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White Oak Shingles For Sale

Dealing With Architectural Shingles

Oak Shingles

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Number 2 Grade Red Label

Manufactured from Number 2 Grade Certi-Sawn® shakes. Lengths 18-inch, 24-inch thickness 5/8″ or ¾” widths not less than 9″ . 20 units per bundle.

Exposures: The hip & ridge exposure should be equal to or less than the exposure in the field of the roof, and should not exceed the maximum exposure for the specified length and grade.Recommended Use: The appropriate hip and ridge unit should be selected to match the adjacent shingles or shakes. However, in many areas a tapersawn hip and ridge unit is used on both shingle and shake applications. Hip and ridge product type selection should be performed in accordance with the aesthetic look desired.

Influence Of Sawing Strategy And Cracks

The number of rift sawn boards was much higher in the group of intact boards than that in the other groups, and the number of flat-sawn boards was higher in the group of destroyed boards than in the group of intact board .

Because of the different degrees of shrinkage between the radial and tangential directions, flat sawn boards cup or warp . Radially orientated boards do not cup instead, they have reduced thickness and are less vulnerable to splitting and decay. For furniture and coopered vessels, rift and half-rift split and sawn boards are preferred because their dimensional stability is better than that of flat sawn boards .

Figure 8 shows the impact of cracks on the durability of sawn boards. Large cracks are found in the destroyed boards, but they are absent or only small cracks are detected in intact boards. Weathering is a combination of damage from sunlight, rain, and wind . Repeated wetting and drying can induce stress in wood, eventually leading to cracks. Because of these cracks, water can easily penetrate sawn boards and soak deeper into the wood body. Most defects in wooden roofing are moisture related. For example, if the moisture content is higher than 20%, fungal infection is the main problem . Wooden roofing maintains its function only if shingles dry out regularly . Decay fungi are typically found under shingle overlap, where moisture conditions favor their steady growth .

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All About Oak Larch & Cedar Roof Shingles & Shakes

Oak, Larch and Cedar shakes and shingles are great roofing materials known for their durability, carbon neutrality, insulation benefits, low maintenance and great strength against strong winds however, with them come a whole range of questions. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions about shingles in the hopes of helping our clients understand the subject and decide what they need with confidence.

If you have any pressing concerns or would like to speak directly to an expert, please do get in touch and we will be glad to help.

Get The Same Look With Laminate Shingles

Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

While wood shingles are certainly beautiful, they require quite a bit of upkeep. Luckily, you dont have to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience. Laminate shingles mimic the appearance of wood shingles, but they are made out of synthetic materials that can withstand ice, hail, and harsh sunlight. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of wood shingles before choosing wood over laminate.


Are you ready to evaluate the best types of wood shingles for your home? If you live in southwest Missouri, contact Taylor-Made Roofing for help. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing, Taylor-Made Roofing is a company that you can trust with all of your roofing needs. Our family-owned business offers quality services, a reassuring warranty, and free estimates. For more information regarding wood and laminate shingles, please give us a call at 417-326-8778 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Is It Time For You To Replace Your Shingle Roof

Do you have an asphault roof? If so, have you had it for more than three decades? Well, you may be need of a roof repair. Most asphalt shingles will last between 15-25 years under optimal conditions. If your roof has had a lot of traffic, leaves, hail, or is poorly ventilated, it can wear out much faster. Most of Missouri has experienced 5-10 hail storms just over the past few years, and this tends to prompt roof replacements. The best way to protect your home from these hazards is by replacing your old roof with a new one that meets current building codes for wind resistance and water penetration protection standards as well as energy efficiency requirements for heating/cooling costs savings. Youll also get an added layer of insulation against noise pollution from outside sources like trains or airplanes overhead! We offer free consultations so call us today at to schedule yours!

Get New Wood Shingles Or Shakes From Custom Shingles

Wood shingles are widely loved for their timeless appeal, but what are wood shingles without the unique designs that make them the most flexible of roofing options? At Custom Shingles, we create shingles to match virtually any design concept imaginable. Homes of all ages with wood shingles and siding can be revitalized with any given number of styles on offer, from Thai to Tudor and from Seawave to Storybook.

If you’re after a bold and striking design for the roof of your home, consider one of the pointed options such as sawtooth, chisel or diamond shingles. If a rounded look is more befitting to your tastes, consider octagonal or fishscale shingles.

With over 40 years of extensive experience with restoration projects, we can help you find the roof of your dreams. If you’re grappling with the wood shake roof vs. shingles dilemma, we have an array of both hand-cut and machine-cut styles that are sure to bring you to a confident decision. To learn more about the range of roofing options we offer at Custom Shingles or to get a quote for your roofing project, contact us today.

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Tips For Specifying Historical Projects

One needs to be historically accurate, though some replications are specific to the period and not necessarily to the date of the building. One can often determine the type of application by searching the building for pieces of material from original construction, asking family and neighbours, or using historical photographs.

  • Avoid Handsplit and Resawn products for historical applications as they are not time-period correct. Handsplit shake machines were not available until approximately 1935. Prior to 1935, shakes were hewn using the traditional mallet and froe
  • Shingle machines have been in existence since about 1835, developed by Shakers in Maine and New Hampshire
  • Consider using Straight Split shakes and Tapersplit shakes for authenticity. Oversized Straight Split shakes and Tapersplit shakes are acceptable as indicated by the spacing on the nailing strips, old photographs, or project samples
  • Once weathered, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is similar in color to Cypress and Juniper. Also it will weather a silver gray that is approximately the same as White Oak. All of these products are representative of the Colonial Era, depending upon location

What Are The Types Of Shingle Roofs

Reroofing home with OC Oakridge Shasta white shingle in Burnsville North Carolina.

When it comes to picking the perfect roof, there are a number of options. The most common roofs you’ll see when shopping for new ones will be asphalt shingles or metal. If your home is on an incline, then metals may come in handy because they’re lightweight and durable – but what if your house has flat pitches? That’s where having an asphalt shingle can help out! They have plenty of different colors and styles that would match any style of architecture from modern to traditional just make sure you find one with good warranty coverage so that way all those worries about leaks go away too!

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When Should You Replace Your Cedar Shingles

Cedar roofs are a stunning feature of many West Coast homes. Cedar shingles are durable and can last decades if well-maintained. In fact, one of the cost-effective benefits of cedar roofing is when it comes to repairsmissing shingles can easily be replaced with new ones. Undoubtedly, this is more affordable than replacing an entire roof system.

However, some homeowners dont know the signs that indicate cedar shingles need replacing. This is important because changing damaged cedar shingles immediately ensures the roof system will last a long time.

If any shingle on your cedar roof displays one or more of these signs of wear and tear, its time to swap them out with a new shingle.

Curling or Cupping: Although it is part of the weathering and aging process of cedar wood, a shingle that curls upward can be problematic. Distorted shingles can be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays, heat, and rain. Substantial cupping and curling occurring soon after installation may indicate improper installation. Even properly installed shingles may become distorted by expansion and contraction from the elements over time. A cedar roof should only be installed and repaired by a reputable roofing company or an expert that is familiar with the task.

Cracking: Cedar wood also wears over time due to moisture. Wood expands and contracts over time so drying and cracking is inevitable. Nevertheless, when hairline cracks become bigger, shingles should be replaced to avoid further damage.

What Are Wood Shingles Made Of

Most wood shingles are crafted from spruce, cedar, and treated pine. They can come in other species, such as white oak, redwood, black locust, and teak. Cedar is the most popular wood shingle species since its rot-resistant.

Manufacturers cut wood shingles to size with a machine and treat them with a special coating to withstand the elements and fire.

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How To Install Wood Shakes Or Shingles

The installation of wood shakes and shingles is a project to be done by those with experience in the area and is not a DIY project to be undertaken lightly.

In order to understand wall or roof shingle installations, however, its useful to be aware of the structure and order in which materials are laid.

On churches, oak shakes are nailed ontosarking boards for extra structural strength, while the roofs and walls of houses or domestic buildings require layers of insulation such as mineral wool, followed by wooden sheathing, a membrane for weatherproofing and breathing material to prevent the undersides of shingles from rotting.

The idea behind multiple layers of material under shingles is to ensure insulation, weatherproofing, and structural strength. This way, if any nails penetrate the under layers, water cannot get in even if shingles get blown off. For a roof, it is common practice to lay up a three-layer sandwich.

The Roof Of The Hut The Yellow Dots At The Se Facing Roofing Mark The 15 M Wide Strip From The Roof Ridge To The Eave

Shown here in Victorian Red, Country Mansion® II Shingles combine a ...

Citation: International Journal of Wood Culture 2, 1-3 10.1163/27723194-bja10002

The following parameters were examined by visual determination:

During the examination, the boards were not dismantled therefore, only the exposed surface of the boards, particularly the uppermost layer of the three layers and the lowest 20 cm , could be evaluated. Because of these limitations, a simple evaluation, not complex evaluations, was performed as usually done in wood decay tests.

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Repairing A Shingle Roof On Your Own

If you have a shingle roof, it is important to be aware of your options. If the leak is large and there is significant structural damage, such as buckling or bulging that cannot easily be repaired with patching materials, then replacing the entire roof may be necessary. However, if only one part of the structure needs repair, then this can often simply mean reroofing an affected area instead these repairs are typically much less expensive and even simple enough to fix yourself if youre willing to take on the challenge. Again, if the damage is too extensive, then you should call the professionals. But how do you know for sure whether the problem is simple or complicated? Well, you can call Cook Roofing Company today at to receive a free evaluation of your roof and exactly how much damage has been caused.

What Are Wooden Shingles

Wood shingles are thin pieces of wood used to cover the roofs or walls of building for insulation or aesthetic purposes. Although the term shingles is often used interchangeably with shakes, they are not the same.

Wooden shingles are thin and machine-sawn on both sides, giving the finished project a smooth and uniform appearance. Wood shakes are hand-split on one or both sides, giving the finished project a more rustic, weathered look overall. Wood shakes are radially cleft from a roundel or cross-section through a tree trunk, which enhances their stability and longevity.

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Manufacture Of Shingles: Splitting

Shingles are primarily split . In splitting, wood is separated into more or less regular shapes along its fibers by using a wedge-shaped tool . It is easier and flatter along the radial plane of wood rays than in the plane of annual rings . A log that can be split longitudinally into parallel planes, with fibers separating without much resistance, is easily cleavable . Wood species, such as beech, oak, ash, alder, and fir , have straight and coarser fibers, large and even wood rays, high elasticity, and low transverse tensile strength . High elasticity promotes splitting, and sap-fresh wood splits more easily than dry wood . Therefore, trees that felled in summer are better suited for splitting than those that felled in winter. Short fibers usually lead to poor surface quality . Splitting is also better in old trees than in young trees .

Wood rays positively influence the splitting ability of woods, such as oak wood that can be easily split. In Roman times, well structures were largely composed of radially split oaks . A similar construction of a well is known from the Czech Republic in 5196 BCE and Germany in 5102 BCE .

Most shingles are split tangentially . Special forms, such as Schieferschindel or Nutschindel, made of spruce or fir wood, are split radially .

Size Shape And Finish

White Oak sale

After you choose the type of wood, its time to consider other stylistic factors. Start by thinking about which size and shape you want. Most wood shingles are about 18-24 inches wide. Since wood is an organic material, each shingle will vary in thickness, but this only adds to the unique look. However, most manufacturers saw and sand wood shingles to create a more uniform appearance. If you want to lean into the mix-matched shape, go with wood shakes. Split from logs, these shingles have a rustic texture.

Adding a finish to your roof is the final step. Going with a darker finish can provide a classic look, but going with a lighter finish can make a nice contrast against a darker paint color. The stain type you choose impacts more than just the color of your roof. Choose a finish that has flame-retardants for safety and chemical preservatives to prevent rot.

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How To Remove Roofing Shingles

Because a lot of our shake installation projects are replacements for older shingles, its useful to be aware of the removal process of existing shingles.

Fortunately, if you happen to be prepping your shed roof for new wood shingles, you dont need any specialist tools to remove old ones. Simply grab a shovel , insert it underneath a shingle, and lever it up by pushing down firmly on the handle. This will often dislodge more than one shingle at a time, so results can be quick, and it doesnt matter where you start. Be sure to clear up the mess as you go to remove the hazards they pose. Remember to go back in your tracks and pull up the remaining nails and felt left on the roof.

The main thing to keep in mind is safety, especially if youre working high up or near the edge of a rood. You will also need a safe and efficient way of hauling away all the redundant old shingles and debris.

As DIY projects go, however, we would always recommend seeking professional services to help you, especially when it comes to the quality of the new shingles you purchase and the installation process.

High Profile Scalloped Or Other Shingles

You deserve a roof that looks great and lasts long – which is exactly what our team of experts will provide. When it comes to finding the right shingle, there are many options available on the market today! L-shaped ones with scallops or slate lookalikes are just some of them. Just make sure you know that some are high-profile and will cost more than the average shingle before making any decisions.

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Comparison Of The Life Span

Observations in the Austrian Open Air Museum in Stuebing have revealed the life span of different shingle types. In the last centuries, they were renewed after 3550 years. Currently, the life span of sawn boards in the museum is 3045 years.

Phleps described split shingles with an age of up to 100 and 7080 years for oak and larch, respectively. For Sawara cypress , a species native to Japan, split shingles have an age of 25 years . The durability of redwood shingles is at least 2533 years . Other species, such as western hemlock , sugar pine , and western larch , degrade after 32 years . The untreated shingles of western hemlock and sugar pine decay after 10 years . Species such as western hemlock, Pacific silver fir , and western white pine should be used only after preservative treatments .

The durability of shingles and boards varies remarkably. Therefore, whether the age of the examined roofing is high or low compared to split shingles cannot be easily specified. After 37 years of use, 20% of the boards were still intact and 19% were destroyed . This finding indicated that 20% of the boards could stay another 10 or 15 years on the roof before they degraded. The durability of sawn boards was likely comparable with that of split shingles .

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