squares, you should buy an additional 2 or 3 squares to account for wastage. This is because 10 percent of 20 is 2, and 15 percent of 20 is 3. If you are ordering your supplies in bundles, then this will mean you will want between 6 and 9 extra bundles, based on the fact that there are 3 bundles in each square.

Although this might seem like needless extra expenditure, you dont want your project to be delayed if you run out of shingles and cannot get hold of more of the same ones immediately. It is always safer to have more shingles than you need as opposed to less.

If you have shingles left over at the end of your project, you should save them for future repairs or replacements on your roof, so you wont have to have mismatching shingles.

Builder Mike Guertin Explains 3 Ways To Calculate The Quantity Of Shingles You’ll Need For Your Next Roofing Job

How Many Sq Ft Does A Package Of Shingles Cover

One of the biggest challenges for experienced builder and novices alike is accurately estimating materials for a construction projectespecially for roofs, because they can be difficult to access for taking measurements.

But dont fretIn this excerpt from my book Roofing with Asphalt Shingles, I describe three reliable methods for determining the area of a roof, plus Ive included tips for estimating the number of extra shingles youll need for waste, overlaps, and starter shingles.

Note: be sure to take your time and double-check your numbers when calculating the quantity of shingles, underlayment, flashings, and other materials needed for yourroofing project. The more accurate your estimates, the less time youll waste waiting for material deliveries during the project.

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How Much Does 1 Pack Of Shingles Cover

In the roofing industry, squares refer to 100-foot portions of roofing. A single bundle of shingles usually contains enough to cover 33 square feet.

How much is a bundle of cedar shake shingles?

Cedar shakes cost around $130 per bundle or $400 per square.

How much does cedar shake reveal?

The maximum recommended exposure for cedar shingle siding is 1/2 inch less than one-half its length. For example, a 16 inch cedar shingle has an exposure of 7 1/2 inches an 18 inch shingle has an exposure of 8 1/2 inches, etc.

How To Measure A Roof For Shingles

There are several different methods to calculate the square footage of your roof. If you remember back to grade school, youll recall that youll multiply the length times the width to find the area of a rectangle.

If you are lucky enough to have a simple roof, say a gabled roof with two identical sides or even a single sloping roof, then calculating your roof area will be a breeze. On the other hand, if you have a roof with hips and multiple gables, then youll need to spend a bit more time calculating your roof square footage.

Here are several ways to measure roof area for shingles.

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How Many Bundles Of Shingles Do I Need For 900 Square Feet

You will need approximately 27 bundles of standard size 3-tab asphalt shingles or 36 bundles of architectural shingles for 900 square feet.

Thus, for a 900 square foot gable roof, you would need 27 bundles of shingles plus 10% of ridge, starter and wastages. Thus, it will take 27 bundles of 3-tab standard size shingles to cover 900 square feet roof. Thus, there are 27 bundles of standard size 3-tab shingles you will need to cover 900 square feet roof.

:-As per general rule of thumb, you will need 3 bundles of standard size 3-tab asphalt shingles or 4 bundles of architectural shingles for 100 square feet roof. So, for 1000 square feet gable roof, you would need 30 bundles of shingles. For 1200 square feet gable roof, you would need 36 bundles of shingles. For 1500 square feet roof, you would need 45 bundles of shingles. For 2000 square feet roof, you would need 60 bundles of shingles. For 1800 square feet roof, you would need 54 bundles of shingles.

What Does 1 Bundle Of Shingles Cover

World’s Fastest Shingler Teaches How To Shingle a 7/12

about 33 square feetYou usually purchase shingles by the bundle Standard shingles are 12 by 36 inches and come 29 to a package Most shingles come 3 bundles to a square which is equal to 100 square feet So, each bundle provides about 33 square feet of coverage.

100 square feetOne roofing square, or square of roofing shingles, is the amount of material needed to cover 100 square feet of roof area The term is used by contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers as short hand to describe a roofs size For example, a 1,800 square foot roof is 18 square.

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How Many Bundles Of Shingles Do I Need For 1100 Square Feet:

You will need approximately 33 bundles of standard size 3-tab asphalt shingles or 44 bundles of architectural shingles for 1100 square feet.

Thus, for a 1100 square foot gable roof, you would need 33 bundles of shingles plus 10% of ridge, starter and wastages. Thus, it will take 33 bundles of 3-tab standard size shingles to cover 1100 square feet roof. Thus, there are 33 bundles of standard size 3-tab shingles you will need to cover 1100 square feet roof.

Quick Calculation For Shingle Bundle Weight

If you dont have a few minutes to read and just want the quick answer, here it is:

Most bundles of modern architectural shingles weigh between 60 pounds and 80 pounds. You can use these figures to calculate a weight range if you want to know how much your new shingles will weigh because most homeowners replace their roofs with architectural shingles these days.

Three tab shingles often weigh less than architectural shingles, coming in between 45 pounds and 60 pounds per bundle. How much a bundle of 3tab shingles weighs will likely be more helpful for you if youre trying to calculate removal debris because many shingles being removed are of the 3-tab variety.

The number ranges above are just enough to get you started, so dont let them be the end all-be all answer to how much the roofing material youre tearing off your house will weigh. Itll be hard to guesstimate the final number because you first need to know your roof size, and then need to consider a variety of other factors that will determine the total removal weight.

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How To Calculate Shingle Costs For Your Roofing Project

To calculate how much roofing material you need, youll need to know the square footage of your roof, along with its pitch.

Square footage is measured by taking the length and width of each plane on the roof, and multiplying those numbers. A roofs pitch is determined by how measuring how much your roof rises for every foot it runs. For example, a 6 in 12 roof pitch means the roof rises 6 inches for every 12 horizontal inches of length.

Once you have these numbers, use an online Roof Shingles Calculator to for an accurate estimate. Youll also want to add about 10% to 15% in additional materials to account for waste.

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