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How To Repair Blown Off Shingles

Differences Between Roof Shingles

How To Remove and Repair Composite Shingles By: Everything Home TV

For over sixty years, and still on many new subdivisions today three tab asphalt shingles have been the popular choice. Why? Because, they are the least expensive roof shingle option.

The design of three tab shingles, having three individual tabs exposed to the weather with slots in between each shingle tab, make them more vulnerable to wind uplift. Such shingles typically carry the lowest wind ratings.

Characteristic of the past twenty years laminate fibreglass shingles have taken over the market place , certainly where re-roofing is concerned. Such shingles are typically a more robust design having no slots in the body of the shingle. Their one piece, or laminated 2 or three piece design make them a superior choice to defend against wind uplift.

From an installation point of view how one builds a sloped roof assembly can make all the difference in how a roof performs under extreme wind circumstances. As an example insisting on the use of a water shedding underlayment material , before roof shingles are installed is a best practice. Although all shingle manufacturers recommend it not all insist on it, particularly on steeper pitches. Certain roof shingle manufacturers do however.

Wind tear off of roof shingles usually occurs on the windward slope and particularly at the windward eaves area, windward rake edge, windward peak, and the leaward rake edges of a sloped roof.

Fixing Your Roof Shingles Before They Become Dangerous

Has your roof started curling and buckling? If so, youre not alone. More than half of homeowners will have this problem at some point in their lifetime. Its not a sign that the roof will fail immediately, but sometimes it can indicate your roof will be dangerous soon.

Curling, buckling, and warping are just a few problems that homeowners have with their shingles. Sadly, curling shingles can create cracks that eventually spread across the roof. These defects cause leaks, which are prone to occur because of heavy rainfalls and windstorms.

If you want to know why it happens and how to solve it before contacting the Mesa roofing contractor, continue reading below.

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Spotting The Signs Of Shingle Damage

Your roofing shingles are your roofs first line of defense. When your shingles are in bad shape, your roofing system is more vulnerable to damage from moisture, weather, pests, and more. Consequently, one of the best things you can do is know the signs that your shingles need repair.

Signs that your roof shingles need repair:

  • You see visible damage to your shingles
  • You see that your asphalt roof
  • There are signs of rusting and corrosion on flashing
  • You are experiencing leaking when it rains
  • Some of your shingles are missing

If you are seeing signs that your roof shingles or tiles are damaged, you should have it taken care of as soon as possible to avoid further damage. But how do you know if it is something you can handle yourself or if you require professional repair service from a roofing company like Lyons Roofing?

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Take The Shingle Down

Slowly and carefully take the shingle down from the roof. Do not try to pull it up nor horizontally, but down the roofs slope.

If you find that it is stuck in the corner of the roof, lift the next shingle by prying it until it lifts. If it still seems like the shingle youre trying to remove wont budge, you want to check to see if there are nails that you missed. Slow down if you start to hear a sound like ripping.

This noise indicates that you are going too fast when prying. Also, if too big a piece of the shingle gets stuck to the one above it, you have to remove them both to avoid your roof bulging.

Slide A New Shingle Or Shingles In Place

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Now its time to install your new shingle. If youre only replacing one or two, simply slide the new shingle up underneath the current row and nail it into place with four nails .

But if youre replacing an entire section of three like we discussed in step one, youll need to place the first new shingle at the bottom of that section, making sure it overlaps the shingle below it by about an inch. Nail in place with four nails, then do the same for the middle and top shingles in that section.

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Contact A Roof Repair Contractor

It can be frustrating to find loose shingles thrown about your yard after a storm. However, this is a common problem that has a relatively easy fix. If your roof is in otherwise good condition, just the damaged section itself can be replaced to prevent water from seeping under the adjacent shingles. To avoid the various risks of DIY roof repair, consider leaving this important project in the hands of trusted professionals.

For more information on how to repair roof shingles blown off by a storm or to schedule a roof inspection, contact our professional roof repair and replacement contractors at Beyond Exteriors today.

How To Repair Roof Shingles That Have Blown Off

The easiest way to repair roof shingles that have blown off is to individually replace them or replace a series of them.

The damaged shingles can be removed and new ones can be put into their place. However, these patches may be noticeable, as weather conditions can cause the older shingles to fade in color.

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How To Fix Curling Lifting Or Blown Off Shingles

The most cost-effective way of fixing curling, lifting, or blown off shingles is to get them replaced with new shingles. This can be done if the problem is not widespread.

Its important to remember, though, replacing the few damaged shingles is a temporary fix. Theres likely a larger issue at play and unless its addressed, you could experience the same problem over and over again.

Its in your best interest to have an experienced roofing contractor take a look at your roof and let you know whats going wrong. If your roof is old and nearly all the shingles are curling, lifting, or blown off, its likely time to have a new roof installed.

Set Up Your Ladder And Safety Equipment

What to do when a roofer won’t help with a leak

Once youve gathered your necessary tools and supplies, be sure to take the proper safety precautions:

  • Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes
  • Never work in the rain, snow, or extreme temperatures
  • Wear a safety harness
  • Never work alone

If you can check off all these safety tips, then you can set up your ladder. Make sure to use a ladder that extends three feet above the edge of your roof just dont ever step on the extended portion.

It can be helpful to wear a toolbelt when climbing up to your roof with your tools. If you dont have a toolbelt, be sure to work with another person who can hand you the tools so that you can safely climb the ladder.

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Risks Of Diy Roof Repair

While do-it-yourself roof repair can be a cost-effective option for the mastered DIYer, it is not safe for the average homeowner. Many risks come with DIY roof repair, starting with improper repairs. Without sufficient roof repair knowledge and experience, you may not install the new shingles properly, which can lead to more problems down the road. When roof shingles are not installed properly, you may find that they lift, leak, or even fall off during the next windstorm. This type of mistake can cost you more money in the long run.

There are also certain safety concerns to be aware of when performing DIY roof repairs. You already know that walking on your roof can be a dangerous endeavor. A roof repair can become even more dangerous if you attempt to perform a repair when it is windy, rainy, or when the roof is slick with wet leaves or debris. Hauling heavy shingles and nails up a ladder can also pose a safety hazard. Other safety concerns come from the use of unfamiliar materials or equipment. In addition, any repairs you make yourself will generally not be covered by a warranty.

What Questions Should I Ask My Roofer

To find the best roofing contractor near you, there are a number of questions you should ask. Below are some of the most important ones to address.

  • Are your workers licensed?

  • Can you provide proof of liability and workers comp insurance?

  • What permits are necessary and are these included in the estimate?

  • What is the quality warranty for work done on the roof?

  • What types of damage are not included in that warranty?

  • If the roof requires replacement, does removing the old roof factor into the cost estimate?

  • What will you do with the leftover debris?

  • Do you use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to protect the gutters?

  • How will you protect my landscaping while youre working on the roof?

  • What are the plans to clean up the property after the repairs are complete?

  • What will you do if theres bad weather during my repair project?

  • Is your company doing the project, or will you work with a subcontractor?

If youre hiring someone to repair or replace the roof on your house, you want to ensure they will do exactly what you need at a reasonable cost. On top of that, all costs should factor into your initial estimate with no hidden fees. You should also make sure they will be respectful of your landscaping, gutters, siding, and all other parts of your property.

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How To Repair Roof Shingles Blown Off By A Storm

Roofing shingles are meant to hold up to the elements. However, even the best quality shingles can blow off during a storm. Harsh winds can weaken nails allowing shingles to come loose and fly off the roof. Shingles tend to be heavy, so they can cause more damage when they fall onto another structure or into a window. If your roof has missing shingles due to a storm, it is important to know how to repair roof shingles blown off and fix them before the damage gets worse.

The Top Causes Behind Asphalt Shingle Blow

Winter Damage On Your Home &  How to Fix It

March 29, 2021 by Blake Mcalavy

If you notice some of your shingles are either lifted or missing, it means that your roof is having blow-off issues. Inclement weather is usually to blame for this issue, and many homeowners are quick to call a roof repair company to fix the damage.

While seeking assistance from roofing pros helps minimize the exposure of the roof deck to the elements, it disregards the more important question: what led to the shingles getting blown off in the first place? The answer to this question will bring to light the underlying problems that your roof might have. Read on as we discuss the common causes of shingle blow-offs and the necessary fixes. Well also discuss the need to either repair or replace a blown-off asphalt shingle roof.

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When Is It Time To Replace Roofing Shingles

Facing the possibility of roof problems, you might wonder whats the practical step to take. Youre looking at two options for it repairs or getting your entire roof replaced.

Doing repairs on your roof and its shingles is obviously the most budget-friendly choice. You can get a roofer to have all loose or damaged shingles removed and replaced with new ones. While it may be possible to reattach shingles that fell off, theres no guarantee how long they can withstand the elements before they start to fail.

Although replacing a small number is a practical choice, this may not be an aesthetically-pleasing one. Asphalt and wooden shingles will experience weathering, resulting in a lighter color over time.

Newly-installed shingles will stand out because their color is vastly different from the original ones, especially if youve had those shingles for years. And if a section of your roof decking also needs to be fixed, choosing to repair only that particular section will be obvious to anyone looking at your roof.

Your roof can look like a quilt that your great-grandmother used to patch up with different fabrics to cover up the holes.

The other option, while costly, wont have that effect and will also give you a peace of mind. After all, youre getting an entirely new roof free of any damage.

Slide A New Shingle Into Place

With the damaged singles removed, slide a new shingle into place, starting from the top of the damaged area and working your way down. You may need to lift or remove nails temporarily to get the shingles to overlap properly. Simply line the new shingles up with the existing ones that surround them and nail back into place through the nail strip.

Replacing shingles is a simple job, the tricky part comes in knowing just where to nail them so they hang on tightly for the long haul. If youre not sure about where the nail strip on your particular shingle is located, or youre not comfortable working on top of a roof, it might be a job best left to the professionals.

Using your home’s equity is an easy way to fund your new roof!

Get prequalified in minutes by clicking on your state.

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Schedule Your Blown Off Shingle Repairs Today

When your roof is damaged by wind or in one of those wild storms we see more of these days, dont wait to repair roof shingles until its too late. Roof shingles help your home stay dry and comfortable throughout the year, so you cant take any chances when some go missing.

Make a call to a trusted roofing company or contractor in your area to schedule a consultation and take the next step toward restoring your roof. But how do you find the right roofer to repair roof shingles quickly and at a fair price?

The best way is to ask around with your trusted friends and neighbors or do your own online research to find reputable roofing companies nearby who know what theyre doing when it comes to missing shingles.

Look for top-rated home remodelers and roofing specialists like Best Exteriors to handle the job. Our accomplished team is here to help when you need fast and durable shingle repairs. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection and fast repair with a team you can trust.

Well have you love your home project so much that people will drive by and comment on how good it looks. That is our promise to you.

What Are The Risks Of Diy Roofing

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While its possible to replace a missing shingle yourself, there are some risks involved. These include:

  • Injury: Climbing onto your roof can be dangerous, especially if youre not used to working at heights. Its important to take precautions and be careful while youre up there. Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world , so be sure to only take on this task if youre able, comfortable, and have the proper safety equipment.
  • Damage to Your Roof: If you dont know what youre doing, you could end up causing more damage to your roof. This can lead to bigger problems down the road and ultimately cost you a lot more money.
  • Voiding Your Warranty: If you have a warranty on your roof, replacing a shingle yourself could void it. This means that any other damage that would have been covered under warranty in the future would no longer be eligible for coverage. Its always best to check with your roofing contractor or the manufacturer about the status of your warranty before you make any changes to your roof.

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Can You Replace Just A Few Shingles

Absolutely. If your roof has a lot of life in it, it really only makes sense to patch it instead of replacing the whole thing. You may, however, notice a discoloration where the patch is located, since exposure to the elements can change the color of asphalt roofing. It wont affect its performance, however.

Nine Steps To Repair Roof Shingles

Damaged shingles and bald spots can undercut your roofs health. Its critical to evaluate and repair weak points to keep your home in the optimal condition. Follow these steps to repair your roof:

  • Pick a cool day to do roof repairs. Asphalt shingles heat up in the summer. Make your life easier by removing the shingles on a cool day or in the morning.
  • Review the damage. Find the bare spots on your roof and calculate how many shingles youll need.
  • Assemble the proper equipment. You will need a ladder, roofing nails, shingles, asphalt roofing cement, a crowbar, and new shingles. Dont forget about appropriate safety wear, including gloves and eyewear.
  • Loosen the adhesive. Use your crowbar to pry the shingles off the roof and separate them from the adhesive.
  • Loosen the nails. Use the claw on the crowbar to carefully remove the nails.
  • Remove the shingles. Once you separate the shingles and the adhesive, pull the shingle from its spot and discard it. If it has severe damage, do not bother salvaging it.
  • Install the new strip of shingles. Place it in the same position as the old ones.
  • Place sealant or asphalt roofing cement under the shingles. Press the tabs firmly so that the new adhesive takes hold.
  • Take a moment and secure other loose shingles. If you notice any worn or curling corners, add some extra adhesive underneath those shingles, too.
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