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Atlas Briarwood Pro Shingles Review

What Is The Core4 Technology

Roofings “Top 3 Shingles” and Why We Love Them

The companys premium offerings StormMaster Shake and StormMaster Slate are so advanced than all the other shingles in the market because of the technologies they use. One such feature of these premium shingles is the Core4 technology. Lets find out how this technology improves these shingles.

Core4 is an exclusive, innovative feature that offers technology that provides the premium Atlas roofing shingles with enhanced durability and longevity. It involves the following 4 things.

How Long Do Certainteed Shingles Last

A variety of factors help determine how long CertainTeed will last. On average, CertainTeed Landmark shingles are designed to last for about 30 years if theyre installed correctly and taken care of throughout the years. If you choose Landmark Premium shingles, they can last up to 50 years with the proper installation and maintenance.

If youre willing to pay more upfront by choosing CertainTeed, you can rest assured that they will last you for decades to come. Other brands of asphalt shingles are expected to last about 15-25 years on average.

Best Asphalt Shingles: Reviewing The Best Roofing Shingles For 2021

Welcome to the Roofing Insights Asphalt Shingle Guide 2021, brought to you by Enhancify!

Enhancify is an excellent resource for contractors because they offer financing to homeowners who otherwise could not afford the price of a new roof.

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Now, the purpose of the Roofing Insights 2021 Shingle Guide is twofold:

. To educate homeowners and contractors on initial shingle quality

. To send manufacturers feedback regarding the positives and negatives of their products

In this shingle guide, Roofing Insights examined 11 different brands:

  • Atlas Pinnacle Pristine

Lets take a closer at each individual category and how certain brands fared.

At the end of the article, the final results will be revealed.

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Atlas Shingles Cost: Materials And Installation

We mentioned value as a combination of quality and reasonable cost. Here are the prices for the most popular Atlas shingle lines.

Prices are per square or 100 square feet of coverage:

3-Tab shingles:

Architectural shingles:Atlas Castlebrook 35 shingles: $64-$75

Designer 3-Tab shingles: Atlas Legend shingles in 5 colors: $72-$81*Compare to CertainTeed XT30 though as mentioned, this shingle really is one of a kind.

Designer/dimensional shingles: Atlas StormMaster Shake in 9 colors: $105-$124

*Compare to CertainTeed Belmont and Presidential shake, GAF Woodland, Owens Corning Woodmoor and Tamko Heritage Woodgate .

Heres a summary of all Atlas shingle prices:

Professional Installation will cost between $200 and $350 per square, on average, in addition to the cost of materials.

New Shingle Roof

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What Type Of Shingle Is Certainteed

CertainTeed offers a variety of quality shingles. Three of the most common types include strip, dimensional, and premium shingles. Strip shingles are the most basic type and are usually the lightest weight available on the market. Dimensional are manufactured as dual-layered and provide a thicker and richer appearance on the roof. Premium are laminated shingles with designs that mimic old-world shingles, which offer an enhanced visual appeal.

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Owens Corning Vs Atlas Shingles: Cost Comparison

In general, the average price of basic Owens Corning® Shingles range from $70 to $140 per square foot, and premium Owens Corning® Shingles range from $250 to $300. The cost applies to the roofing materials alone. With the labor and installation fees included, the price ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.

For the most accurate cost possible, you can get it through the list of Owens Corning®s authorized local stores and distributors. The complete list is accessible on Owens Corning®s website.

Moreover, the price of Owens Corning® Shingles may vary, depending on the selected product series, type of roof shingles, size, and location of the installation area.

The average cost of Atlass Legend series ranges from $75 to $90 per square, while the Pinnacle® Pristine shingles range from $82 to $95 per square. Both StormMaster® Slate and StormMaster® Shake shingles range from $110 to $130 per square.

For the Value Architectural Shingles, the standard cost ranges from $70 to $85 per square, while GlassMaster shingles cost ranges from $66 to $78 per square. With the installation costs included, the price of all Atlas Shingles ranges from $3500 to $4500.

Are Certainteed Shingles Any Good

CertainTeed shingles are one of the best brands out there for homeowners looking for a beautiful and durable roof. A general agreement among those in the roofing industry is that this brands shingle quality is superior to most other fiberglass shingle brands. In fact, they sell 11 shingle lines that have premium impact warranties, and all of them have Class 4 impact resistance, which is the highest rating.

CertainTeed may be heavier and more expensive than other brands, but thats because theyre also more durable and impact resistant. Its recommended that you consult with a roofing professional before you make any choices.

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The Final Word On Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles

As an Atlas Pro Installer, Gutter Pro Exteriors KangaRoof is equipped with the best roofing shingles under the sun. Because of our years of experience and the 3 key reasons, we put our trust in Atlas Roofing. So when it comes to Atlas architectural roofing shingles, you can rest easy knowing whichever of these choices you go with, theyre going to last you a lifetime.

Owens Corning Vs Atlas Shingles: Final Showdown

Certainteed Landmark Pro | Should you put this shingle on your home?

If you want sustainable and durable roofing shingles with a wide variety of product series, colors, and style choices at a much more affordable cost without sacrificing the quality, then Atlas Shingles can provide that for you.

If you prefer high-performing and durable roofing shingles with a wide selection of warranty coverages, then Owens Corning® Shingles is the perfect choice for you.

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Certainteed Roofing Shingles: Frequently Asked Questions

In the sections above, we have an entire CertainTeed Landmark shingles review, but you might have a few more questions before you make your decision. Weve taken some of the questions that customers most frequently ask us about this brand and answered them below.

If you have more questions after that, please contact us to schedule a free consultation for a roof installation or replacement. One of our technicians will come to you to help you decide what you want and need for your home and will provide you with a free estimate. We serve homeowners throughout southeastern PA, NJ, and DE. Continue reading to learn more:

The Best Architectural Shingles: A Comprehensive Guide

Image source: CertainTeed

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material today. Due to their popularity, asphalt shingles have evolved to include several variations of shingles. Architectural shingles offer the same textural, sophisticated design as luxury shingles at half the cost. Although theyre more expensive than 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles have a laminated bonding, which helps them last longer and saves you money in the long run.

Lets take a look at what makes architectural shingles a solid option for your home.

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Owens Corning Vs Atlas Shingles: Sustainability Comparison

Owens Corning® features sustainable roofing shingles that are also Energy-Star certified, which helps lower energy costs by decreasing the amount of transferred heat and maintaining the coolness of the roof.

Their roofing shingles also have reflective granules incorporated into the surface that bounces the suns rays back, which helps keep a consistent temperature inside the house and decreases the air conditioning consumption needed to keep a comfortable living space.

Moreover, Owens Corning® shingles require less energy consumption, which helps reduce the CO2 emissions that can have a big environmental impact on our planet.

Atlas roofing shingles are GREENGUARD Certified, meaning their products are tested and proven to emit low chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds . It also means their roofing shingles are an excellent choice to improve the indoor air quality of the house.

Get Started With Your Certainteed Shingle Roof Replacement Today

We hope that this CertainTeed Landmark shingles review has helped you decide whether you want to continue with this brand or consider others instead. CertainTeed provides you with plenty of options when it comes to the quality and appearance of asphalt shingles. The brand also boasts the highest ratings when it comes to impact resistance and fire resistance. They may be expensive, but depending on your preferences, they may be worth it in the long run.

At Legacy Service, we provide home exterior services to homeowners throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Whether youre in need of a roof replacement or siding installation, weve got you covered . Get started with your CertainTeed shingle roof replacement today by getting in contact with our team of experts. Call us at 215-798-9790 to schedule a free estimate.

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A lot of elements play a role in maintaining the integrity of the roof, but as a homeowner, the most important components to pay attention to are the underlayment, ventilation, and material.

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Most Popular Atlas Shingles

Given that they vary in prices, Atlas shingles also have many differences in features and properties.

Below are the features of each Atlas shingles product:

3 -Tab GlassMaster Shingles

The most important properties and advantages of the GlassMaster 3 tab shingles include:

Resists winds of up to 60 mph30-year limited warrantyClass A fire resistanceLow price

These shingles are primarily appealing due to their low price and classic design. Their wind, fire, and algae resistance is also satisfactory. If youre looking for an affordable solution for your roof, the GlassMaster model might be what youre after.

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Atlas Architectural Shingles Series

If you are looking for better looks and improved durability its best to install architectural or laminated shingles instead of 3-tab shingles. You can check out our in-depth guide on the differences between 3 Tab vs Architectural Shingles.

There are four products to choose from in the Atlas Architectural Shingles Series:

CastleBrook Shingles

Resist winds of up to 130 mphLimited lifetime warrantyEligible for Atlas Signature Select SystemClass A fire resistanceCost-efficientEasy to install

CastleBrook architectural series is good value overall. These shingles offer decent wind and fire protection at a fair price. If maintained properly, you can easily get 15-20 years out of them, provided there are no extreme weather conditions on a regular basis.

ProLam Shingles

Atlas Shingles Prices Colors Honest Reviews

Atlas shingles have been around for over 35 years and have been installed on thousands of homes across the US. But are Atlas shingles the right choice for you?

Well compare Atlas shingles to other popular shingle brands, such as GAF and CertainTeed, as well as share reviews from previous customers so that you can see how Atlas shingles generally fare.

If you are ready to replace your old shingle roof, contact your local roofing pros for FREE ESTIMATES!

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Are Certainteed Shingles The Right Choice For Your Home

Now that you know the pros and cons, the average prices of the materials and installation, and have an idea of the different designs, its time to see if CertainTeed shingles are right for your home.

Lets take a look at another CertainTeed Landmark shingles review. Heres when these premium shingles are an ideal choice for you:

  • CertainTeed should be one of your top brand choices if youd like a premium shingle product, and you dont have any plans to move out.
  • If you live in an upscale neighborhood, CertainTeed should be one of your top choices even if you do plan to move out in the near future. Premium shingles and excellent quality are expected for homes in these types of neighborhoods.
  • You care about having a warranty with fewer loopholes.

So, lets say youve chosen CertainTeed as your shingle brand. Congratulations! Now what?

  • Do your research when selecting a roofing contractor. Make sure the roof is installed by experienced professionals with a record of excellence and satisfied customers.
  • Once youve narrowed your list of potential roofers, check their BBB rating and online reviews.

Have an idea whether you want CertainTeed shingles for your roof yet? If you have more questions, check out the ones that were most frequently asked in the section below.

Atlas Shingles: Pros Cons And Are They Worth Buying

Best Shingles by Price: Pabco, Tamko, IKO, Atlas, OC, Malarkey, Certanteed

Source: Lowes

The Atlas Roofing Corporation is one of the top brands for high-performance roof shingle products. Specializing in asphalt-coated shingles, they offer some of the most competitive prices and warranty coverage. In this article, well lay out each type of roof shingle the company sells, the pros and cons of Atlas shingles, and determine if theyre worth buying.

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Pros Of Architectural Shingles

Durable – Architectural shingles are heavier than other types of shingles. They feature two laminated strips, forming a thicker, more durable texture. Architectural shingles are typically able to withstand winds up to 100 MPH or more.

Long-lasting – Though asphalt shingles may not last as long as metal roofing, architectural shingles can last up to 50 years, while 3-tab shingles usually last up to 20 years on average.

Aesthetically pleasing – Along with luxury designer shingles, architectural shingles are designed to mimic the sophistication of expensive materials like slate and wood shakes.

Cons Of Atlas Shingles

Not environmentally friendly – While asphalt shingles are mostly made up of recycled materials, they do need to be replaced every 20-30 years and not many recycling centers accept asphalt shingles.

Degrades in extreme weather conditions – Many asphalt shingles dont seal well in extreme temperatures, allowing moisture in and damaging the shingles.

Warranty issues – While Atlas features warranties that are similar to other brands, many homeowners claimed that their shingle warranty claims were rejected by the company.

Homeowner issues – Atlas faced a class action lawsuit when homeowners claimed it manufactured faulty shingles and failed to inform its customers. The company was ordered to reassess all warranty claims and pay the full cost of all repairs.

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Atlas Roofing Shingles Products 2022

Atlas manufactures best-in-class roofing shingles not only for America but for the world as well. One of the reasons why their shingles really excel is the wide variety of products. The company tries to cater not to one or two, but to multiple different segments. No matter your preference, your budget, or your home style, there is an appropriate line of Atlas shingles for you. We are going to discuss some of the popular Atlas roof shingles below.

Atlas Briarwood Pro Majestic Hd

  • Remove existing shingles
  • Install ice and water shield
  • Install underlayment
  • Install selected roofing products per specifications
  • Install hip & ridge
  • Replace existing attic vents with same but new
  • Install new pipe jacks and chimney flashings
  • Clean up all job related debris
  • City Permit is included in the price
  • Roof is more than 1 story high
  • More than 1 layer of existing roof layer tear off
  • New decking required
  • Chimney flashing

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Here Are The Cons Of Atlas Shingles

1. Atlas has faced class-action lawsuits after homeowners claimed some shingles they put in the market were faulty. The court ruled against Atlas and asked them to review all warranty claims and pay homeowners for their loss. In warranties, the company has offered similar to those of other manufacturers, and they routinely deny claims.

Denied warranty claims are another consumer complaint against Atlas. The main reasons Atlas denies warranties are the following,

  • Poor installation techniques.

  • The company may claim that the attic was not properly vented, which allowed moisture to destroy the roof from the bottom.

  • If the installation is done over an unapproved underlayment such as rigid foam, Atlas may deny claims. Rigid foam insulation stops the transfer of radiant heat from the sun, which results in it being built up in the shingle failing.

Contact some contractors before you go with one. Go with an experienced contractor and crew and ensure they understand Atlas guidelines so that you follow them accurately.

Handy Tip: shingle failure can be avoided by ensuring that your roof is well vented at the ridge and gables .

Let your roofing contractor determine what adequate ventilation and the condition of the roof deck is. In case of a tear-off job, replace flashing.

The sealing problem affects most brands, and after installing shingles, they ensure the radiant heat of about 70F warms them to seal properly.

Atlas Shingles Prices Per Square Foot

Lets take a closer look at how much various types of Atlas shingles cost per square foot, as well as together with professional installation.

Price Per Sq.Ft. Price Per Roof Sq Cost Installed on 2,000 sq.ft
3-Tab Shingles
$105 124 $6,600 6,980

Keep in mind that the cost of professional roof installation varies greatly depending on a number of factors, such as local labor rates, as well as the complexity of a particular roof.

On average, licensed roofers across the US charge $1.5 2.25 per square foot to install asphalt shingles.

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Top Atlas Roofing Shingles For Your Home

Northkit Roofing offers wide range of residential roofing services. Our team takes pride in our quality workmanship and on-time project completion.

Estimated Reading Time : 6 Min.

When you are deciding whether to install a new roof or replace the material of the existing one, asphalt shingles will probably be among your first thoughts. After all, they are the most popular roofing material used throughout North America. If you are in the market to buy roofing shingles, you will undoubtedly be faced with a number of options. Many manufacturers offer asphalt shingles, which can make choosing one overwhelming. We recommend Atlas Roofing Shingles because they have a reputation for being high-quality products. This blog will give you some information about the products that we offer and why we recommend them. Lets begin.

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