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Shingle And Shake Easy Installation Tool

I Have A Buckling Effect Happening With My Sidewall Product What Went Wrong

SA908 Shingle Sider

Your project is experiencing what is called fishmouthing. The bowing or curving of the shingles is due to inadequate joint or keyway spacing. When the shingles naturally expand and contract with moisture content due to weather conditions, proper joint or keyway spacing provides the room that allows them to remain flat. Contact your Member Contractor/Installer for more assistance.

What Type Of Felt Interlayment Do You Recommend For Shake Application

The CSSB recommends using an 18 wide strip of No.30 ASTM D226 Type ll or ASTM D4869 Type lV roofing felt laid over the top portion of the shakes and extending on to the sheathing. Check with your local Building Official for exact specifications in your area. The bottom edge of the felt should be positioned above the butt of the shake at a distance equal to twice the weather exposure. Note: Building officials MAY approve eliminating felt interlayment between shake courses when tapersawn or tapersplit shakes are applied in snow-free areas at weather exposures of less than one-third the total shake length . ALWAYS check with your local Building Official for project approval PRIOR to deviating from standard application guidelines.

Not Allowing For Ventilation

Finally, another common mistake when installing cedar roof shingles is not allowing for proper ventilation. Because wood is a natural material, it absorbs water. If there isn’t enough ventilation, the cedar shakes will not be able to breathe and, therefore, dry. Beyond that, the lack of ventilation means that the shingles will have a difficult time maintaining the right temperature, which can lead to their deterioration.

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Saw Table Or Cross Cut Jig

Chalk Line – Align the Shingle-strips to chalk lines, which can be snapped on the felt / WRB above. Since you may also occasionally snap lines on the shingles, use the blue chalk, not the more permanent red chalk.

Hammer & Nail Set – for the final drive on nails that didn’t go quite far enough, and for face nailing finishing nails at the top of the wall and below window sills.

Jigsaw – For cutting complex shapes where shingles meet trim.

Screwdriver – For prying out the shingle clips to separate the shingle-strips.

Longevity Plus Other Benefits

Toucan City LED Flashlight and SBC Shingle and Shake Easy Installation ...

The value of wood shingles isnt solely tied to longevity. Customizing these parts of your roof or siding delivers a series of benefits and savings you wont enjoy with other roofing materials, including:

  • Resale value: A custom wood shingle roof creates a dramatic and unique look that prospective buyers won’t be able to forget. Adding these appealing shingles can transform an ordinary house into an extraordinary asset that’s far more valuable on the open market.

  • Insulation: Wood shingles provide natural insulation which you wont get with asphalt or other common roofing materials. The added insulation helps lower heating and cooling costs, which is especially helpful in older homes that tend to be drafty.

  • Accuracy: For older homes, an asphalt roof or similar material wont provide the historical accuracy the structure deserves. If you have a home thats 100 years or older, a custom wood shingle roof can make visitors feel like theyre stepping back in time. This era-appropriate look is also helpful in connection with increasing resale value.

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What Is Vinyl Shake & Shingle Siding

Get the look of cedar shake & shingle siding with the long-lasting performance of vinyl. Ply Gems vinyl shake & shingle siding is easy to install and instantly improves the curb appeal of your home. Our vinyl siding gives you the classic look of cedar shake & shingle without the maintenance needs of wood siding.

You can achieve this similar look with Progressions Double 5″ Siding in Wicker / Ply Gem® Premium Series Casement, Picture Window and Sliding Patio Doors in Dark Bronze / Ply Gem® Stone Shadow Ledgetone in PA Lime / Ply Gem® Standard Rail Woodland Select in Natural Cedar / Leaf Relief Gutter Protection

Cedar Discovery® Hand-Split Shake Siding in Red Cedar / Ply Gem Stone Manorstone in Oswego / Ply Gem Trim in Cottage Red

Not Allowing Wood To Acclimate

It is natural to be excited about getting your roofing material delivered to your home. The moment it arrives, you likely will want to start installing it. But, the truth is, doing so can do much more harm than good to your cedar shakes. Since wood is a natural material, it expands and contracts with different weather conditions and adverse weather conditions can greatly affect the longevity of your cedar shake shingles.

In wet, humid weather it will expand, while in drier weather, it will contract. When the cedar roof shakes are first delivered, they will need time to acclimate to your location. Installing them too soon can mean the shingles will end up misaligned, pushing each other up, and possibly ripping or damaging themselves as they try to expand and contract.

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What Is The Appropriate Fastener Length To Use For Over Roofing Applications

Assuming local Building Official approval for this type of installation is obtained, you should use the length of nail recommended for that specific material. Add the thickness of the existing roof and this gives you the nail length required for the fastener to penetrate ¾ or more into the sheathing. Refer to the CSSBs New Roof Construction Manual.

Nothing Says Cape Cod Cottage Quite Like A Textured Cedar Exterior With Our Step

Foundry Installation Guide

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  • Total Time:4 days
  • Skill Level:Advanced

Some of the charm of coastal towns has nothing to do with the ocean and everything to do with the architecture. Credit the shingle sidingthose tapered, rustic-looking cedar pieces often applied to the exterior walls of seaside dwellings. Whether stained or painted, weathered or well-maintained, cedar siding is never short on curb appeal. We dont blame you if you swoon every time you pass a cottage decked out in cedar.

Although this project requires advanced DIY skills, the hard work will pay off with loads of curb appeal and an exterior look that only gets better with age. So grab an assistant and start installing cedar shake siding.

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Can I Put Fastener

Fastener-sealing eave protection is very helpful at the eaves and the valleys. If No.30 ASTM Type ll or No.30 ASTM Type lV roofing felt is installed on the remainder of the roof with a continuous ventilation product on top of the felt and eave protection you will have a great roof. If using a Certi-Last® or shake felt system product you only need the felt and eave protection.

Ventilation Membranes For Shingles That Breathe

In order to maximize the life of your shingles, we recommend leaving a ventilation space underneath them during installation. To do so, there is no need to resort to using wooden laths. You can use Mortairvent® membrane , designed for walls, or CedAir-Mat® membrane , designed for roofs, to the surface prior to installing your shingles, and it will do all the ventilation work! All you need to do is lay your shingles over the membrane.

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Is There A Method Of Applying Three Or Four Rows Before Moving Across The Roof

Cut a board the same width as your shingle exposure and a length where you can lay out shingles. Tack it in place being careful not to damage the underlying roof shingles, then lay out and nail a course. Move it up and tack it in place again. Lay out and nail into shingles and repeat five to six courses. Move along, and chalk line every five or six courses, being careful not to damage the underlying roof shingles.

The Best Overall Solution

SBC Shingle and Shake Easy Installation Tool 0810840

An easier solution is skipping the cedar shake roof installation do-it-yourself job and hiring a professional, so you know the roof is installed correctly the first time. While it adds to the initial cost of a cedar shake roof, you will only have to install it once, which can help you to save moneythough you will still have to pay for the upkeep.

A cedar shakes roof will look incredible but you may want to consider an alternative that looks just as beautiful and provides better long term value. Unlike real cedar wood, synthetic roofing options like CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Shakes do not require any special tools or accessories during installation. Beyond that, CeDUR has cool roof rated shakes, which require no special preparation for the cool roof ventilation to work. As a result, with CeDUR, you have a more cost-effective, low maintenance, durable roof that looks just like a real cedar shake roof. If you are considering an alternative to a cedar shakes roof or cedar roof, look no further than CeDUR synthetic roofing products.

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History Of Busy Bee Tooling

Busy Bee Tooling was founded in 1970 by Bob Phillips who learned the Tool & Die trade in Chicago. After relocating to California, Bob opened the business in a small garage shop in the City of Industry. Gary Bitters, our current General Manager, was the very first employee. As the business grew over the next twenty years the company expanded from one building to three. In 1989 Bob decided to put it all under one roof and purchased the building at the company’s present location in Ontario. In 1998 the stamping was added across the street.

Bob retired in 1996, leaving the company in the capable hands of his son, Keith who began working for the company when he was sixteen. In retirement Bob has turned his tooling expertise into crafting award winning single engine airplanes and restoring model A automobiles. Even though Busy Bee Tooling incorporated in 2002, the company remains a family “hands on” operation that prides itself with 40 years of experience providing excellent customer service.

Install Your Shingles3x Fasterwith The Sbc Easy Installation Tool

This revolutionary tool was marketed in 2012 and has since proven itself! Installing cedar shingles has never been easier or faster. Sold in a set of 2 or boxes of 24 packages, this tool does almost all the alignment work. That means more time to complete the rest of your project. Why work without it?

To know how to use the Easy Installation Tool, watch the video or .

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How Long Will A Cedar Shingle Roof Last

Wood shingling can adorn the top and sides of your home for longer than 30 years but only with the proper care and installation routine. Custom Shingles is here to guide you through the design process and test out which custom shingles would look best on your home, as well as to professionally, cleanly and smoothly proceed with the installation.

Many cottage owners and wood cabin enthusiasts will appreciate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of cedar shingles. Because shingles are built to overlap with up to one inch in thickness per tile, they help retain the warmer temperature inside while keeping out the unwanted cold weather. Whether you’re looking to attend to the roof on your cottage behind your house or your destination cabin in the woods, you’ll want to pay attention to particular areas to ensure a longlife expectancy.

Cedar shingles are resistant to insects and bugs, so you won’t have to worry about any insects rotting the wood. However, you’ll still need to properly maintain your shingles when exposed to wet conditions such as rain and snow to keep them performing well. You can apply a topical treatment to prolong the life of shingles that are in contact with substantial amounts of moisture.

Not Aligning Your Shingles Properly

Diamond Kote RigidShake Installation – Built on LP SmartSide

Another common mistake people make when choosing to installing cedar shakes themselves is not aligning the shingles properly. Like with anything in construction, if you do not take the time to align the shingles, it can lead to countless problems. If they are too close together, they can overlap too much, which can change their shape and damage them more easily. On the other hand, if they are too far apart, it can create space for precipitation to seep through and cause water damage.

In roofing terms, the space between each cedar shake shingle is referred to as the key way. You want to leave the correct amount of key way space between each cedar shake to allow for proper run off, ventilation and longevity. Not aligning your cedar shakes roof properly can cause many issues for your roof long term.

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What Is The Appropriate Fastener Length To Use For Installing Cedar Shingle Siding Over Insulation

Assuming local Building Official approval for this type of installation is obtained, you should use the length of nail recommended for that specific material. Add the thickness of the existing insulation and this gives you the nail length required for the fastener to penetrate ¾ or more into the sheathing. Refer to the CSSBs Exterior and Interior Wall Manual.

Can I Put New Cedar Shingle Siding Over My Existing Cedar Shingle Siding

Yes, but most times you need to install additional window and door trim to ensure that the product lies flush with windows and doors. Sometimes this additional trim requirement makes it less expensive to tear off the old siding and start from scratch. Look at the diagram in the CSSBs Exterior and Interior Wall Manual for more details.

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How Long Will A Cedar Shake Roof Last

Cedar shake roofs and sidings match exceptionally well with rustic-looking homes, and they can coordinate well with their surrounding scenic landscapes. Traditional homes, as well as vacation and resort houses, look beautiful when sporting cedar shakes, thanks to their natural appearance. But to keep your roof looking beautiful and your home a sight to be seen, routine maintenance is necessary for prolonging the life of your cedar shakes.

The standard lifespan of cedar shake roof installations is between 40 and 50 years. The better condition you keep them in, however, the longer life expectancy you will see. Things like clogged gutters, damaged rooftops and rotting cedar can affect the performance and protection of your shakes.

Some cleaning methods and tips can help you keep your cedar shakes in good, lasting condition. The first step is to check for any rotting and to be preventative. Coat your roof’s shakes with a staining wood preservative every five years to reduce the ability of rain, snow, mold and other water elements from killing off the natural beauty of the cedar.

What Amount Of Waste Factor Should I Count On In The Product I Purchase

Owens Corning Berkshire AR

Waste factor will vary, depending upon quality of product, roofing contractors experience, and aesthetic look desired. Contact your Member Contractor/Installer for more details about your particular job unfortunately this is not a question that the CSSB can answer for you as it is project-specific.

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How Do I Create A Roof Wall Drip Line Intersection

Put the bottom step flashing on the starter course, then bend the bottom of the step flashing out about 1 to 1 ½ away from the wall. The top of the step flashing is still under the siding or plaster. You do have to trim the top starter course shingle with a triangle shaped cut to allow this. This does leave a triangular shaped void between the bottom of the step flashing, the wall, and the shingle, that can be filled with caulk. This will divert the water away from the lower wall so the water does not run down the wall.

Crafted For Charm And Character

A popular choice in North American colonies, wood Shake and Shingle Sidings history traces back hundreds of years. Its often reserved for smaller homes or as accents on larger ones. Ply Gem offers beautifully textured vinyl shake & shingle siding that resembles natural cedar with the durability of vinyl.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Cedar Roof Shingles & Tips For How To Install Cedar Shake Roof

A cedar roof is a great way to create a rustic look for your home. However, when it comes to installing cedar roof shingles or installing cedar shakes, its no easy task. If you do not install your cedar shake roof the right way, it can seriously affect its longevity and even lead to roof leaking. While it is best to hire a professional to handle the roof installation for you, a cedar shake roof installation do-it- yourself job is not impossible. Here is a brief overview of installing cedar shakes and cedar shingles and what to avoid doing.

Before you begin installing a cedar shake roof, youll want to educate yourself on the process and consider hiring a professional. That way, you can avoid damaging and costly mistakes that can ruin your entire roof. It is always best to trust a professional who has experience installing cedar shakes.

Here are the top 4 mistakes you want to avoid when installing cedar shake shingles and solutions to combat them:

Can I Use Solid Decking For My Shake Or Shingle Application

Basic Shingle Installation

Shakes and shingles may be applied over spaced sheathing. Spaced sheathing is usually 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 softwood boards and shall not be less than 1 x 4 boards. Solid sheathing is recommended for shakes and may be required in seismic regions or under treated shakes and shingles. Solid sheathing is used in areas with wind-driven snow. Please note that the only solid sheet sheathing tested with shakes and shingles is plywood. Check with your local building official for plywood thickness/ dimensions. See the CSSBs New Roof Construction Manual.

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